We do a lot of waiting in our lives. Waiting for things to come together, for our big love to finally come, to hear back from an interview, for that awesome job offer, for graduation, for things to change. By employing the Law of Attraction, we begin to attract those goals to our lives if we maintain a positive mindset. Once we dream up our goals, we create an astral body for those goals. As we add details to those dreams, they come closer to a palpable reality. Even though what will really set things in motion is based off our actions, there are ways to use the tarot in order to find some time approximations. A lot of clients ask me for time approximations after a general look into the direction their lives are going in.

I recommend for you to use a regular set of playing cards for time readings. It is appropriate to strip the cards of their reflective properties in order to focus solely on the numbers and suits. If you decide to use a tarot deck, go with one that has pips — minor arcana — with no illustrations. You won't actually be telling fortunes with the deck, so keep that in mind when you choose it. Try the Crystal Tarots / Tarocchi di Vetro by Elisabetta Trevisan for this purpose.

Coins: Earth, moves the slowest. Years.
Cups: Water, second slowest. Months.
Swords: Air, faster still. Weeks.
Wands: Fire, most passionate. Days.

Ace – 10: time-intervals multiplied by face value.
Pages: 11.
Knights: 12.
Queens: 13.
Kings: 14.

The tarot doesn’t know how long it will be. Rather, it points out the area that must be worked on in order to unblock the energy. When the issue is resolved, it will come to happen. If you want it to happen faster, get to work on that issue at once.

Ace of Coins: One year.
4 of Cups: Four months.
8 of Swords: Eight weeks.
6 of Wands: Six days.
Page of Wands: 11 days.
Knight of Cups: 12 months / 1 year.
Queen of Swords: 13 weeks.
King of Wands: 14 days / 2 weeks.

If you want to experiment with these techniques a little before using them on others, you can gloss down the 56 meanings in your tarot journal. It would be a quick guide to refer to as you familiarize yourself with stripping the pips of their context. Use them as reference when you try to time out how long it will take you to reach a number of short-term and long-term goals. This would be ideal to use before New Years night this next December 2012. You have plenty of time to practice before then!


  1. Great stuff. Keep writing and shower your readers with such useful information. Keep it Up!!!


  2. the cards you have posted here are not he crystal cards.. is there any way you could tell me what deck this is you have shown? I am SO intrigued!

    1. That is the Bohemian Gothic Tarot by Baba Studio. Their third edition just came out for pre-order in early autumn!