Things are slowly gravitating back to normal. I had a wonderful time in LA, Niki introduced me to her workmates over at Nickelodeon Studios, which were all really quite nice and welcoming. We kicked the week off with a karaoke birthday bash and made our way up with nice dinners, adventures down at Abbot Kinney Boulevard in Venice, and a hearty load of work to keep me occupied during the trip. Sometime during the middle of the week I had an interview for an internship with a company I really resonate with, I hope to be able to share more about that later. Let's keep those fingers crossed, this could be a truly enriching experience in a place that I love dearly.

I had the pleasure of seeing some of my closest college friends as well. I met them during my very first year in college, which happened to be the one with the most influential changes in my life. We may gravitate through different parts of the world, but I still harbor an immense care for all of them. It makes getting back together to catch up really sweet, that way we all have different stories and experiences to share with one another. I scrutinized them for details on how their move to LA went, as well as for the run down on their job hunts and how they feel after making the jump from Florida to California. Their responses were electric with encouragement and inspiration for the future. Saying good-bye is never easy, and I think this one took just a little over half an hour.

The trip culminated with the Muse: 2nd Law concert and Uniform Night at the Batcave. No trip to LA is complete without the deliciously decadent nightclub experience that you can enjoy amongst bats and ghouls. We had a wonderful time dancing on stage with the Go Go Bats and getting our picture taken at the photo booth. Muse was excellent; Matthew Bellamy really poured his soul out for us on stage. A nice quirk worth noting here about the concert is that mid way through, they have a roulette that chooses one song or another. We had the options of Stockholm Syndrome and Newborn. That made everyone go pretty wild, and was a nice feature I haven't seen at a concert before. The pyramid was also quite riveting. It had a series of visuals suggesting a trip through the brain as well as a delineation of the human senses: touch, taste and feel. I love bands that can string together a coherent concept and still manage to have amazing visuals for a show. Bravo, Muse!

The story behind this photo is quite emotive. I woke up to some sad news on Thursday that I wasn't able to wrap my head around completely. I finished up some work and then I headed out for a walk to Trader Joe's. On the way there, I saw a rose bush with only one that was floating all the way at the top. There was nothing around the area, just this desolate looking plant that gave off just the right feeling. I took it as a sign and snapped a photo of it, then admired it in silence. It has to be my favorite photo of the trip because it holds with it a lot of sentiment.

The rest of the day was spent in quiet preparation for the Muse concert. The 2nd Law tour really blew its fans away with the light show. Can you imagine that pyramid descending? In addition to the aforementioned, the pyramid showcased the members playing, the crowd, lyrics during Knights of Cydonia, and it flipped over so that it covered the members at the very went. It was a wild and absolutely fun concert experience.

I am super looking forward to going back there later during this year. I feel like my life is finally pushing me back out into the world, rather than keeping me in this quiet stage of internal reflection that I have been into. Sometimes we need a reminder that we aren't eternal to bring out the best parts of ourselves.


  1. What a fun time!! Love the way you captured everything in your photos.

    1. It was absolutely wonderful.

      I love your blog, by the way. Thanks for stopping by!