Let’s talk about a new addition to my iTunes play listing habits that I haven’t been able to put down since. I got heavily into Dubstep a few months ago and it has slowly been taking up more of my attention. Its gotten pretty feverish and I know my Twitter friends have not exactly enjoyed getting pelted by the slew of rants about Dubstep and Riddim. They're pulling through though and giving me the space I need to express myself. I am really enjoying the music! It's so out of character, though.

Excision brought The Paradox tour for two sold out shows at the NOS Events Center in San Bernardino, CA. The event was held on the weekend of January 19/20. I actually saw everybody that was performing and was there for a brutal whole nine hours of bass. You can imagine how raw it left my ears even with ear plugs in the entire time. The festival was boasting face-melting 150,000 watts of bass. Music that moves you.

Getting through security wasn’t as bad as it had been for Countdown NYE, which was held at the same venue last December and was an exponentially larger show by at least 2/3. It felt good to tread those stomping grounds again, I really like the atmosphere of Basshead raves and hope to share experiences with my own squad in the future. Finding people that are as heavily into it as you is rare unless you're at the events.

I think the most mind-blowing act other than the ones I was there to see was Um.., a LA local music project that goes hard and has experimental sound. I’ve been crushing on their music ever since. It’s great when you find new music you love as you are there to see a band you really love. Definitely going to be showing this act some warm support in the months to come. They're currently on tour with 12th Planet.

Monxx killed it, nothing new. His set was heavy and enjoyable. I had a great view of the stage and I got to get down to all my favorite bangers. 10/10.

Oh man, that was brutal. I appreciated having the rail from Downlink all the way through Excision, after raging hard for most of the concept you start to get sore. I was definitely feeling the long hours standing in a cramped space with people going nuts all around my safe spot.

By the time the final boss came up I was pretty tired and worried that I wouldn’t have enough energy to enjoy Excision. Sure enough, when they revealed the massive stage with the Lost Lands intro I LOST IT. The euphoria that erupted from the crowd was contagious, and I enjoyed that set thoroughly. It was great to have my own safety bubble on the rail. You can headbang or just watch and have a great time doing either one of those options.

I think Jeff’s mixing for a live set is excellent, the song choices were straight bangers. It was rewarding to experience much of the same set that people that went to Lost Lands in 2017 got to hear. The visuals were actually quite stunning too, there were some Japanese animation influences I rather liked. The kaleidoscope of dinosaurs and cyborgs was a real delight. While he didn’t play The Wonky Song, that song had dropped earlier on in the night. I think the highlights of my night were Bommer x Crowell - Yasuo (Ivory 'Wizuo' Remix), Excision & Dion Timmer - Her (Wooli Remix), Robo Kitty, Whyel - Bleed No More, Downlink - Absolute Fire, and of course Riot Ten - Railbreaker.

What comes after a high climb is usually a real low drop. Missing the festival environment and the experience with the music especially since the event happened. It’s a long wait until March, and I have since been craving another rave. Datsik is bringing Riot Ten b2b Squnto. Not gonna’ lie, it’s going to be wild.

That's the thing about subcultures, when you first get into them they completely absorb you. I want to experience all of this great music live, to get familiar with the artists and the community built around them. That aspect of music scenes is really rewarding to observe. You see some wild happenings in those crowds, and once the event is done no one likely thinks about it twice. If you didn't see it, then it didn't happen. Much like magic.

Thanks for reading, hope you've enjoyed the first month of 2018. I think I've got more card reviews coming up in February. Let's take a break from talking about music for a while.

Event photos compliments of ODAGYO.

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