(01) Eight of Wands.

I received my first ever tarot reading in a dream from a man I do not know in person. We were at a city in which the sky was purple. There were tall buildings all around; something told me we were at the heart of a city. We sat in a dimly lit room with a gorgeous white linen cloth covering the table and five cards resting over it.

He was very interactive with his reading; I felt as if I was sitting before a warlock. The whole reading revolved around the Seven of Swords, from which he told me I should stand my ground and not give up. He spoke with earnestness about the trip to LA and Japan coming up, and wrapped up the reading after a lengthy conversation. On the way out, he told me that I had a package waiting for me at my mailbox. He said that it was special and that I would recognize it as soon as I saw it.

Surely enough, there it was when I got home. I had received an anonymous package and message from someone I knew. The paper cover was dark purple with chalky yellow stars hand drawn on and sprayed fixative over. There was a letter inside with three other items, one of which was a shipping proof for a brand I did not recognize. What caught my attention the most was the letter found on the inside.

“I really dislike Hermes,” it read.
The letter was brief but heavy with meaning. There was something about the Moon’s relevance and a personal declaration, but I don’t remember much more.

Woke up this morning to be beautiful streaks of the rising sun going through my window. The whole area glowed as if brought to life.

(02) Nine of Wands.

found myself in school for a reprise performance at the auditorium. It was a play that had added elements to it — it was really interactive, everyone was into it. There was a part in particular I was looking forward to; when she got shot in the head. Wow, that was pretty crazy.

When it happened, it was exactly as I remember it. A giant gun was pointed at her head to impress the audience, but the person would back down and another person would come up with an injection gun. Everyone screamed in horror as the gun was inserted into her arm and ‘fired’.

After that, many people were able to grab treats or dinner. I found myself with a lively pair of brothers I haven’t seen in years. In fact, the last time I had was in second grade. We sat together in the cafeteria until 5P.M., having one of the most colorful conversations at that age.

(03) Ten of Wands.
I find myself sitting on a bench at the Caribe Hilton, not too far away from where G and I spotted the two black swans. It’s daytime and the crowds are very different from last time’s party-goers. As I sit and wait for J to come pick me up, I realize Lady Gaga is walking past. She is singing at the top of her lungs in public and breaking into a dance now and then. My eyes pop out of my head when I realize it’s her, but I sit still. She walks over,  asphyxiated from the heat and removes her Galliano jacket. Within seconds, she throws it over to me and asks for me to hold it, then winks. I almost fell out of my body from the shock.

She kept on singing songs I was familiar with, so I started singing as well to join the crowd. It was really stellar to see her up close.

The minutes passed and I pulled J’s belongings closer, worried that he hasn’t made it yet. She saw I was holding a bunch of things and she had me put them with her stuff so we could enjoy, “stress-free”. We all sat and sang together and hung out. When she came up to me, I asked for a photo. I told her about my boyfriend and me at the Born This Way Ball and she looked at me through hazel green eyes. She seemed shy and a little uncomfortable with the story, but she smiled real wide. She remembered my name from when I introduced myself. I was so nervous.

I was going to get a photo with her for J and I saw that he was calling. He was crying because he was at his apt and his car had been taken away. It killed the mood right off the bat. I was having trouble hearing him because of his broken sobs. When I woke up, I felt sad enough from the dream to be confused. Hearing his happy voice on the phone helped dissipate the confusion.

(04) Page of Wands.
Somehow we all ended up at her house. The girl with the camera, you know the one. She has large eyes, umber colored hair and she changes quicker than the seasons. She used to be the reason you breathed.

It was a two story house and it was quite accommodating. She was acting spoiled, in fact she avoided the group altogether. While we were all in one place, she roamed the house to be free from our stare. She didn’t like any of us, and that much she made clear. Seized by unfamiliar curiosity and ill-intent, I decided to break into her studio. She guarded it jealously as if it was her best-kept secret. A missed opportunity, and soon she was tailing with fury. She wanted revenge and she would stop at nothing to get it. We collided. Her hands were around my neck, we tumbled down the stairs but nobody else noticed. Violence radiated between the two of us. The struggle pushed on until I managed to break free from our hateful embrace. It was resentment versus jealousy, and neither one of us would come out of this unscathed.

In a narrow escape, I managed to make it to my own smart home. Riding the elevator up, metal armor embraced me like a second skin. Once I was inside the futuristic setting, I managed to set up some traps for her to fall into. She was attempting to break into my house to get tangled up in hatred with me. Instead of indulging, I looked for a way to get to her. We were two villains with clashing agendas.

(05) Knight of Wands.
You’re walking through the pier at night. The moon glistens ominously over you, but you bask in its glow as if it were healing light. There are footsteps approaching little by little, a patient walk. As you turn around, his features come into focus and force you to step back a little.

It’s him, your beloved Hierophant. His face is chalk white and his features are aggressive. His hair is as you remember it, long and black with a blonde streak over where his ears should be. His face is framed with thick brows and his deep brown eyes are lit with darkness glistening in them. They look like black jewels that mirror your own eyes. As he comes closer, you marvel at how beautiful he looks in the black mantle you designed in your mind’s eye. There are black jewels glistening inside, but white fur lining like that of a King’s. As he steps closer, you start to feel cold. You are captivated enough not to be able to move, but then you realize his psychic tentacles are keeping you in place. You literally cannot move.

Instead of panic, there is surrender. He is standing right in front of you now and he reaches forward to touch your cheek. You close your eyes because you don’t want to see what happens next. He steps forward to kiss you, and you feel your soul start to leave your body. It is what he wanted all along.

Change of scene.
GR stands close by, staring through his deep blue eyes. I remembered all the good times we had in college, and how we never used to have much in common other than the music that we liked. It wasn’t enough to keep us away from one another. He grinned and disappeared into the darkness.

(06) Queen of Wands.

You are walking through a very wide road flanked by deep forests in the middle of the day. A faint noise turns out to be the distant gallops of horses marching over in unison. They step in synchronization, and soon their gallop vibrates through you. The ground starts to shake as they come closer. There were at least fifty of them drawing a grand chariot. They were in perfect formation, with thick black fur and red gears. There were men in royal red uniforms riding them, all with perfect postures.

They went quickly, so much in fact that you were struck with awe. You couldn’t move as you gazed upon their magnificence. Just think of how magnificent the person inside the chariot must be.

It would not be long before you would once more find yourself alone on this road.

(07) King of Wands.
With a large group of Ringling kids at an equally large building as big as the San Diego Convention Center, if not bigger. There were electric stairs and many, many floors with many, many rooms. The whole building was full of people, we marveled at how many in fact. We went through the floors one by one to accompany someone to a big interview to a big company. The team that was interviewing him was actually very dynamic and made us laugh a few times. There was applause coming from the elevator and I got a huge gift with tons of clothes and other stuff. It made me smile because of how thoughtful it was. I smiled real wide.

The gift was lovely. There were shirts of birds kissing and even video game characters.

Before long, GR comes up to me and we started to kiss. Our lips met slowly, then we started to make out more passionately. It got really fierce as we went along. I woke up confused and a little embarrassed about it.

Dreamland has been my escape from reality more than once in the past few weeks. I have found solace in a parallel world that feels so personal and yet so very detached from my reality. It has been fun — and sometimes a little embarrassing — to share with you the dreams that my tarot cards have prompted. Tonight will be the first time in a long time that I sleep without a tarot card under my pillow. I want to share instead some impressions on the process of prompting tarot dreams and maybe even some dream analysis for continuous themes. They vary from person to person, but these have been especially noticeable to me.

We have reached the end of our journey with the Vertigo Tarot Dream Diary. I am very pleased with the results. Thanks for keeping me company along the journey!

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