Check out all of those Major Arcana cards in this week's Hello Witches! I really resonate with the cards that I pulled because they have a duality that I feel is very right for me. They are lovely and they allude to inner fire, sense of direction and enjoyment of the moment. Adversely, they can signal abuse of courage, getting lost and feeling hopeless about it. I know it's not hard to feel and I appreciate being able to see it, but would like a chance to make it

I have been warming up to the Victorian Romantic Tarot after taking the dive into its depths. It is surprising to find how much I like it and how well it reads because I couldn't understand it when I first got it. When you get a new deck you are overcome with excitement, there is a lot of electricity in the moment in which you first open it to get acquainted with the cards. Imagine my dismay when I turned them all over and found that they really didn't say much to me. It took a while to get used to the style of narration and the difference in perception of the Victorian time period. I couldn't read with it right out of the box and I couldn't draw the same connections that Karen Mahony had written about in the companion book, which happens to be an excellent read also. I was delighted when they finally started 'speaking' to me, and have taken to use them in my professional readings. They are emotive and whimsical, and I dearly love them for it. It made me happy that I kept them, rather than selling them forward or offering them in a trade. They still present a challenge when I read for myself, but I think that's part of learning to read with them.

It's possible there could be some anxiety present since the middle of the week. Honestly, I feel really overwhelmed by the schedule I have imposed on myself just because I need responsibilities to keep my mind occupied. I guess that what I crave more than anything is a rest. It must be the summer season kicking in, but I feel that I need a vacation away from my perpetual vacation. Maybe I'm just being ungrateful — maybe I've been taking the comfort for granted? I love blogging so much, but sometimes I need a break. The fate of this column has not yet been decided, as I don't really feel like terminating it or replacing it.


Monday. Ten of Cups. Emotional satisfaction, such as the one you feel when you reach a goal.

Tuesday. The Fool. New beginnings. If you take a risk, look before you jump.

Wednesday. The Moon. Intuition. Psychic energy without harness or control because it is in its most natural state.

♡ Thursday. Nine of Swords. Anxiety. Nightmares and rude awakenings that make it hard to have sound sleep. This lady is too exhausted to even sleep, but you can see her worry keeps her awake.
♡ Friday. Ten of Wands. Tired, probably from the day before. Are you taking on too much work; is it too much to handle?

Friday. Ten of Wands. Exhaustion. This happens when you take on more weight than you can carry. Are you carrying unnecessary weight for others? What can you do to minimize your responsibilities and give yourself a chance to breathe?

Saturday. Seven of Swords. An untrustworthy makes themselves present or sneaks away from responsibility. When some people want to make themselves hard to reach, they go under the radar. Perhaps they're not feeling too well, but it could be also that they just don't feel like facing responsibility.

Sunday. Knight of Coins. A gift or well-deserved moment of support. Taking it steady, day by day and being in the moment. Life is more enjoyable when you ground yourself in the moment.

What to avoid. Strength. Speaking through fury. Avoid reaching an instance in which you have to hold yourself back from saying something you feel is important. If possible, back away from difficult situations that could bring out your passion and your rage. It isn't always appropriate to speak your mind. Be calm and stand your ground instead.

What to strive for. Hermit. Quiet reflection. Carve out the path. Seek solitude when you feel lost to help you get a sense of direction.

Wishing you all a magical week!

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