(01) Wednesday. Eight of Coins.
I’ve been here before, but it looks different. Everything always looks different; everything always changes. Why do I come back here so often? Is it the place or is it what I do here? All these questions I ask myself, but I’m neither here nor there. I’m traveling from one dream into another, and for a moment consciousness touches the surface of being awake.

I’m back at school but this time it’s college. Same buildings as before, but set in another town. As I walk, I see people that are no longer alive. We wave and smile, but I keep walking. I didn’t really have time to stop and talk to them even though I would very much have liked to. The destination is the computer laboratory, but the walk takes much longer than usual to get there. I’m walking along the same square, but I’m not making much progress.

The sun is setting over the school grounds, which are more arid than I remember. The college greens used to be bountiful, but now they seem a little dried up.

The scene twists and turns like an M.C. Escher painting. Down is now up, right is now left, things go up side down only to go back up again. It doesn’t feel any different to be standing on vertical ground.

(02) Thursday. Nine of Coins. Strung along the darkness, floating through the void like an underwater reverie. Floating through time, going through space. It is all there at the same time, but you cannot reach. Still the images and settings pass you by, even though you are moving and passing by them as well. Briefly you float through simpler times. Through school, sunlit grounds and quiet forests illuminated by the moon.

While in this reverie, feelings of gratitude wash over you. You have everything that you could ever want and should be thankful. You have never lacked anything before and will not again if you are cautious.

The faces of your loved ones shine in the darkness, one by one they illuminate it with their radiance. And what of your light? Surely you have it, but it isn’t shining as brightly as theirs. In reaching out to touch the ones responsible for your joy and happiness, you wake up to a new reality.

(03) Friday. Ten of Coins. Write the tarot cards down: Death + Justice, rang a voice loud and clear. It was devoid of gender but still quite clear.

Brought to a multilayer building dimly lit and of transient feel. A nice hotel, perhaps. There were people dressed up in Japanese fashion and costumes. It didn’t feel at all safe. My beloved and I were fighting, — as usual now in dreams, — as a result, he spent the night by himself. I did the same. There was a parade of people in color according to their aura. They went from the reds through to the oranges, yellows, greens, blues and purples. It was impressive, looked like organic fire. So many lights, so much color. I could recognize my neighbors in the parade, with stiff faces. They looked like drones.

The party is over late and we find our way back to each other. Going down the stairs, we realize that there is something wrong in the parking lot. People are driving faster than is normal. Two magic schoolgirls pull out a gun in the shape of a matte black cross. Well, an assortment of crosses. It looks nothing like a gun to me until I realize they are trying to shoot the person in the car in front of them. Then their eyes fall on us watching the scene and they change their mind.

We end up with guns in our faces. My love has a showdown with one of them; if he loses I get shot too. The magicians seem confident.

Change of scenery.
I am in another world and things are much better with my beloved. He works at a high intel research lab and I just happen to be there, visiting him during lunch hour. I can see everyones essence. Their auras.

There is a high class operation to steal their secret work. We were outnumbered by them because they are many. They take on different visages and leave us quite dumbfounded, just as magicians can. They were gone within seconds.

The next day they present us with an innovation; a newborn with an impossibly extendable arm. We marvel at the realization of what this could mean for science, then fear washes over us when we realize its also a threat because they have access to everything and we don’t know who they are.

In the long hours of the afternoon, we walk through the grounds to go back home. A majestic white tiger watches the setting sun at the end of the day. Elsewhere, a swan joins the water to be refreshed. It closes its eyes and becomes one with the water, then sleeps. It is a divine manifestation of another time in another place.

(04) Saturday. Page of Coins. Standing at the airport. Its been a while but I pass right through. Its going to be a long trip, I can tell.

On the plane to Japan. This one has windows that open in the early hours of the dawn when it isn’t in movement. My eyes opened to get a look as the windows close, then we’re off.  It’s a smooth ride, all of the passengers are asleep… if there are any real passengers. The layover is to a place I have been to before that I already know does not exist. It’s a tropical island somewhere between fantasy and Asia. There are rundown national landmarks here of a micro scale; the Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty, The Hagia Sophia. They’re rusting, they look so aged. Its safe to say they look like ruins. No one lives here on this island, it is always deserted and peaceful safe for layover flights. Last time I didn’t stop here, but this time I got the pleasure of exploring. It’s funny how the subconscious holds onto details like that. The sun is setting and the colors are wild; reds, yellows and orange streaks… reminiscent of a day in Greece. Feelinh the breeze on my skin, looking around and enjoy the limbo. That’s what this place is; limbo.

Japan is perfect. The city still runs by itself, everything works without second thought. The visit feels so short that it could be reduced to just the weekend, but even a temporary getaway is nice. There is a park in Shiodome I always enjoy strolling by, it is just a block away from my hotel. When I ride the YR Yamanote and smile as you pass by 田町, I think about 2010. I think about how much things have changed since then, how the Lost Boy found his way back into my life and managed to stay. I can’t wait to get back to rejoin the embrace of my lover. To get lost in his arms.

The reunion is sweet. There is so much desire for one another and it just seems to radiate back and forth like an unseen bond.  There is no safer place than a lover’s embrace. We resonate together in a beautiful union.

(05) Sunday. Knight of Coins. In the sterile environment of the hospital, you can see your relatives both live and dead standing in a room as one big community of love. The mood is terribly somber. You realize that you are on a stretch bed and you are the one they’re all concerned about. The surgeon comes in and you recognize him. He’s the one who worked on your other relatives. They filed out slowly with good wishes and plans for after recovery, but your reaction isn’t so positive. You are in anguish, in pain.

Some nurses come in as the rest of them are still on their way out and shave off an area on the crown of your head. As they do, it feels like a major blow to your identity and your ego. You are stripped of it all.

The doctor works diligently. He is deep in the core, somewhere between the banks of all your precious lifelong memories. Somewhere in there is the reminder of a really bomb math test still in blank from fifth grade. With one cut from his scissors, everything starts to go white. There is a familiar ring sounding off. It’s not the angel sounding off the start of Judgment day, but for you it could be. Everything curtains out to white in your memory. With one last exhale, you are freed from your body and released to a new world. The last image of your head is of your Mom welcoming you to her arms. You thought you came home.

(06) Monday. Queen of Coins. Black marble walls and tall ceilings frame the scene of this beautiful hotel I have been to before. For the  second night in a row I dreamed of Japan. This time around I was accompanied by The Sweet One, a boy I met by chance in real life as I sat on a bench to wait for The Lost One. When he smiled, his whole face lit up. We were sitting close, murmuring in one another’s ears as if we didn’t want the rest of the world to know our secrets. It was a sweet time with a sweet person. His fingers touched my face lovingly, then followed with pressed lips where the fingers had touched.

So much beauty everywhere, Hotel Villa Fontaine seemed to sparkle this time around. It was infused with characteristics from its neighbor, the Conrad Tokyo. It seemed they had joined forces to make the meta hotel. It was grand.

Beauty seems to be the precedent theme. It was of utmost importance to get your hair and make-up done just in time for festivities. Everything sparkled, everything shined.

We were presented with a large coin to pin on out fronts. It had some motifs that came from the center. It was not so hard to feel like a queen at a moment like this. We all got swept into the dream, but it was a lovely dream.

(07)Tuesday. King of Coins. By the moon something has gone terribly wrong. Accompanied by two others, there is a chase that is steady but bothersome to the mind. Anxiety levels are high to think of going through familiar houses to escape the one(s) in pursuit. A deal of tricks are employed to stop or slow them down, but this isn’t a movie. This is real life. Zombie apocalypse? Superhuman oppressors? They were so clear in the dream, but now I remember nothing other than being in danger.

What or who am I running from? I can’t even tell. The numbers of those in pursuit rise by morning, and I find myself in the one true place that I call safe: Grandma’s house. I last saw my beloved sometime around crazy in the morning when he locked a door but forgot I had still not crossed it. What became of him? I’m not sure. What he did counts as betrayal, but when you are scrambling, your mind doesn’t really — I’m just making excuses for him. He did it and there is no excuse. He locked the door and he knew I would get set back.

Hiding in this house with the family seemed safe until the ones chasing tried to find their way in. The only way to make them stop was to make them sleep forever, but doing that required getting close to them and was a risk. A big risk considering they left innocent objects masking a bomb inside them. We caught them all and managed to throw them back out before they blew up. Dad and I teamed up to get rid of them all. When he messed up, he had me to back him out. When I messed up, it wasn’t by much. We worked fast and diligently, but the need to work faster pressed on as we made our way through our makeshift fortress.

Under the jealous gaze of the vain sun, we rolled over once we got rid of the last bomb and the last captor. I remember rolling over in exhaustion and laughing both out of relief and of being nervous.

The uncertainty washed off as we heard no more coming, but the question really is… what just happened?

This past week was intense in terms of dreams. I hope you are enjoying them as much as I am!

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