Last night I went to a Birthday Massacre concert and it was AMAZING!!! My feet still hurt from hopping around on my heels all night, and my ears aren't doing too good either. I forgot my earplugs... Not very wise on my part given how sensitive my hearing has become.

Being out and about to enjoy myself even though others don't understand what it is I enjoy really makes me feel more independent. I'll never worry enough about what others think to the point of it being an influence on how I choose to live my life. I do as I need, and in the process I have found my personal voice strengthen. It's the best!

Anyway, I went back to the classics for today's Hello Witches post, and we're going to be looking into these together.

I love how evocative these cards are even though the minors have such a rhythmic simplicity to them. It isn't the same to interact with a scene than to do so with whimsical motifs and elements patterned in a space. I rather like it even though I don't always vibe with it. These illustrations are quite beautiful. I got this deck because of the way the majors are depicted. The courts are lovely too! Perhaps with enough use, a review will pop up here eventually.

Monday. King of Wands. You are dealing with an impulsive man of passion. He sits on his own but his gaze is set towards the future. It can be said he is a visionary; but it can also be said he is getting ahead of himself because of his impulses. Give yourself time to make the decisions you want to make and need to make. Don’t rush!

Tuesday. Strength. Keep things on hold, and stay on top of your game. This is a difficult situation, to me it looks like she is really struggling to keep that lion tame. Even in the face of opposing some danger or risk, it is important to keep your poise and your composure. No one wants to deal with a disheveled mess trying to figure out their problems by causing more! Be careful.

Wednesday. Ace of Cups. Romance is sacred. Manifesting it must be sacred too. Have an open heart and allow yourself to get close to those you love only long enough to feel it. Feeling love is a riveting emotion, it will reverberate throughout your soul if you let it. Honor it.

Thursday. Two of Coins. Juggling circumstances and situations is not as happy as it looks, especially when you are going back and forth between two worlds and lives. With a change coming soon, it is important to keep juggling the circumstances.

Friday. The World Rx. Well this sucks. This card reversed is supposedly not so bad according to other readers, but given the atmosphere surrounding it, I quite disagree. I feel like all attempts to be nice are trumped by the reversal. Nothing goes according to plan today. Shut down.

Saturday. The Lovers Rx. Things look up side down still today, which is a worrisome situation. It seems like division and problems come today, as well as disagreements. No good. Feels defensive.

Sunday. Page of Coins. A small gift or token of appreciation to try and salvage things, but given the circumstances it might come too late.

What to avoid. The Devil. Don’t let yourself be controlled or put on a muzzle. Let go of your desires if they do not help you and stay away from trouble. Don’t look to upset the situation and strive to do the right thing always.

What to strive for. The Magician. Don’t be clear if you can. Look after your tools, keep yourself sedated with some wine and give yourself the chance to make something cool happen. Forget about the outside world and focus on your craft, even if it means peddling.

Clarifier. The Fool. Take a risk and see where it takes you. What have you got to lose anyway? Just jump into it, THEN worry about what happens next!

This week seems tricky. How do you tackle your tricky weeks?

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