The past month has been a teacher to me in the roughest of ways. I have tried my best to decipher the meanings within the time frame established. It really hasn’t been easy to face my fears and the loss of control of my life because of it. I have tried to deal with these teachings in an unorthodox way, which is what the situation calls for. It is appropriate that The Hierophant should be showing up in my readings, both as a person and as a principle that I am working on. I have noticed his appearance gradually increasing in the past year, spread after spread. I ignored the teachings of The Hierophant until the past December, when I was confronted by the problem face to face. I was being forced to conform to the laws of tradition. It’s hard to run away from something or someone that stares you in the eyes!

Repeating tarot cards in a reading? Tarot cards jumping out of deck? I understand how confusing and frustrating it can be. The members over at Aeclectic Tarot have found wonderful solutions for that situation, and I would like to share them with you!

If you have a card showing up spread after spread throughout the course of a week, the tarot is trying to tell you something. A reoccurring card is a “Hey! Listen!” from your tarot. If you continue to ignore the message, the tarot will find other ways of delivering the message. Many people have been spooked into thinking that the cards have a mind of their own. It isn’t true, but it is indicative that you aren’t being receptive to what the tarot has to say to you.

Shuffle the deck. Create 4 piles:
Social: Romance / Family / Partnership.
Financial: Job / Money / Health Matters
Mental: Communication / Problems / Anxieties
Spiritual: Ethics / Long-term Goals / Future

Go through each pile. Whichever one has the reoccurring card, that’s the aspect of your life that the tarot is trying to send a message on. Take the reoccurring card out of the deck and use it as a signifier for yourself. Put it down as the central card. Shuffle the deck and use your favorite spread. Ask what the tarot is trying to tell you about that aspect of your life. Lay down the cards and read.

[ Swords in the Financial matter indicate health. ]


The jumpers are tarot cards that slip out of your deck and turn to reveal their meanings while you are shuffling. More often than not, these jumpers are Major Arcana. When you get a jumping Major Arcana ( 0 — XX ) as you shuffle, it is an indication of the aspect of your life that you need to or will be working with.

Tarot cards that jump out of the deck can be interpreted as reminders or foresight of events that manifest in our lives. They can be seen as warnings, and if ignored, they will probably manifest more directly.


  1. I love jumping tarot cards.
    Those are the strongest signs we should always pay all the attention to it.

    1. Do pay attention, the message you receive is important!

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  2. Hi, I am new to tarot. But for last 2 weeks I have been getting King of Wands repeatedly. I checked with your method, it came out Social desk. Pulling a spread of 5 - (past, present, transition, future, Gift) - i got (5 of Coins, King of Coins, 7 of Swords, Sun, 6 of Air).

    Also 8 of Coins jumped out while shuffling. Can you please help interpret.