Last week was quite busy. It was nice to get settled and ready to work once more, even though I found myself smiling every time I thought back to the days in LA. In remembering those wonderful moments of exploration and emotive outings, I felt fueled to burn through the rest of the working days with vigor. When Friday came, I was still on hyper work mode, but it slowly churned into weekend mode once I went for dinner and cleared my mind a little.

The Hierophant and High Priestess side to side last week concerned my reflections on the public space of Samhain Moon. I asked myself how much is too much and what can be too personal to share online. I am naturally compelled to write this blog because it is a great learning tool, a digital grimoire in which I analyze my essence and break it down for anybody else who is curious to do the same. It isn't humanly possible to profile the viewers of a public space unless they make themselves known in the comments section, and that is not always the case. There needs to be enough material put out so that the blog remains a clear reflection of what is going on, but there is a limit also on what is okay to publish. I value my privacy very much and remain a private person even if my online persona is louder, but I don't think that it is something to be concerned about as much. As long as the experience is shared without revealing too much about my private self, I think I will be able to keep a good enough balance. There is a great 60% of details that I keep to myself and will continue to do so. It isn't to hold back by any means, but rather, a safety precaution that must be taken to ensure I'm not saying too much. In short, I don't think that Samhain Moon makes my life entirely public. I felt that it was important to note that today as we look back into the past week.

Things are back up to speed now, I feel really good about the rhythm my life has taken recently. In looking at the spread for this week, we have two apparent color schemes and moods. The week is broken up into two; first we have clear celebrations in the home. We have taken to really pamper ourselves with care and with good company, and as a result we find ourselves more productive and motivated to push forward with the rest of the things we have to do. From the look of Monday through Thursday, the party continues. After a brief interval of breathing room, we are presented with options that define the setup for the next week as one of options and of turning our back on something. Let's look deeper into it.

Monday. Queen of Coins. There is no better way to start off the week than with this beautiful court card. She is the only one present throughout the week, so the focus is a little bit different. The focus is on comfort and on work. Working comfortably, in good spirit and with good food will be the way to prepare for a better week. I love the headdress on this card; everything about it is so lavish. It's not hard to feel this way when you truly take care of yourself.

Tuesday. Nine of Cups. I love this card. The number is discretely placed on one of the pots up ahead. There are people sharing their experiences and a merry cup of wine at a table. It's a private party and a merry one where good news can be shared. I can see the cups being passed for everyone in rounds, and laughter produced from the merry moment. The fish in the very center stands out to me. It's an obvious reference to multiplied wealth, and in this case with the cups it is a multiplication of emotional wealth. Share the joy and the love, it's good to be cared for.

Wednesday. Four of Wands. That is a setup for an empire if I ever saw one! It is a dream in the making, as pointed out by the night scape in the window of the threshold. It's a dream for settling down someplace that can only be constructed from hard work and dedication. It is worth working hard to reap the benefits of the battle. In this case, all the provisions are set and it's time to get to work.

Thursday. Three of Cups. Look at that! The fruits keep on coming, and so do the cups. I feel really good about that sign, especially with the company. The Three of Cups is a card of celebrating, togetherness and good friendship. There is an interesting vase placed over the head of the woman in the middle. They all bring something different, but I have a feeling that the one in the middle is the most humble on the inside, even if the most adorned. Three gifts today, let's stay tuned to see which will be which.

Friday. Carte Blanche. A sudden stop after such a crowded week. This looks like a breather, a day of being absent or a day of cooling down. It's the need to be alone and to take control of our own affairs. I do have a tendency to seek solitude and privacy after being around enough hustle and bustle for a few days. It is what we call the disconnect, or taking some time off to think and make plans. Adversely, it could be a day in which nothing turns out as planned.

Saturday. Seven of Cups. Decisions, decisions. Sometimes things come in pairs, and we need to make the choice of which one we prefer over which. When we are tempted, we are coerced to deviate from things that we have planned out. I feel like there can be many things offered to us over the course of our lives, and the one we pick will be the one that defines where we go next.

Sunday. Seven of Swords. Another Seven. In this case we see a boy stealing swords from a dormant place. He looks back with haste and carelessly drops two swords, the indication that he was there. He didn't cover up his tracks, he was quite careless. This is a possible theft of time or of space, but one that goes unnoticed until later. It is not the best day to confront any problems or to seek solutions, it's simply a time to watch.

What to avoid. Four of Cups. Getting stuck or locked up in the house. It looks like the more we accept our condition, the less we can do about it. When we limit our world to the same four walls and the same space, we're not giving ourselves a chance to grow. We need to expand our horizons to be able to see further ahead.

What to strive for. Ace of Cups. Look for caring, for understanding and for nurturing emotions. I feel this is a lot of fantasy, and possibly an optimistic sign. It is saying: drink, laugh, be merry. Enjoy things as they are in their simplest essence and don't question things until you're more sure about how things will go. This is an offer of love, a bond worth making and the promise that somewhere out there, there are similar sentiments being shared in the world. Dream wildly, make things happen for yourself.
I feel really good about this week in terms of where my life is going. The plans are falling into place and I have been able to visualize the way in which I am winding down the year (already!) I couldn't have done it without the support of my loving family and friends, it's really empowering when there is support coming from all sides.

Fun observation, we're almost at 50K hits! Thank you everybody!

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