(01) The Fool. Floating through space, floating through the ether. It’s dark but there is luminescence everywhere, speckled through the endless vacuum like fairy lights. It’s beautiful, but you’ve been here before. You have seen this beauty a hundred times, every single time you come back.

Standing before a wall of ancient glyphs that glow and scroll down. There are hundreds — no — thousands of them. Glowing in a synchronized pulse. You can’t read them, but you know they mean something. They’re guarding secrets that would be accessible if only you knew how to read them. Maybe in time, but it’s too early now. You’re not ready yet. Still, they’re quite beautiful, and you find yourself admiring them. You trace a certain few that stand out with your eyes, etching them in your mind.

Space starts to churn, a pyramid opens and the blades turn over the film of glyphs. Everything starts to come apart, space turns into different layers all contracting and expanding to form something new. This is the point of creation and it resonates with majesty.

(02) The Magician. The day of the interview came and I made my way to the location. When I got there, I found myself approaching a magnificent house near what seemed to be a grand pharmaceutical company. I knew that the place I was about to go to was full of difficult people, but I didn’t really mind. I sat on a white leather stool that felt more like a feathery cloud. When the host came out, he was elegantly dressed. Flawless, actually. I don’t think I had ever seen a more elegant man, but his eyes disclosed how tormented he was. He was going crazy and there was nobody that could stop him. His words rang aggressively during the interview, and he seemed puzzled that he could not get a rise or anxious response after all of his personal remarks. I simply smiled back.

The cleaning crew came out. He got upset at them for barging in and fired them. I felt bad for the girls, which turned away with a heartbroken pout and went to gather their things. When we were done I excused myself and went out another door. It leads straight to the pharmaceutical company. Now standing by it in another angle, I could appreciate how large it is. The decorations were white and cerulean blue, which should give one a peaceful feeling, but this time around it didn’t.

I walked in and informed one of the tellers what I was doing there in the first place. Shock colored her face, but she was very professional and she told me how I could leave. I was looking for a place in specific.

When I got there, it was a dock by an aquarium and a water park. I met with my beloved there and told him all about my quirky day. Arm in arm, we stood before a scene of colorful madness; water bursts, colorful umbrellas and beach balls seemed to float around. The scene turned to a tropical Hayao Miyasaki film before our eyes. As the sun began to set, we turned towards one another and kissed.

Change of scene.
The man lived in secrecy, but he invades familiar houses and tests those in the environment. Grandpa gave me a potion to drink and ward him off, and for that same reason he could not manifest himself. Man or demon? I can’t tell. He is mischievous and he can take animal form on a whim. He liked the color blue and putting on a show, but what he did not realize is that he was imposing. He wasn’t welcome in personal space. Especially not Grandpa’s closet.

He was known for this, but it manifested in fear rather than admiration. He was not of this world so he did not know the difference.

(03) The High Priestess. There are three girlfriends on a spiritual retreat in India. The forest that surrounds them is green and bountiful, almost out of a fairytale. They laugh in unison, relishing a new-found appreciation for life. The rituals they participated in were physically demanding, but spiritually enlightening. The people they met with did not take the voyage as clearly as they did, but they managed to enjoy themselves anyway.

Upon returning to their houses, they found them in top condition. Even though they had been gone for a long few months, their houses were newly painted and welcoming them in. With gratitude they smiled and made their way into their renewed houses. They thanked the staff in India for their marvelous work and enjoyed their renewed sense of self-love and intuition.

Change of scene.
Two students sit in a classroom alone but don’t talk to one another. The boy has his computer out and he types away feverishly. She takes out hers and writes him “Hello" to be friendly. The minutes roll by without a response, so she decides to focus on writing assignments instead. To her surprise, the instant message window begins to blink and she pulls out the message. She is met with, “get your nose fixed, move to Italy, be happy there." There were a line of ugly things jutting out like aggressive knives at her. She realized he didn’t really realize she was in the room with him, so she got up and marched right over. She shut his computer, pushed him back and then placed her hand over his second chakra, Swadhisthana. She pinched it and immobilized him, but threatened to crush him if he moved. He got an ear full of reprimands for his behavior, and after a while the fear started to shine in his eyes. He was bullied into being nice after acting like a dog.

(04) The Empress. This story is set in the holy crusades for our mother church. The walls of Rome open to pilgrims looking to find benediction therein. The procession files in slowly but steadily. Some carry a large red rope in form of chain links. They line the walls of every city with it whenever they pass. The curious fact is that it is not a continuous line. Rather, it is separated now and again. Sometimes you can go for miles and not see it, but sometimes you can see it every few steps. No matter where you go, it’s there and symbolic of their sacrifice.

There is music playing in the streets, the sun is out and everyone is at peace. The greens and oranges of their tunics shine out. This is a place of abundance where those once lost will find compassion.

(05) The Emperor. The whole family sits at a table to celebrate the birthday of their youngest. Things are awkward and a little tense; they have not sat as a single unit for a very long time. In fact, not all of them remain alive. They neglect to find the depression of the second eldest, who refuses to participate in conversation. She excuses herself and is followed by her aunt, the youngest girl’s Mom. The patriarch sits at the end of the table, unseeing and unaware of the meaning of pain. He felt enough in his own time, but now he is a very different person because of it.

Change of scene.
Riding bikes with Dad, looking for Mom. The park is luscious and green; it’s quite lovely. The sun kissed our cheeks amicably as we went. I noticed his eyes were searching for her as se went. When I found her, she looked quite radiant.

(06) The Hierophant. The stars shine on his black mantle, framed by red lining and a gleaming golden badge. He is both creator and destroyer. In one hand, he holds the Moon. In the other, the Sun. He raises one to manifest it and lowers the other to give it rest. When they meet in the middle, something magical happens.

You can’t see much of him under his mantle; it’s a real mystery but it’s also quite magical. The stars twinkle in dissonance, with some speckles of shooting stars throughout. If he were to walk into a ball, all eyes would fall on him and stay all night. He looks like the Magician but he is not. He is a whimsical depiction of God.

(07) The Lovers. Your best friend lay in slumber on her birthday. You were spending the night before to celebrate with her. Somehow, she always got first, but you didn’t mind. You sat up on the bed and watched her as she slept. She had it all, and yet she didn’t really notice. She wanted more to the point that want turned to need. Even with all of her jarring flaws, you still managed to love her just as she is. All your friends are a little weird anyway.

Your fingers find your journal resting on your lap. As you flip through the pages, you pause to read some of the pull quotes and most distant stories. It feels like someone else wrote them, the thoughts are so different from your own. You think back to how you met your friend, how the two of you clicked instantly when you met.

You smile as her Mom comes into the room and beckons you out. You have a discrete heart to heart about your friend in slumber, tell her all the stories worth telling without too many details. A smile comes to your lips as you retell all the moments with melancholy.

Your friend wakes and you go quiet. You feel like the sidekick sometimes, but it doesn’t stop you from coming. Sometimes you feel as if she doesn’t really care if you’re there at all. You keep her company as she runs her errands and listen to all her problems, and wish that she would be interested in yours too.

The dreams produced from the Major Arcana cards are quite different and I appreciate them for that. It makes me think that maybe it isn't necessary to use a full deck for my tarot dream diary, even though I really love all 78 cards in the deck. To be honest, I wish that there were more cards in the deck — a fifth suit of minors should give me something to sink my intellectual fangs into. Everyone has a fantasy regarding the tarot; that is mine. They say theMajor Arcana is the 5th suit, spirit.

Last night I had no dream. It made me wonder if my subconscious is out of messages to spit out. Truthfully, my mind has been pretty busy formulating answers to questions that are buzzing around in my head. I may take a break after the Major Arcana is done.

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