(01) Ace of Wands.
J and I traveled far. We reached a place that held retro boxed toys and curiosities from back in the day. Some dated back to the 1800s and even 1700s, others were much more recent. The whole place had an air of melancholy and loneliness that was hard to shake off. Getting a good look around, I realized I’ve been here before. There is always a bit of a mobile feeling to the area, since everything is kept under tents. There are shiny red pickup trucks that shouldn’t still work, but stand the test of time in pristine condition. We went off to be together, enjoying all the treasures that were there. We laughed a laughter that echoed through time.

Change of scene.
J, my family and I went on an excursion to the Buddha’s temple, then to an ancient Egyptian one. Setting some incense for buddha, abell rang in the distance, which meant he was listening to you. It was like a summon; you went inside with prayer and a wish he would grant for you. Everyone left me behind; I felt angry that I had to run to catch up. The ruins were carved in stone and stretched for miles. Then I got to the sacred site, everyone had already been granted an audience. They lay over lush red rugs and rested their backs against gold embroidered pillows. The wealth of the temple was staggering. My were enlightened and transformed, so they didn’t know or notice how angry I was.

Change of scene.
J and I went to the Temple of a female Egyptian Pharaoh. I felt a large connection to her burial ground. As we descend the stairs, she materializes before us in a gorgeous white dress that shimmered. Divinity flows through her. Her attention diverted to J as I crept down to the basement of the site. I started to draw whimsical scenes that materialized of her with blossoms and whimsical streams of water. I also made manifest a dragon perched on some branches, and a portrait of J and I as lovers.

(02) Two of Wands.
Sitting in the bus, wanting to hit up the bar. Watching traffic that is heavy, with people that aren’t smiling and look as if they would much rather be doing someplace else. They’re all in their work clothes. It Feels lonely.

You don’t really need to know where you’re going to know you’re headed somewhere. Sometimes your sense of direction is cut, or not as good as it used to be and you find yourself lost amongst those who know exactly where they are going. It’s okay to be lost. It’s okay not to want to be a part of this at all.

(03) Three of Wands.
Visited and waited to play games with a neighbor that never came outside. The day was bright; there were birds in the trees and not many clouds in the sky. At age nine, everything looks beautiful and everything is as it is supposed to be. It escapes reason to think that very soon things will get so complicated. Such is the way of life, an endless cycle that stretches on and on.

Change of scene.
Age fifteen.
Stood in line quietly at a near empty grocery store and watched people carry out their daily shopping. Some people held bags, others pushed shopping carts around the store. It’s amazing how time can flow when you’re not moving and everyone else is, but you feel static.

(04) Four of Wands.

Went clubbing at a smaller Castle in Ybor venue, then to a bigger one. The strobe lights hit people differently, it was almost as if the lights reflected their souls. Some came alive with vivid red and orange, while others had discrete camouflage with blue and purple. You could tell the psychic vampires apart from the indigos as well as those that fell right in between.

Change of scene.
Took J to an airport, watched him go on his way to the portal as I made my way back home on the other side of the airport. We were at a small airport in a dark place, felt like a limbo. He was heading to Helsinki, I was heading to Puerto Rico.  The loneliness didn’t strike until we were both past the checkpoint, at which we both realized we were alone.

Change of scene.
When you miss someone, you keep nice portraits of them. As the years roll by, you might be faced with different ones of people you are no longer familiar with. It happens when we move on and let memories collect dust. The photos seem faded, an indication that it has been a long time since the first time you gazed upon them.

(05) Five of Wands.
iro Marchetti came to my school for a conference on his collection and his life’s work in the tarot. It would be the period after the current one, and I had been searching for Jean during the day to remind him so that he wouldn’t miss it. He came into class late with a box in his hand. His face was disfigured with pain.

Jean avoided me because his friend died. He met Ciro privately before hos conference and got some advice in every matter from the industry to his personal life. He seemed to calm down as the rest of the period finished, but would not look my way.

On my way to the auditorium, I felt something sink in my stomach. When I sat in the second row, none other than Ciro himself was walking past. He cracked a joke with us and I told him I am a big fan of his work. We compared favorites in our collection before he started his presentation.

Jean was nowhere to be found, he was going through a hard time.  He must have gone home.

(06) Six of Wands.

Drove to summer camp, which I haven’t been to in years, and made it in a faraway area. It seemed to be a training ground for different teams. The mustard ellow shirts were to the far right, and to the far left you could see the ones in the cerulean shirts working out on the beach.

Felt curious eyes falling on me as I walked off to the right. I explained I was part of a dance team, but life got in the way and knocked me from my path. They were empathic. Once I told them the story, I asked whether or not they wanted me in the team. They rushed forward and embraced me.

Teams were differentiated by color, together they were ten. Mine was mustard yellow, just like old times.

(07) Seven of Wands.
I found myself in a school with a friend I have not met before. She kept having anxiety attacks because she was being raped by a teacher and had no other way of defending herself. I was her only solace. Every time she had a panic attack, I would help calm her down. The rest of the school was used to her erratic behavior and didn’t care much whenever a new episode started. It happened almost every day when she had to sit through his class. Her hands trembled the whole time. While teachers suggested medical treatment, parents suggested she be expulsed or sent off to a mental institution. It was painful to endure.

Change of scene.
I’m a part of something much larger than myself. Its like a dragon nesting tower, it reminds me of a tree without bark. People arrive on dragon’s wings and dive into the tower. The dragons perch and become part of the outer structure. It looks amazing when you’re at the base of the trunk, but is easy to miss when you’re almost at the top.

This has a feeling of nature in balance that is hard to shake. What a peaceful and magical place.

These dreams are getting eventful! There is something bittersweet about nearing the end. We have seven cards to go before we are done with the Vertigo Tarot dreams. It would be nice to continue with oracle card decks or even Lenormands, but before it gets experimental, I want to share with you some personal observations from the Tarot Diary experience.

Have you had any special tarot dreams you would like to share with me? Comment below!

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