It is with great pleasure that I am using the Tarot Nusantara for the very first time. I am posting an extensive review this Friday. This is a deck I have been looking for two years now. It is absolutely beautiful and impossible to get, seeing as very limited quantities made it to the United States. It's small and glossy up front, which makes it hard for me to see the details, but at least I have it. It's mine... even if my boyfriend accidentally dented the Magician card already. When I realized it, my face went all kinds of colors. Let's not dwell. He's burning hot right now and he knows it.

Two Major Arcana cards accompanied by one of each suit. Lately the double numbers have been making an appearance in my readings. Two twos, two fives, etc. The reading suggests springing into action after periods of uncertainty and wait. The spread is talking to me about the efforts that go into mending and working on situations that keep our mind spinning. As we edge into the week, I get the feeling we will be more immersed in work.

I get the feeling this would be a wonderful deck to work alongside with the Thoth. Even though it is clearly in RWS tradition, I get the sense some of Aleister Crowley's depictions could help us make sense of what the people in these scenes are doing or feeling.


Monday. Magician. Watch him as he works. He brings out in us that smart, intuitive quality to bring down divine aspirations to materialize in the real world. It shows that if we really want something, we can make it happen by rearranging the energies around us. This guy is clever, and in this case I feel like he's capable of hiding a series of tricks up his sleeve. Things won't be as simple as they seem because the Major Arcana card starting the week sets the grounds for illusions and games. If we're going to play the game, it may as well be a fun one. He's shirtless and there is a snake on his waist, denoting to me powerful masculine energy and influence over the week.

Tuesday. Ace of Swords. This ace puts a stop to doubt. Representing the element of Air, this card provides the wit to say what we need to say. Poignant points are sometimes necessary, but we can also take another approach. I know that this card suggests clear thinking to blow away cloudy situations with precision. I love that crown as well. Nothing is more satisfying than having an opinion and getting it out. Let's talk about it!

Wednesday. Wheel of Fortune. Great change that brings with it radical new things. This is a really beautiful Wheel of Fortune card, it has five figures rather than four. Notice the clouds holding it up and the fact that it isn't spinning. When things are in place, you know it's a matter of time before they start to spin again. Then you know that when they do, you can't hang on. Spin along with it instead, go with the flow. Change can be favorable.

Thursday. Eight of Wands. Phone calls, fast action and not having enough hours in a day. Fast action can be as positive as it can be bothersome, and it's up to us to know how to handle whatever surprises are launched our way. If we are aware of our surroundings, we can dodge projectiles meant for us in time. If we aren't, then maybe we should not expose ourselves to fast trouble. Let's think things over a little more rationally before we make a crazy jump.

Friday. Eight of Coins. Another eight, but this one is quite different! Where the previous eight shows movement, this one shows somebody quite still. The work we dedicate ourselves to absorbs us, it makes us focus on a task to the point of going into smaller detail. Let's focus on finishing a daunting task that seems long and wound out. Focus!

Saturday. Nine of Wands. That seems an awful lot like burnout. While the task is almost done and everything is almost in place, the person in the card reclines for a moment to huff. I sense tiredness and possibly even dissatisfaction. Let's truck it through to the end.

Sunday. Five of Cups. Yikes! So much doom and gloom. The day is ending and this person is left alone to wallow over something lost. To focus on what is lost is to intensify the feeling, to swirl in them for a while and to soak up the spill of the emotion. It's okay to release, to grieve and to accept things as they are. Let's not neglect a very human side to us, since we need to experience the positive and the negative as well.

What to avoid. The Hanged Man. Well, well, well. Stay away from those that can't make up their minds about you. If you feel they're stalling for time or don't seem to want to face you, it may be time to accept that they're not going to start. We can't force those to listen that don't want to, and while they hang in their indecision, it's okay to move forward with our own preoccupations. What if we're the ones hanging up side down and waiting for things to progress? We have to accept the circumstances we're in, but we shouldn't get ourselves in that position if we're not ready to deal.

What to strive for. Two of Coins. Keep things in motion and keep the balance even if it requires action. It's not always easy to get into the hang of things while we feel people come and go with their own business. We're not all on the same page or going to the same place, so we should make a conscious effort to keep our business to ourselves while others toil with their own. Besides, we shouldn't distract ourselves for a second with whatever is coming and going, otherwise we'll drop the ball.
Nothing is quite in place, and every week there is a new surprise that strengthens the fact. Everything changes so fast that right when the dust settles, the winds pick back up and scramble everything. I notice the change in the air and embrace it, but everything feels like its changing now. We arrive at the crux of the moment in which we must close our eyes and go with it. Just go with it.


  1. So who or what exactly did you have to sacrifice to get a copy? ;D (It's the only deck I have ever bought a back-up copy of, because of its scarcity!)

    1. Hello! : ) Fancy seeing you here,

      I basically had to donate my right eye to get it. I got it through an AT member that had it leftover, but I have written so many people that I have found a few extras to enable friends with. I am working on it to see if I can add a backup to my collection to keep pristine. As you say, it is worthy of a backup. I love it, it's so good to meditate on or mix with the Thoth.

      I am adding you to my blogroll!