Ever since my first year living outside of Puerto Rico, I have frequented Renaissance Faires. I fell in love with the environment that these events provide, because it encourages freedom of expression and builds a forum for people to talk about things they wouldn’t usually talk about. That is, when they’re not immersed in the circuit of working these events. I feel like they all know one another!
The first time I went to one, it blew my mind. I met people that were friendly and were open to talking about where their beautiful outfits came from, or how they came to be. They housed naughty natures, free from modesty and also free from censorship. It’s an open environment, and it’s always very fun. Living in Puerto Rico again after college meant that I wouldn't have access to these events anymore, and I missed them dearly. However, once I moved back to the states, a delightful plus was to be able to go to these events again. I never miss them, just like I never miss the Steampunk Symposium.

For a second consecutive year, I was able to go and meet my club friends there. Life is more sweet when you’re accompanied by people you care about. This time around, it was Crystal, Justin, Kaity, Sebastian, and I. I saw Starr there, and met a few people on my own. Every now and then I go off on my own to have an adventure; I thoroughly recommend it!

These are all my friends together. They happen to be split into families. I'm the only single one, but you'd be surprised at how little it matters save for the fact our day-to-day during the week is different. They're a very loving group!

A lot has changed since I came to this event last year. A friend I went with last year has parted ways. This event marks a time in my life when I'm about to go through huge turning points, and this year is no exception. It's like the shedding of dead skin. There's something therapeutic about stepping out of your usual routines and going to an event that takes you back in time, to another place. For a day, you cease to be your usual self. You can be anyone you want, really!

Whether you know people or not, Faire is a wonderful place to be social. Staff and patrons alike will engage you in conversation. I even found myself giving somebody a complimentary tarot reading on the spot after she whispered for her husband that she intended to get one. The bond that was forged between the two of us transcended the bounds of time we were there. I experienced quantum time with her! Sadly, I didn't get a chance to take a photo of my client. I decided it best to leave the memory as a private moment in time.

I also into Starr, Tara's mom. Encountering her always reminds me of the Ringling days, and my crazy adventures with Charlo. My head spins with memories of my first Ren Fair, which I sadly don't have an entry to link you back to. The event happened in 2008, and I did not yet have this blog! If I scavenge through LJ long enough, I might find some photos. Good old days!

For this reason alone I may never stop frequenting the Faire. It triggers so many feel good moments in my psyche, and always takes me back to a pure state of bliss. I am currently working on a pirate outfit, decorating a hat that I got. It's so big on my head that it covers my eyebrows entirely, but I like the shaded look. I think all I am missing is a convincing top jacket, or perhaps the proper jewelery. Also, a set of black leather boots.

I had a lot of fun and took some photos to illustrate the adventure for you. Hope you enjoy the gallery!

When I first started frequenting Ren Faires, I would hover around the tarot reading booths and day dream of working there someday. Perhaps in the foreseeable future I will apply to get my own booth. It’s nice to dream...

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  1. Reasons number 9,000X I want to move away from here and be able to go to these wonderful events ! <3