When I was in college, my Holy Trinity was HIM, The Birthday Massacre and AFI. I listened to some black metal and industrial, but these are essentially the bands that got me started. Later on I had to dig to find what is good or what I resonated with. My Winamp skin was this one, and soon thereafter the iPod came out and I got a 4GB. I filled it mostly with :Wumpscut:, Blutengel, AFI, Rammstein, and The Birthday Massacre.

People would ask me, “what are your favorite bands?”“Birthday whaaa?” In Puerto Rico, the early 2000s meant you were heavily dependent on the Internet to find music that wasn't reggaeton. I never resonated with the things people were listening to, it was totally outside my genre. When I finally had access to darker music, I'd try to turn others onto it. Not enough people knew how much good stuff was out there! Every time they responded as if they haven't heard of the band, I told them it was pop music that told horror stories. This was right when Violet came out. I was in love!

Fast forward to today, the band closest to me has opened for them before or played with them in festivals scattered across the world. They would tell me about it and my eyes would get really big with excitement. I’d tell them about how jealous I was that they got that experience, and felt like they don’t know how much the rest of us in Puerto Rico miss out on the things we love. We don’t really have bands like that come out our way!

Well, how to describe this experience in a fair way? The concert totally ROCKED. The opening bands were okay, but I was really only there to see TBM. Red Paintings did a great cover of Mad World, New Years Day has its own following and their lead singer is firkin' gorgeous beyond belief, but what got me really excited was the intro before TBM comes on stage. It’s a medley of their songs that is very atmospheric and comes without vocals.

When the curtains were pulled, we saw the band in personalized uniforms. Those boys looked so attractive! I was super crushing on Rainbow, who happened to be right in front of me the whole show. Swoon! Eye candy... They really made me smile, though. Their energy on stage is great, and they play with so much passion. ♡♡

When the band started, two things became apparent: They sing with high energy and they love their fans. I’ve never seen so much rapport with the crowd and appreciation for them being there. Chibi waved at me, later on reaching out for my hand. I squealed like crazy whenever she would do something cute to people near me. She dedicated a song to somebody having a bad day, and had the crowd sing Happy Birthday for the sound guy whose birthday was the next day. So much love going around!!!

♡ Red Stars
♡ Destroyer
♡ Divide
♡ Diaries
♡ Superstition
♡ Pins And Needles
♡ Video Kid
♡ Lovers End
♡ Alibis
♡ Beyond
♡ Kill the Lights
♡ Leaving Tonight
♡ The Other Side
♡ Blue
♡ Control
♡ Forever
♡ Always
♡ In the Dark

♡ Happy Birthday
♡ Sleepwalking
♡ Midnight

I had an amazing time at the show. Still today my feet hurt from jumping around in my heels. It was absolutely worth the time and the effort to get there. When you’re on your own, you get to enjoy the experience truly. I got immersed in their music, and for a couple of hours I was really living it.

Very thankful for the opportunity to have seen a band I admired for years and years. I love The Birthday Massacre!!!

If you get the chance to, you MUST see them live!!!

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