Ona has done it again! I went back to her Etsy shop and put in a request for two bags and a spread cloth.

It’s a huge treat for me whenever I can get something custom done for my work tools. Not only does it personalize my craft, it also gives me something to admire. My card collection and I are already inseparable, but if you add lovely pouches to the mix I’ll never want to part from them!

A few years ago I got two bags and a spread cloth made. I have since received many compliments on those items, and they have become staples of my work life. I decided to get another set with custom bags for special decks, the Greenwood Tarot and Hello Kitty Tarot.

This bad looks and feels special. The print has flowers and birds in it with golden ink outlines that shimmer in the light. On the inside, it has teal lining in shantung. It fits my Greenwood like a love and shows off a print that directly relates to how I feel about it.

This one was a challenge to get a bag for. I didn’t want something with Kitty all over it, and felt that the interior was equally as hard to decide on as the exterior. I just wish it had some of the same celestial fabric on the front of the pouch below the fold. Still, a gorgeous pouch to own! The pink makes me think of kitten ears on the inside. Cute!

My working cloth has faded from use and from the sun, so I had another one made. It’s so vivid, so colorful. It’s really lovely, I just wish the fabric was in another orientation so the positioning of the elements would make more sense. However, easily fixed during photos by using smaller cards and changing the orientation of the cloth!

I see these items and smile. They make my working life much, much better. Her creations are stunning.

These card pouches are delightful! I hope you have enjoyed the gallery. If you wish to browse selections or have Ona make you something, visit her Etsy shop. I thoroughly recommend her!!! Thank you, Ona!

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