You pull out a few decks of cards and your eyes dart from one to the other. "No, not today." ... "Trusty Vertigo, I'm looking for something new," ... "So pretty, but so cold with me." I couldn't find the right fit. I wasn't feeling any of my favorite decks, which does not happen often. I miss that electric feeling of feeling a deck calling, or being curious about a deck and finding that the cards sing when you lay them down. My mental perception and the intuitive approach I usually try was crossed, there was nothing coming through and I started to feel stressed out. We can't always have an electric day!

I understand what is happening quite well. There is so much pressure to deliver a new message every time that we get upset if we can't deliver. It makes us doubt our ability over and over until we feel like quitting or taking an indefinite break. Nothing breaks something like a hiatus does, and if you're ever thinking of taking one — don't! It's so bad for you. Take a vacation instead, but every time I see the word hiatus pop up I say to myself, "well, its been swell. Time to move on." It shows a lack of compromise, and it can put even the most loyal readers off. Just take a vacation!

You can't force it if you don't feel it. Maybe you should just put the cards away and spend some time clearing your mind until you're ready to get back to business. The pressure of always wanting to be an open channel can sometimes close up our intuition and dull the senses so that we're not really getting anything from what we're looking that. It's uncomfortable and feels a little shameful, but there's not much more we can do about that until the dry spell is past.

Sometimes it's just not in you or in the cards, and that's okay. Have a chocolate or two. Accompany it with wine, champagne or sparkling wine. Whatever fits you best!

Treat yourself to something nice. Maybe you're not connecting with your go-to deck because you're connecting with another one on your wishlist instead. Sometimes it's okay to splurge a little if you're investing in a habit that makes you feel you're doing something productive. (Ask my ninety-something deck collection...) If you're not crazy for cards, go get a massage, watch a movie or add a comic or manga book to your collection.

Take some time off for yourself. Turn off that t.v! If you don't watch t.v. that much, turn it on! Get lost in a book for a few hours, flip through a magazine or do your nails. Not thinking about it could be the reset or refresh that you need.

Get a bite to eat. It doesn't matter if it's substantial or not, you just need a little something to fuel your system. Treat yourself to something you have had cravings for. You can't run on no fuel!

Read a blog about tarot. There are so many out there! My favorites are Prince Le Normand, My Curious Cabinet, Biddy Tarot, The Princess and the Sea, 78 Whispers, and 78 Notes. I can't tell you enough how many times one of these portals has jump started me into spiritual awareness. Nothing pries the third eye open like online exercise or experience being shared. You can appreciate different styles and cultural backgrounds and get some dialogue started. Perfect!

Write your own blog about tarot. That's what Samhain Moon is for, anyway! If a tarot blog is not for you, why not keep a diary about tarot? You can use tarot for affirmations or for self-exploration. What better way to work off a rut than by writing about it?

Have a friend read tarot for you. I don't recommend lending your cards because that's a very personal bond you work to establish, but if you have a friend that is into tarot as well, you guys could meet up and talk about it. Maybe your friend has some tips to share about how to get over the intuitive dry spell.

Make a tarot playlist. Make a playlist for every tarot mood there is!

Get a professional reading. There are many options both in person and on the internet.

Do something other than tarot. Take the way or the week off. I couldn't live without it for a month, but y'know... it works differently for everyone.

When you're a professional in the field, you can get easily burnt out by the pressure of always being an open channel of divine messages. Let's be realistic here, our feelers can get crossed as well. It's natural! Don't be hard on yourself if you're starting to feel as if your feelers are not exactly up to speed. On the contrary, be thankful that you have a gift in the first place and pamper yourself with love. At some point you're going to feel refreshed and ready to get back to the grind. When we limit ourselves, we wither quickly.

Your tarot cards stop working for a day or two because you're tired or burnt out, not because there's no magic left in them. It isn't that the cards no longer work for you or that the connection is severed. As the reader, you're the one making the cards come to life with your intuition and your skill. You're the one with the magic, so don't make the mistake of giving up too early.

Give yourself a chance.


  1. That was another lovely post, ML. And I am flattered to be in your list of recommended blogs. Thank you.

    Sometimes, I think we need to remember that it's ok to get it wrong. As I have said before, I only know how to walk the backstreets of London these days because I made so many wrong turns as a youth. It's ok to make mistakes, as much as it is ok to put the deck away and say 'it's not working right now' or 'I don't understand what this means at the moment'.

    One of the best quotes I have read was from Ana Cortez. She suggested that when we look at the cards and cannot understand them, you must remember that they are 'your perfect cards'. When you don't know what they are saying, they are already working. They are trying to tell you something. Trust your gut, even if it doesn't make sense straight away. I often tell clients that things will not make sense, because they speak of things we don't know, as well as those things we do. It's something to remember when we have those blanks. Blanks can be blessings and a time to break it all down to the simplest of components; a time to think about a situation in a different way to how we might believe it is.

    1. Hello Prince Le Normand,

      Thank you! You know that I enjoy your musings and ever-changing style. Although our friendship is limited to a year of age, I feel very connected to you through your lost journals. ♡♡

      I can agree with the Ana Cortez observation because we don't have control of everything that happens in our lives. Sometimes it's okay to let go and allow things to play out naturally. In a way, it ties back to the perfection of the universe. I have heard many people into metaphysics saying that everything is perfect and that the universe will provide. Even if it ends up not providing, there is a lesson to be learned there.

      You've given me something to consider before the weekly spread tomorrow : )


  2. Hi!!! I was wondering...if you can tell me what deck is in that first image!!!

    I am very drawn to it...and currently looking for my own deck!