I had to do this spread over twice. Interestingly enough, both times it was heavily present with Wands. There is a lot of agitation in the air as well as action. Nothing is going slow; sometimes I pause and exclaim, “what the Hell, August!?” This month has been full of madness thus far. When I went to check out my Annual Review for this year, I found the Moon as August’s signifier. It makes sense, though, doesn’t it?

We kicked August off on the wrong foot. I started to receive some bad news from my clients and from close friends. Before long, my own life spiraled out of control and I found myself completely lost. I had no idea what I was doing, and two weeks into it, I still don’t. Things are getting better, though. Little by little, I feel that we are all setting our feet back on the ground. Be thankful if you’re grounded properly, because floating in uncertainty can get really frustrating. It’s so safe when your feet are on the ground!


Monday. Page of Swords. Whether it is in person or on the internet, you are seriously exercising those vocal cords! There is no time to stop and think, but even then you still be getting calls and messages from people that need a bit of your time. It’s how you keep the balance going that defines your success.

Tuesday. Ace of Wands. Fire, fire! Doing what you love is really motivational, but at times it can also burn through a lot of energy. In a week in which the suit of Wands is so dominant, try to save some energy for later. Don’t burn it all out unless you want to drag through the week being tired.

Wednesday. The World. This could be the opportunity you have been waiting for. It’s time to get plans in action or at least mobilize some plans. Whatever your green light is for, be open to changes that come with opportunities and be the best of yourself that you can. It will pay off in the long run.

Thursday. Queen of Wands. She looks so sweet for a Queen of Wands. Just look, she’s sitting on her swing, enjoying the sunlight and the birds chirping. It’s hard not to feel happy when things start to look up, but don’t get distracted by how great everything is going. Keep pushing forward, and take advantage of the fact you’re standing out.

Friday. Knight of Wands. Fast action. Okay, make haste! — Do try not to be too impulsive, though. When you’re running forward, you might forget to pause and glance to the sides. It could help prevent a painful collision that you would not notice otherwise while you are charging. Going in the spirit of the moment can be a great thrill, though. Go with it!

Saturday. Page of Wands. The energy trickles down little by little, but is not yet extinguished. This card can be a naughty manifestation in your life. It could mean you misbehave with good intentions or that you find yourself acting younger than you are used to. It could also be you are handling someone acting childishly and impulsive. Be careful not to break anything!

Sunday. The Emperor. This day is centered on getting grounded; the race is over. Take it a step at a time and review all that you have done during the week. If you need rest, then take a rest. Don’t let yourself get dragged by the current, be the one in control of it.

What to avoid. Nine of Wands. It’s easy to get burnt out when you’re constantly on the go or dealing with multiple responsibilities. I feel you, I’ve been there too! Just take it a day at a time; if you can, give it that final push to get where you need to go. Don’t give up.

What to strive for. Eight of Wands. You’re going to get a lot of interaction, whether it is from text messages or not. People will be looking for you, unexpected plans will be squeezed into an already packed agenda, and you will have to make it work. I’m rooting for you!

Time is flying by, so keep up with the pace and I'll see you on the other side!

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