Hello, its been a while since I have shared a personal experience with you, so I thought I would share some impressions from the PRCC. I went there last Saturday, May 25th, and a I had a blast. For those of you that have not seen them already, here are some photos and highlights.

The day started out really tense. J, T and I were all quite nervous about it because its been a while since we have been to an event. We took our sweet time getting ready, and as soon as we arrived to the parking lot, we realized it was going to be jam packed. Getting from the venue entrance to the parking lot took at least half an hour. It was nice to see eager kids and cosplayed filing in, skirting the cards and doing some last-minute tweaks to their costumes. From the parking lot to the venue we saw a lot of people hanging out with their phones or iPads — because y'know that it's no longer cool to talk to others, at least not if it's not through the phone, right? — We weren't in for even five minutes when the photo ops started.

The truth is that you run into people you haven't seen or talked to in years. Within the first five minutes I had taken at least five photos and seen five familiar faces. That's the magic of comic con… in PR. It's not like there is much else to do.

Getting in takes longer than the time it takes to see all the booths inside. Think about one massive auditorium jam packed with people in a waiting line to get in. More photo ops and nervous small talk to break up the tension. By the time it was almost over we had seen some of the favorites lingering for photos and seen enough cosplays to get our imaginations spinning.

The inside was ruckus. So many people! It felt like there was a photo op every five minutes. I met the full cast of Sailor Moon, a very friendly Luke Skywalker, Jack Sparrow and his crew, Madara, Hello Kity (!!!), Inspector Gadjet, and Harley's Joker.

It happened as if by accident. We just happened to be walking by when I noticed there was a line of people waiting to take a photo of him. All it took was a glance at his face and I knew who he was. I have seen some of his film work before and it is excellent. Just last week I was watching his trailer for his web series… and then there he was. Walking up to him felt dreamy, I had so many questions but seriously no time to ask them. In hopes he would understand what I meant, I told him I really admired his work. He told me he loved my ears, then we posed together. It was nice to shake his hand. His eyes were emerald green and his expression changes according to the situation. I really liked that he takes his time with each person walking up to him.

I think that he was overwhelmed by the attention that he got. It would've been really rokkin' to see him teamed up with his girlfriend, Joker's Harley.

The rest of the time was fun. I got to hang out with my friends, take countless photos and do something out of the ordinary. It reminded me about the fact that people are receptive to try new things; if only we had more events going on, I'm sure we would get a good turnaround.

By the end of the day our shoes were heavy, our necks hurt and we were tired of posing for photos. We ran into a few more friends on the way out — talk about full house! — and ended up having dinner and sharing our impressions of the event. When I got home I worked for a few hours, then I landed in my bed like a rock. It was a wonderful day. I think that what we liked most was the novelty of it. We don't get to do things like this very often. It reminded me how festive my culture is, and I wish there were more events like these to spark the imagination of the attendants.

Overall I enjoyed the activity, but I could not see myself returning next year. I got my ticket's worth this time around, but I guess that's it for now.

As for J's outfit coord... don't ask me how that happens. We never plan on matching, but often we find that we do. Those are the perks of dating someone with the same tastes as you. I imagine it looks quirky when we're out in the streets, but that's one of the things I like about him. We synch up somehow, and I have never before had that. He looks great!


  1. Loved the pictures! It really feels like everyone had a blast ♥

    +You and J are super adorable!

    1. The event proves how much we love costumes and dressing according to our identity. Some people really went all out, Jake amongst them.

      Thank you! I feel like I exploit him all over the net, but I'm so proud of him that it's hard to resist.

      Love your display photo by the way, you look wonderful!