Today we are going to be taken into the world of Danny Hirajeta of the Iron Clown Studios. He made this tarot deck as a labor of love, and has said it was an emotional journey for himself. As I thumbed through the cards, I felt myself going deeper and deeper into somebody’s personal abyss, a rabbit hole of wonders and secrets.
I found out about the Hirajeta Tarot through Tumblr. Someone posted about it, which piqued my curiosity and sent me on a mission to find the online presence for the Iron Clown Studios. The first card I saw from this deck was the Page of Wands, it caught my curiosity. The second card I saw was the King of Cups, which sold the deck for me. Incidentally, the King of Cups was the first card in the shrink-wrap when I took the deck out of the packaging. Little coincidences like that make me smile.

Something very cool about this deck is that it came with its own custom artwork on the packaging. It makes you feel special to know somebody has taken time out of their busy life to craft something beautiful for you. I have photographed them for your enjoyment, and now house the black and white artwork in a black lace frame on my desk. Magic!

Later on he told me that one is an image of Lilith that came to him during a meditation.

The card stock is premium quality, and it fans out like a dream. I really like that the backs are black and so are the borders. When you fan them out, you get this really electric looking current of yellow accents over black. The card backs are gorgeous too!

When I went through the deck the first time to get acquainted with the artwork, I was surprised to find the minors were in progressive pips. Easy enough to work with! My favorite suits is that of Cups, with the Cups icons pointing out different parts of the heart. It reminded me of medical illustrations, but clearly with a divinatory twist. So clever!

The Major Arcana are different from any you’ve likely seen before. They are loosely based on RWS traditions, if you really want to, but I don’t think that does them justice. If you limit the concepts to a strictly RWS tradition, you may be limiting the messages that you can get from them. These cards stand on their own and have a lot of value to add to any reader’s level of experience. The Majors really come alive for me, and will give you lots to take from them if you are attentive. Little details go a long way in this deck, and there is so much new and yet relevant material here, that I really suggest spending some more time with the deck.

When you project into these cards, you visit a world of dreams… and nightmares. How you interact with them will be giving you a sense of direction not only with the tarot, but also with your life. The Hirajeta Tarot gives you the option to walk between parallel dimensions, and you can also tap into a secret world in which your higher self is resonating. The best part is that it sprung into being as curated from an artist that has experience and is really tapping to his higher consciousness. It is a powerful work tool for anyone that treats it as such.

What I really like about this deck is that the stylization and narration style gives me such refreshing new insights. It feels like I’ve got a lot of new material to work with, and the best part about it is that it is very coherent — no, — eloquent. I feel that the answers I get are relevant because I let this deck tell me what it needs to, rather than forcing it to say what anyone would take from it when following directions from traditional tarot deck meanings. That would do this deck a huge disservice. I recommend instead grabbing a black notebook and drawing impressions the cards give you, then piecing together a story in written form. Journal entries with this deck could take you pretty far out into a transcending mindset.

♡ What is your most important characteristic:
The Sun. I survived all the tests through time, and now I’m here in the open. I have been breathed life into, and now I stand on my own with pride and with assurance. I transcend. You will find in me a mix of cultures and stories that are very much presented in a new light; relatable and powerful.

♡ What are your strengths as a tarot deck?
The Magician. I cover all aspects of divination and spiritual practices. I cover all the facets of life from creation to the end to new beginnings in divine cycles. I imploreyou tap into your intuition through all your senses, enlisting them to go someplace you maybe haven’t consciously been at before. Trust your intuition and you can go great lengths.
I was brought into being through creative visions.

♡ What are your limits?
Judgement. When taken in a literal sense, Judgment covers bias. If you allow yourself to remain in a mundane perception and mindset, that is where you stay. You could get many calls to action, but not realize it if you are not tuned into those frequencies. In order to receive a message fully, you must be open and willing to invest effort. It could make you stand out from the masses of people that don’t listen to their intuition and are not working towards connecting to their higher selves.

♡ What are you here to teach me?
The Moon. Intuition is a powerful tool, and it is not mean to be controlled or harnessed. Those who do, are not learning to harmonize with their darkness and are upsetting the natural balance of things. The Hirajeta Tarot, if used productively, can help you tap and tune into your most basic instincts. It can help you hone in on skills you might not realize that you have because you have previously not had the chance to work on it.

If you are an intuitive, you will learn about the depths of your most essential state and you will find how much more clear the colors are when you can see through cleaner lenses. There is so much beauty in the light that shines within all of us. [Did you know the pineal gland is the only organ in our bodies that actually glows?]

♡ How can I best learn to collaborate with you?
King of Swords. I can be stern and I can be brisk. You will have to get used to hearing the facts as they are. I will not sugarcoat or decorate situations for you to make them easier to digest. The truth that comes out in a factual way is a powerful tool for you to work through your situations. Take pride in your words, and know that when you speak you are casting spells. The way in which you express yourself clearly defines directions your life will go in the future, and is thus a very powerful aspect of your life.

♡ What is the potential outcome of our working relationship?
Seven of Cups. You will season different parts of your intuition and your emotions. Yes, the heart is just a muscle, but it is responsible for all the things flowing right in our bodies.

If we figuratively feed our souls different substances to saturate our hearts, we could poison ourselves. In moderate quantities but still enough of a dose, we can find inspiration and we can find our emotions will be lucid. Too much of a good thing can tarnish and confuse as well, so seek moderation in intake and let your heart be your compass.

♡ Which card do you want to show off?
The Fool. The element of surprise is sometimes a necessity when you seek the advantage. Keep things fresh for yourself, don’t fall into comfort zones. When you constantly challenge yourself, you challenge your inner demons and insecurities to work with them. You don’t always know how it will turn out, but having the courage to get into it shows a commitment to better yourself. This can be your first step.

♡ How do you see me?
Ace of Cups. A vessel of emotions that enlists intuition. A lover of all, worker for the well-being of others. You hold inside you a great responsibility, to inspire yourself as well as others in self-love and self-empowerment. Intuition is a great responsibility when you have others relying on you for answers in your day-to-day craft. Keep the harmony and the compassion, because giving too much away can sometimes desensitize if you don’t nurture yourself as well. You can be so transparent that others see the feelings you harbor, and if you don’t protect that sacredness, you could be taken advantage of for being vulnerable.

♡ How do you see yourself?
Knight of Swords. I don’t mess around. I can handle even the most difficult circumstances when I am on duty, and you won’t see me falter. I am clear on all counts and dive into whatever challenges are presented. At times when everything else seems cloudy or hard to identify, I don’t lose my shape. I am a warrior.

All those majors! And all the minors are Cups or Swords. Emotion versus logic.

This deck is excellent to use for spell work, meditation and as a prompt to project somewhere outside of yourself, into space or into another dimension. While being relevant to our diverse cultures and day-to-day situations, this deck speaks to me in a very metaphysical way. I’m sure I will come to use it during séances, reflections and high magic rituals. It is very versatile in its uses, and for that I think it is successful. Anyone who practices magic and divination should have this in their collection.

I recommend putting this deck, card by card, under your pillow to prompt dreams. I love using evocative decks to prompt tarot dreams, and look forward to the next 78 nights of intuitive archetypes crawling through my dreams.

Danny Hirajeta, thank you so much! I really resonate with this deck, and the experiences I have had with it so far have been very magical. I hope that this review does your work justice.

You can find Iron Clown Studios at Facebook, Tumblr and DeviantArt.

Please endorse this artist’s work if you resonate with the review. His work is visceral.


  1. May I ask where you were able to purchase this deck?

    1. http://ironclownstudios.tumblr.com/

      You are writing to Danny Hirajeta of Iron Clown Studios. Tell him Monica Laura sent you! : )