You wouldn’t believe the weekend I had even if I told you! On top of it all I woke up on Monday with a swollen eyelid and a whole lot of stress related to it. I look like a gremlin!

Haven’t felt like writing much because of it. The first day I tried to ignore it and work, but finally yesterday as I noticed it getting worse, I realized it was time to act so I went out to run some errands. Today I woke up and the problem spread to my lower eyelid. Now I’m just over it and feeling like the start of October always rains on me somehow. The good news is that my birthday is not until the 22nd, so I still have some time to rectify. What can’t be helped though is that Roger is playing his first show as the re-branded band, and while I would love to be there, I won’t feel so good being the only freak wearing an eye patch for function rather than for form.

I’ve had it rough lately, but that’s life. It gets better eventually.

♡ Monday. Three of Coins. Work work work work. Getting things in order and putting things into motion. There are lots of things that get drowned out in the noise of our day to day lives. Our thoughts can be amongst those things.

♡ Tuesday. Queen of Swords. Detached, cold and quiet. She seems at distaste even though her surroundings are very nice. She seems bored. I wonder what she’s thinking about, though, because it’s hard to read.

♡ Wednesday. The Empress. This card is stalking me, and I just want it to go away! Seeing it so close to my signifier gives me high anxiety too. I am reading it as being smothered or manipulated in a way that puts you under the control of somebody else. When you no longer have full control of things, it seems like things can get messy.

♡ Thursday. The World. Opportunities open up to trying something new or doing something outside of the routine. It is a positive omen for things opening up and/or falling into place. A very positive vibe to this card, which I love.

♡ Friday. Seven of Swords. This is a problem. It looks like a theft of time, effort or money and an unwanted situation with someone you must not trust very much. Sometimes we care for people but we have to let go of the goodness we see in them if they don’t follow it up with their actions.

♡ Saturday. Knight of Cups. Look at him, so romantic and so gentle. He’s a mystical one, and he brings with him comforts or drinks. I love the expression on the face, he’s a gentile one and he will understand you. Just look at that horn, though… ha ha ha ha ha.

♡ Sunday. Two of Wands. Being faced with one option or the other, but not really being able to get through. This is a time of no action, of detachment and watching from the outsides.

♡ What to avoid. Four of Coins. Don’t stay home! Don’t get lost in the comfort zone and refuse to take advice from the nagging teacher. In the end, the nagging teacher knows best and means well.

♡ What to strive for. Knight of Swords. Strive for clarity in communication. Strive for speed in certain matters you don’t want to deal with. Be precise and reflect back onto others what they try to reflect unto you.

Well not an easy week, but onwards!

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