I want to show you how I find the overall theme for the month. It is done the same way we can find our life path number: through numerology. Instead of adding your month of birth with day and year of birth, you add it up as month, day and current year you are in. It is a fun exercise, and after trying it out on various friends, you can find that the challenges you are going through currently can and will relate to the cards that you are dealing with.

Add all of the numbers up until you get one number from 1 to 9. I often get some weird looks when I tell somebody how to do it, since it's much simpler than it sounds. In metaphysics and numerology, we don't employ mathematics the same way that an algebraic expression requires. I am sure the most skilled mathematician could find a numerical equation of greater length and process to arrive to this simple principle in order to explain it through science. However, it seems to me that would just be to complicate our existence after knowing that this simple method works.

This is a great exercise for all of those that question destiny and fate as they entwine. After comparing what you have been going through in previous years as I have been doing, you can see the highlights and shadows of your life as a complimentary reaction to numerology and magic. It can make a believer out of many and brings a new layer of understanding to our life as we see it. I want to show you how I do it so that you can do it for yourself and people you care about as well.


This year was a year of self-exploration and great learning. I familiarized myself with my tools and found the limits to my gifts. It is associated with the planet of skill, logic and intellect, which happens to be Mercury. This is the card of beginnings, which comes right after the Fool card. Thanks to the immense leap in 2011, I found new beginnings, bridged between the spirit and the human world. When you are finally in control of your skills, things flow better. Every message that comes through divinity can be channeled to manifest in our mundane world. As above, so below.

10 22 2012
1 4 2 1 2
5 2 3



The year is just starting out but I can see where it is going. I have been at peace with myself and everything that I learned from 20112012. This year is not so much about action or movement, it is about sitting still and watching others as they carry on with their lives and their karmic progress. It feels that way! In a way I feel detached from everything going on around me because I am not actively participating. Rather, I sit back with confidence and understanding. Something will prove the dominion of intuition and of psychic skill. I don't need anybody to approve of something that I know I earned by divine right.

10 22 2013
1 4 2 4
5 2 4
5 6



Obviously, being in the very beginnings of 2013, it is hard to project what could come in 2014. My lesson has not yet been learned, so I won't be able to understand the next step until I do. The Empress is ruled by Venus, the planet of love. Other than the obvious points of motherhood and nurturing people, this card points out a connection to the land. It is to understand one's role in the world and in the wealth that is provided to us. We all have just about what we need to survive and to be happy, even if we have to work hard for it. Today I get the sense of preparation for wholesomeness and comfort. I think also that it will mean a new-found appreciation for beauty and femininity, perhaps in a way that I haven't thought could be possible until this year.

10 22 2014
1 4 2 1 4
5 2 1 4
7 1 4
7 5


I will only say that this year revolved around J's challenges of getting a car as he transitioned out of college life. He got it! I want to note that this is seldom a war chariot, but rather, one of victorious celebration. It does certainly feel like a nice ride under the sun when you graduate even if you have to make elements flow harmoniously afterwards. It's good to celebrate!
04 16 2012
4 7 2 1 2
4 7 5
4 12

It depends on which tradition of tarot you follow. If it is Thoth, it will be Justice rather than Strength. I personally find they go together, as one leads to another through various steps. However, the direction picked out here is clearly Rider-Waite Smith.
04 16 2013
4 7 2 1 3
4 7 6
1 7

04 16 2014
4 7 2 1 4
4 7 7
4 14

Try it out on somebody you care about. I tried it out on my boyfriend. What do you see happening for him? Please share in the comments section!


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