Wow, what a year coming up! There are so many Major Arcana cards present that I can already tell it’s going to be a big one. I feel like general themes are that of self-initiation, structure, connection, love, moving and making sacrifices for things to be in balance.

The last year’s theme of Three of Cups made a lot of sense to me once everything was put in motion. 2014 has been very tough to me, I have had many losses in terms of people and friends, and I had to pull the strength out of where I did not know that I had it.
01. October. Eight of Wands. Fast action, motion and exchange of messages. We’re getting this new wheel started off with lots of buzzing and talking. Perhaps you will need to reflect on things before talking about them. Maybe it’ll be a time of being on the go and acting fast. I just know it’s not boring.

02. November. Two of Swords. This is a slow month, completely unlike the previous. It marks a time when communication is not flowing and can’t be forced. This will not be the right time to express yourself or take a risk in communicating with someone you might not feel is ready to hear what you have to say.

03. December. The Emperor. Structure, authority and oppression. This is a tough month for all of us who have a set routine. It’s so hard to break out of it for the sake of what else we have going on. I feel like this card is representative of people in my life as well as circumstances I don’t always have control of. It’s hard to pull away from the chains that bind!

04. January. Judgment. A new start to a — hopefully — better new year. 2014 kind of stomped on me, then drove over me and went back in reverse as well. I’ve been pretty flattened by it, and looking forward to a new call of action. This is a new dawn rising for all of those that have been in the dark for the past few months. Let us celebrate!!!

05. February. The Lovers. A month of romance and connection, with yourself as well as with others. There is a binding intimacy here that can be scary from how dangerous it is. I think that when we get so close to others that you can’t tell where one starts and the other one ends, we risk losing ourselves in the process… or even getting hurt.

06. March. Ace of Cups. New love, intimacy and flourishing of emotions in a grand scale. The magnitude of the intensity seems quite overwhelming to me. Love without restraint or borders… it’s worth it.

07. April. Temperance. Moderation, taking back some of the excess and learning to live clean of it. All of my life I have had role models that are in no way, shape or form moderate. They believe in rewards of hard labor, with well-deserved pampering. I am in no way spoiled, but I am also in no way moderate. Lots to learn, lots to learn. I had a trip to Japan planned for this month, but after seeing this I realized it’s probably not happening.

08. May. Wheel of Fortune. Being on the go. What is changing? What is staying the same? Interesting. I have a feeling that this is a radical month of exploration as well as of letting go and letting things happen. Surprise, surprise! Let’s see what comes next.

09. June. Ten of Wands. Exhaustion from overworking. This is a time to just relax and embrace things as they are. There is such thing as working too hard, and that’s something I will have to learn eventually. I am a workhorse… But then I wouldn’t gain any experience if I didn’t put myself out there, through hard labor and investing all my energy.

10. July. King of Wands. Inspiration, admiration. A fire that comes from within, laced with charisma and enough to rally others to you. This card is constant in my life, it represents a person as much as a state of mind. To me, it is familiarity and comfort at the hands of the kindest soul I know.

11. August. Three of Coins. Working in threes, as a team and in mutual efforts. This means not just thinking about yourself, but also how the actions you carry out affect others around you. Think in teams, not individually.

12. September. The Hanged Man. This is a slow month, it feels like it is purposely going to be awkward in order for a new perspective to be gained from it all. This is a time to consider there are alternatives outside of our immediate perception.

13. Highlight. Two of Cups. The year will be centered around a romantic theme, a bonding theme. When two people come together in a relationship, their energies mix together and influence their existence. I have seen these effects in motion already and recognize them as they come into my life now.

Let's see how this year turns out.

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