I am mesmerized by this brand new acquisition to my collection. It is perhaps the one that resonates with me the most because of its artistic qualities. It feels like a venture within dreams, dreams that are contained in jars or some sort of ethereal body of water. This is the place where everything happens in slow motion. Even suspended in time, there is a great connection amongst them. We owe this to the stylistic approach, which is executed flawlessly by Shelly Corbett. Out of 1,000 limited edition copies, I own #319. This is a first edition.

This is perhaps to be dubbed a sister tarot deck to Vertigo. The cards are much larger than standard and the stock is not meant to stand up to long years of use. Honestly, they thought more about the picture quality, which is of course flawless. The colors really pop and the cards are large enough to invite you inside for an enlightening conversation with the ethereal figures that lie inside.

I'm going to allow these beautiful cards to speak for themselves.


What is your most important characteristic?
Two of Swords.
The two women are in combat, but they reach a point in which they can look at each other in the eyes. Just for this moment, time stills and they can both think. It is a draw, a balance that will be broken once they start to move again. The next action should be thought out carefully, because it could very well be their last.

Mild Whisper. This deck speaks in whispers. It is not quiet but it isn't loud either, and the tone is distinctly female.

What are your strengths as a tarot deck?
Empress. This card seconds that notion. See, this ethereal beauty floats through time and space and reflects her beauty around her. She is compassionate and she is a lady, which is just the right tone for a healer. There is much beauty in this deck, both sweet and seductive. The Empress embodies that.

Blue Autumn Glory.
The keywords describe my favorite my favorite season paired with an unlikely color, but still shows the delicate beauty of the Empress.

What are your limits?
High Priestess. She floats between time and space, between light and dark, what we know and what we will never know. She knows it all, she is enlightened but she can't show you everything. You must understand that it is up to you to learn the lessons she can see from experience, otherwise you will not know how it feels or learn from it. Her knowledge is so high that a price cannot be put on it. It is invaluable, and meeting her alone can change your life. Her visions are vivid, they take her to another world. You haven't ever dreamed of a place like this.

Veiled. There are secrets that she knows but cannot share. Bow your head instead and pay respects to her.

What are you here to teach me?
The Lovers. Love makes us vulnerable. We can surrender to it and allow for it to take us where we need to go, but we won't know where it is that we are being taken. We take a chance when we fall in love with our surroundings, and then we find that however dark it goes, we still need to face it. What lurks in the shadow? Are there good intentions hidden in the dark, where we can't see them? Can we trust our better half? Where is divinity? Up above, but we don't feel it when we are submerged in the darkness of doubt. That's deep!

Buttery Violins. Is that what life feels like when you're in love? There is music everywhere, blending harmoniously in the background of your perfectly cinematic life. You probably don't even notice it, but you dance to it's rhythm and surrender yourself to its beauty.

How can I best learn to collaborate with you?
Hanged Man. This Hanged Man isn't hanging! Well, he is hanging out. His gaze is pensive, as if he just went through something upsetting and he is letting his thoughts settle. He is submerged in the darkness and finding clarity within himself, but I wonder if it brings him any solace. It must, right? He does seem peaceful as he floats here, probably because he finds that the best thing to do is to rely on himself. I looked into the booklet and found something possibly enlightening; the crown of his head touches the surface and rises above the water. Even though he is submerged, his mind is in a higher place. This really makes the card for me. He finds enlightenment in solitude.

Mock Supplicant.

What is the potential outcome of our working relationship?
The Star. Beautiful! Well, beauty. It suggests working alone and discovering the brilliance of light that is offered in this 78 page interchangeable book. She bathes in the waters of inspiration and enlightenment, and invites us to do the same. Nude and vulnerable under the light, exactly as we will be when judgment is passed upon us. This is an achievement.

Agnes. Means purity or light. Bathing in water under the moon can be a purification ritual. It could also be a baptism for a newborn or the welcoming of somebody torn into a new life. It symbolizes redemption, enlightenment and inspiration.

Which card do you want to show off?
Judgment. Creepy... Anyway; the booklet states that it doesn't matter what your social status is, because in the end, it's all the same. You will be judged and your material benefits or mundane influences won't help you now. This deck drills into the soul, your naked essence. There will be no additions, no accessories and no pardon slips to exchange with the judge. Oh no, you're on your own, and you are weighing your sins against one another to see if you find redemption.

Rustle of the Sea. It's all cyclical. Sometimes the crash is stronger than others, but it's mostly the same.

How do you see me?
Six of Cups. A child in rememberance. There are streaks of color filtering through the environment. They are picked up by the senses as secret combinations that unlock part of the banks of our memory. Thoughts that otherwise lay dormant and forgotten are now breathed life into, given the color of light to remind us where we come from. Who would have thought that in such a desolate place lies an answer so powerful? Keep remembering, do so gracefully and accept that nothing is as it used to me.

Wish to Tell. Disposition to help others. Wanting to share an outer body experience with others who are not prepared to listen. Facing the music, and the fact that it's time to move on.

How do you see yourself?
Four of Cups. Pausing to smell it, or turning your face away from the intoxicating scent? She feels dizzy, the wafting aroma overpowers her senses and causes her to faint. This deck is beautiful but it can be deadly, it can be poison if you're not ready. I dare say that it packs a mean punch. It'll knock you off your feet.

Absolutely Modern. Yes, yes it is.

How surprising! Just look at all the Major Arcana cards present in this spread. Those are big shoes for a new deck to fill, but see — it does so flawlessly. I find these cards entrancing and a little dangerous, but I will be happy to work with them in conjunction with other decks. I feel like as a single unit, these cards can be overwhelming. Yes, they are beautiful but they also hold a dark nature to them that can be unsettling in a time of need. I am happy I bought this tarot deck!

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