All good things must come to an end. If we could, we’d keep some vacations in a perpetual parallel dimension to that of our personal lives. It would be lovely to have the luxury to escape to a nice place every time we needed to recharge our batteries.


☆ Dinner with the family.
☆ Fancy holiday party.
☆ Fancy New Year’s Eve party.
☆ Hot Topic holiday party.
☆ Baking pastries for my family.
☆ Playing video games on down time from work. (I got Pokemon Alpha Sapphire, Persona Q, Fire Emblem: Awakening, and Sonic Classics.)
☆ Getting back to keeping blogging notebooks. Essential!
☆ Oggling over my tarot card connection. So lovely! Complete! Love it!
☆ Had enough time to dig through my inspiration folders, old and new.
☆ Started a new handwritten diary.
☆ Margarita happy hour outings and fun.
☆ Spent some time with my love birds, Sun and Moon.
☆ Pampered myself... Much needed!

There were so many more things I would have loved to have done, but I prioritized family over nightlife.

Being around the island for limited amounts of time makes it more tolerable. Once you’re there for years on end, you start to get a little restless with the traffic jams, unbearable heat and that inexplicable feeling that you don’t connect with the people around you. Being around the people that you love is a very good trade-off in my opinion!

I once more find people from my culture are absolutely stunning; they’re also good dancers and even better creatives. Their passion can be as positive as it can be negative, though. Their tempers shock me every time. I wish that there were more manners and common sense circulating through the culture; many don’t care if they overstep your boundaries as long as they get their way. I find some people to be really, really rude. I also don’t like how excessively loud they are. There is no need to shout over to someone across the table from you to get your point across.


I feel so loved and so wanted. Its been weird to adjust to being back in Lost Angels without my Mom and without J. My life isn't quite the same without those two. I also haven't been able to post in Samhain Moon, but at least I've been able to write many outlines for future posts.

Speaking of, how do you like the new layout? I've been itching to give this place a makeover because I haven't had the chance to change the layout since I launched the blog on October 31st, 2010. Once you cringe when you see your blog, you know it's time for the layout to go. I loved the old Samhain Moon so very much, but it was time for a change. Sometimes you outgrow your favorites, and when you realize it, it's time to change your blog layout to fit the new you. This feels great! I love how big and bold it is. Hopefully it'll be respected.

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