I've been sitting on this review for a few years because I had not yet found exactly what I wanted to talk about. Now that its almost springtime and the crisp winter cold is nearly leaving us, I find myself reaching out for decks that reflect this change in the weather. In the Golden Botticelli Tarot you will find vivid green foliage and clear blue skies, in my idea the embodiment of the spring.

Here is a deck that will please art history enthusiasts, anyone who like Renaissance art decks on their table. The landscapes in the are pleasing, and some are definitely exalted by the opulent brocade gilding. Any time I see golden details in the sky I connect it to divine presence. Much like the message you'd take from a dream interpretation. Juxtaposing the gold brocade of the cards and the modest fashions of the folks of the 1400s. The emphasis of whimsical patterns and motifs in the deck is a true delight to me.

In this deck you will find angels, and cherubs tasking themselves to be Cupid. There are also men of the cloth present. Perhaps not the most relatable characters when compared to day-to-day standards, but still figures that can help make connections for relevant situations happening now. When using these cards you will employ these enchanting figures from the past to prompt further introspection.

I like that these cards are not Rider-Waite Smith clones. You can very easily derive new meanings and stray from having your readings start to feel repetitive. I know that staring at the same symbols for a prolonged period can start to make my readings sound more like canned responses out of the same card combinations. Having new symbols to draw from adds a challenge on the spot. Giving your intuition new problems to solve could very well result in seeing familiar cards from a different light. I like that type of experimentation in my readings, it keeps my work from wilting into monotony. Once you've read tarot for 18 years you find that you crave a challenge.

Here we have a tarot deck I did not expect to resonate with as much as I did. Ever since I got the Alice Tarot late in 2014, I realized that I am very fond of tarot decks with gold leaf or otherwise metallic overlays. They glimmer when you turn them over if you have them lit by candles or a lamp at night time. Simply stunning! The drama really adds to the message of the tableau. It enhances the spread for you somehow.

These cards would look stunning accompanied by candle light for a public event in the evening or night time, but I recommend familiarizing yourself well enough with the symbols in the cards before reading with them for others. Strangers especially, since they generally might not appreciate you taking longer than you should have to decipher the symbols in the cards. And these were not designed with the needs of tarot readers in mind.

Lo Scarabeo’s card stock is matte and thin; if you are to careful as you shuffle, you could crease the cards or the borders. The proportions of the card make it fit nicely in my hands; I like the fact they are more slim than the Vertigo Tarot. They are also just slightly shorter than standard tarot cards, which really helps me hold them better with my small hands.

What is your most important characteristic:

Bringing fairness and balance in areas of your life in which you may be lacking it. Weighing the good with the bad to show you that there is good in the bad, to give hope. Also brings you down from illusion to remind you that some things that look too good to be true, are. It grounds us.

What are your strengths as a tarot deck?
Six of Wands.

A positive force encouraging you. An aid with which to accomplish your goals and give yourself a reason to celebrate your merits. A tool for affirmations and progressive actions. Support.

What are your limits?
The Star.

Limiting your imagination to run off cues from a querent. While allowing others to steer the reading where they want it to go, sometimes it is better to state all that is in store. I don’t mean to kill your illusions, just to bring you back to Earth. Intuition can only do so much.

What are you here to teach me?
Five of Wands.

Some success takes various attempts — and failures — first. You’ll have to go the long route to find what you think you need. Often times it won’t be what you thought it would be, so you need to keep an open mind to that possibility.

How can I best learn to collaborate with you?
The Sun.

Feel pride in what you do; honor your efforts. Find yourself immersed in all that you can be. Enjoy what you do and be happy for it. You are on the right path and you know it, you feel it. It's that warm glow you radiate that translates into courage. Be comfortable in knowing it all comes depending on your efforts and enthusiasm.

What is the potential outcome of our working relationship?
King of Cups.

A regal, yet loving and complete relationship. This is all you could hope for to train your intuition and reach the next step. You will tap into your deepest feelings as well as into the subconscious. Stare with longing into the reflections of your life, then reach out to accept what is there. The gift of the present moment with added hues of what happens around you. Reality strongly influenced by circumstance.

♡ Which card do you want to show off?
Page of Swords.

Swiftness of action and realization. Delving into the past on guard, ready to take on monsters in the form of ghosts from the past. With intellect alight and wands to cut. Cut through the much to the truth.

♡ How do you see me?

Wielding great power of authority with beauty and grace. Able to control difficult situations without much need for effort because of experience. When needed, a disciplinary action keeps affairs in place.

♡ How do you see yourself?
Queen of Swords.

Piercing through the much with clarity. Not playing games. Very serious and not going to waste any time playing games. Wearing a crest of valor in hard times.

I resonate with the personality of this deck because I feel myself reflected in it, kind of like getting advice from an old soul.

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