Ever since I accomplished my biggest-ever personal goal, the elements are falling into place. It feels as if the gears are shifting to include other aspects that will now be taking the forefront. There is harmony present in my life, and I am as stoked as I am grateful to this wonderful opportunity. Its been a long time since I have felt such strong pull and desire to be a part of something; yet here I am, nesting and proving to myself that dreams really are possible.

Look at all that blue in this spread! The dominance of Cups makes this next year seem centered on feelings and matters of the heart. Of course, these matters are the ones that make us blossom. Notice also 1—3 of the Cups suit. They are even in order, which is the best part. When you do things the right way the first time, the progress is known is step-by-step growth.

There is a lot of the number 2 present here as well; two knights, two queens and two twos. There is a lot of synchronicity in this card, making this year out to be one with powerful emotional draw and alchemy.

01. October. Knight of Coins. This card feels like it’s all about settling down. I am supposed to move to a new apartment in October, one that is closer to the Metro station and to my favorite restaurant. Otherwise, it also presents the quest for a new job opportunity. You can apply and apply, but there is never really a guarantee to hear back from recruiters no matter how good you are. Remember that! It makes sense to me how October still has some influence from the previous Annual Review, given that it is the main link that ties last year’s forecast to this year’s.

02. November. King of Wands. This one made me laugh. J and I will be celebrating our 3rd Anniversary on November 27. This will be the first time in all three years that we are not spending it together, but it will not be a date that passes without enthusiasm. November is certainly a month that is heavily influenced by that date.

03. December. Six of Cups. December is a sensitive month; it marks the passing of my Grandmother shortly after the birthday of my Mother. The sentiments manifested in this month are truly bittersweet. Melancholy laced with celebration and garnished with end of year festivities. It won’t be easy; I plan to return to my Motherland for celebrations. It will be the perfect time to catch up with all of my loved ones.

04. January. The Hanged Man. The year will be off to a slow start; possibly denial of the changes that are manifesting. It happens, sometimes we get caught up on things that we would like to happen, but don’t exactly know how to take a step forward and make it happen. Sometimes we just need to hold it in and wait for the right time to act. That’s precisely what we’ll do.

05. February. Knight of Cups. Emotions are now set in place and we dive forward to release them. This is as free as manifestations of feelings get. It is complete surrender to the wonder of our emotions and the hope that what we find in exchange will be just as gratifying. [Edit.]

06. March. The Moon. Building up from the energy of the previous month, the Moon takes those illusions we have been running with and amplifies them. Here we find my signifier bearing manifestations of dreams and intuition as well as full acknowledgement of there being forces influencing us that are out of our control. It feels almost like a fateful encounter that will change life as I know it forever.

07. April. Queen of Cups. I can’t say I have ever really felt a connection with this court card until recently. I see a lot of her in myself lately, particularly in how I connect with the way that I feel. She is all about introspection and reflection over how you feel. She understands it and she is very willing to share the wealth of her feelings with anybody. This is a person that blooms in love and romance.

08. May. Ace of Cups. This looks like a big step to take forward as far as emotions and romance can go. I see it as the embrace of emotive bonds and honor thereof. This month will be centered around feelings and making them manifest. Don't be afraid to show those closest to you that you love them! Relish the love you get and send it back out threefold. You have some warm memories to make and enjoy.

09. June. Queen of Swords. I love her. She is every bit of analytical thinking and logical consciousness that I feel people should be also. With her, you never know exactly what you're going to get until she gives you a piece of her mind. Her words can be comforting, but they can also send chills down your spine. If you are not prepared, the manifestation of this card will send you running. You don't bring a knife to a gun fight, right? Well you don't face the Queen of Swords unprepared. She can be brutal and she can be cruel if you give her a reason to be.

10. July. Two of Swords. Where did the Queen of Swords land you? This seems like breached communication. Any connections that you had made previously are now disconnected. Take this opportunity to withdraw into the depths of your mind and explore the possibilities that you have left before you spring back into action. A break is more valuable than you think.

11. August. Two of Cups. Coming together for a mutual purpose. This card shows an emotional bond between two people or the joining of polar opposites to form a new balance. Something is coming together in the month of August.

12. September. Page of Coins. This forecast ends with the promise of progress if you work hard enough to get where you want to go. There is a seed planted and a plan that will soon be set in motion once you are ready for the responsibility that it entails.

Highlight. Three of Cups. What a wonderful card to serve as an undertone for the rest of the year! The Three of Cups makes this next year about close, personal bonds with people: romantic, friends, family, etc. It means that it’s time to work on those personal connections that make life really worth living.

I feel good about this one. Let's see what happens.


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