There are few things in life I dislike more than a charlatan. Liars rub me the wrong way. There is no reason to act like something you are not, and passing off someone's intellectual property as your own does not make you look good no matter what you say.

I stumbled upon this last night by chance, four weeks after it was published. It is a copy of my Sun and Moon illustration.


Save for the apparent splicing of two illustrations into one, these are pretty much exactly the same concepts. She blatantly offered to show somebody the proof that she made it on her laptop. Then she told somebody I know that she likes to take advantage of the inspiration when it comes. Yeah, I wonder where that inspiration came from?

Let's have a look at where it came from.



If you are going to rip someone off and publish it for all your friends to see, at least invest effort in doing a better job than the original.

Now all I have left to do is to write to the platform and ask them to take it down.

I don't like being cyber bullied and told I am nothing and nobody, only to be copied so shamelessly. Shame on you, Kisaki Jun aka Frances Padilla aka Isyth Hawke. You should have known better.


  1. I just came back from vacations and I wasn't able to do much without having access to a computer. That's why I never replied, I told someone to help me take it down which they did. That drawing was created on October 7, 2012. A long time ago, yes I did use your images as references but it's not plagiarism because it's not an exact copy, at least that's what my family's lawyer told me.
    I had let go such a long time ago of any issues or any ill thought towards you and when I posted that the least I thought about was plastering drama everywhere and I apologize to you here. =/ I just found it laying around on my laptop while I was cleaning it up and I just started using instagram recently "public" which I had to put private again as a precaution.

    The instagram team didn't take it down, it was a friend of mine who did me the favor of doing so. I'm sorry Monica. I also deleted the image forever from my laptop to avoid any further issues. Heck, it was even done in paint, it wasn't meant to be seen by anyone, just used your images as references because I've never done this type of art before and yours were pretty. I didn't want to offend you and I should have gave credit to you because you came up with the idea and concept and everything.

    I don't pretend for you to forgive me or anything but since I started working and traveling with the circus I had completely moved on from whatever happened many years ago and this took me by surprise. If I hadn't gotten a call telling me about it, I wouldn't have found out honestly because like I said I was on vacation with my family at Palmas del Mar.

    I DID accept responsibility by having it taken down as soon as possible and it wasn't done out of malice or anything else like you think. I don't have time for any of this. I have to take care of more important things in life but since this was such a big important issue for you so I'm addressing this to you. All I want is that my real name is taken down just like I took down the image.

    I was going in circles trying to find a way to communicate sooner but I had no other choice but to wait until I was back in my home. This is the only message I will write. I hope this ends in a cleaner way than years ago when I had less patience. I haven't said anything else against you anywhere else on any of my social networks because I don't want to go back and forth with insults or any other thing like that and it's pointless.

    The important thing is that I took it down, I'm apologizing to you here for everyone to see and this will be the LAST time something so sloppy like this happens. I have my own life that I adore and people close to me that I care about, I don't need to go "copycat" on you because I'm not missing anything in my life. I'm at peace with myself, all I'm missing is my ferret back with me and that's it. I understand why you would get massively upset and it was a mistake on my part.

    I've said my part, now it's up to you if you are going to take this down or waste time on dragging this.

    1. Hi Frances,

      I'm glad you had the courage to apologize. You also had the audacity to tell me it's not a copy. Mmm... Yes, it is a copy. Sorry.

      You boasted that you took advantage of inspiration when it hits. And yeah, I wonder where it came from? Credit was due. It's unethical not to credit your sources, and you clearly passed it off as your own. Your sister even told me it was not of my creation. Where was she when I made it? She rudely let loose on me, when I was trying to work things out with you.

      I'm glad you're saying you want to move on, and I really want to believe you. I don't want to have to keep standing up for myself when I'm actually not looking to start things with you. I've been nice enough to you Frances, but if you keep abusing that, you leave me with no reason to be nice to you in return. You need to start accepting responsibility for your actions. Actions have consequences.

      I hope you learned from your mistakes.

      Trust I never wanted to antagonize or bring things up. I quite enjoy the peace that we've had for some months. If you don't provoke me, I'm actually a very nice person. I don't like spreading negativity and I prefer to talk things one on one with people. However, I've been stepped on way too many times before in my life, and I'm not about to start allowing it now. Whether or not you agree, you have to understand that.

      I've been nice to you, even when you sent me Instagram friend requests many times.

      Your admiration (and sometimes "la odio la odio la odio" private messages) may have originally come from the right place, but we're way past what happened in the past.

      You really don't need to copy me anymore, but seeing you publish something copying me just four weeks ago IS copying someone, so you are contradicting yourself. Yes, please, go live a happy life. I don't wish you ill, I just don't want you pretending to be me anymore. You have your own self to learn how to be.

      I am upset, and you have to understand that if it were to happen to you too, you'd also be upset.

      I'm going to sleep on this, but I'm also going to hold you to your word of not causing any more trouble for me. I don't have the time to either, but I won't stop at anything if I have to stand up for myself. You have no right to tread over my rights. Please don't publish any of your artwork so directly inspired on mine. I ask you from the heart not to do to me what you would not like somebody else doing to you. I want our war to end, and peace to start.

      Happy 2015, have a good life.

    2. By the way, Nice XXV on your Instagram. Wonder where you got that from too?

    3. I can't control what my sis said or didn't say, I told her to stay calm and let me deal with this because I wanted to do it one on one but she's hot headed and get defensive with me or my brother. Guess it runs in the family.

      The XXV I got it from Nicky a high school friend of mine. :3 And I have seen a lot of people with that too. So I thought it was one of those internet trends and said meh, looks kinda better than a regular number. After 29 I shouldn't use it anymore. >.>

      I'm not trying to pretend to be you nor I want to be you but it's hard when we do have certain things in common... You are you, and there's no mistaking that. I know it was a stupid thing to post, I really wasn't even thinking. So my bad and I get what you are coming from and have every right to be upset. It does look very alike o_o which is why heck, I said I should really take it down asap. For me a copy means an exact replica but it seems my definition is not the only one...Sometimes it's really hard to try a new thing without making it look like something different but it was a one time thing only. Not really my thing.

      I was also enjoying the peace between us for a whole year actually. I was more frustrated not being able to contact you sooner because I did feel bad about it.

      Happy 2015 Monica, hope you have a good life too.

  2. I would only want for my real name to be taken down and we can both move on, you can leave the drawing there but my real name is the only thing that gives me anxiety.