This deck continues to surprise me with how chatty it is compared to the third version. I get it! Not only do I get it, but I like it. No, scratch that… I love it! It makes me wish I had another copy of this lying around to collect. When I first bought this copy, it was still sealed years later. It is the only first edition deck I own from the Magic-Realist Press that has been opened by me, other than the Alice Tarot. Oh, wait! That’s not true. The first one I owned that was still sealed was the Bohemian Gothic Tarot Silver Limited Edition. I haven’t blogged about that jewel yet, even though I own all three of its incarnations: First Edition, Second Limited Edition pewter edges, and third edition. Lastly, I have the mini… Oh, I love tarot!

♡ Monday. Queen of Wands. She’s so pretty! This lady likes a show and she’s dressed to kill. Tend to the activities you go to with enthusiasm. Dress your best, you never know which day will be your last.

♡ Tuesday. Knight of Swords. Swiftness of thoughts and action in dialogue. Watch what you say in case people around you are easily offended or put off. Always have a comeback, though. Because you deserve to stand up for yourself.

♡ Wednesday. Eight of Wands. Swiftness of action turns into swiftness of communication. It seems like a good day to just talk, say what you mean without much thought going behind it. Perhaps you have already thought about it enough up until now.

♡ Thursday. Three of Cups. Three is a crowd as you will come to see. Let others in, but don’t forget to always look after your heart. Y’know, for cats celebrating life, they actually don’t look all that happy to me.

♡ Friday. Wheel of Fortune. A change in the wind, a turn of luck. Time to think on things that are being changed by time. How transient our lives are, and yet how much we learn about ourselves in this limited amount of time.

♡ Saturday. The Devil. Let’s play master and servant… Actually, this doesn’t look very good. It looks as if a threat fast approaches, and the kitties are standing there pretty powerless in their chains. Poor kitties! Send help!

♡ Sunday. Ten of Swords. Ouch! This doesn’t look so good at all. It looks like an accident or a murder. Something is ending on this day, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to be good. Good day for me to stay indoors, I think.

♡ What to avoid. King of Wands. Don’t do things out of passion, or you will quickly come to regret them. Don't let things get out of control by acting impulsively.

♡ What to strive for. Temperance. Look for a balance, strive for moderation and for patience in endeavors you handle this week. Don't resolve to passion in times that you need to keep a level head. This is exactly opposite from the King of Wands card, which is pretty humorous.

Wishing you a lovely week.

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