Lately I want to sweep my hand across the desk and push out all my cards, books and journals. So much noise! I can’t concentrate. I want only silence and cards. No more noise and no more clutter!

It’s a delight to be able to have a space dedicated entirely to musings, as it is often conductive to creativity and inspiration. It is in such spaces that my favorite ideas have blossomed, and this blog happened to start with one of those ideas. Throughout the years I have accumulated goals that currently sleep in my sketchbooks, waiting for their day to be made manifest into the world, and touching the lives of others.

Sometimes I have piles of pertinent books to my study on my desk, or perhaps journals and day planners with post-its of endless to-do lists. I’m very susceptible to how loaded or not household objects get, since I’m well versed in the practical use of psychometry. Having so many things jiving at my work space makes for more stress and distraction than I’d like. It also gets really noisy in my head, I can feel all the things I’ve told myself I’ve yet to do. When you’re trying to focus, picking up on these nuances can be quite distracting.

I’ve been in need of a change for a while, but I really didn’t realize it. Along the same time the full moon in Scorpio was in effect, those issues started surfacing. I was living with a room mate that intended to act as if he lived alone, while living with me. It’s been a gradual process, but we both outgrew the situation and I got really tired of having to tip toe around my own living room. I was paying half of the rent and kitchen and music hours were restricted, then I was being made to feel as if I was crashing on the couch. Finally, I realized I was cleaning his girlfriend’s dirty dishes and juice glasses week after week. I hadn’t been able to use my park spot several weekends in a row. Finally, it all came to the point where I wasn’t willing to put up with it anymore. I talked to him about it, but found myself feeling like the space around me wasn’t welcoming anymore.. I’ve been taking all of this, and on top of that I get yelled at? Nope!

I applied for a one bedroom, got approved and put in my thirty days notice.


Throughout this entire process, I’ve been going inwards. Reflecting, pulling cards feverishly, talking myself out of feeling inadequate for having found myself in this situation. It made me feel grateful to have so many tools lying around in drawers, ready to use and to reflect on.

Today I pledge to switch out the piles for candles and crystals when I move into my new apartment. I want my work space to be a sacred space for inspiration and meditation, rather than a terminal for transient energies.

I’m going to start by finding another cabinet to put all of my decks in, so as to keep them safely houses and give myself another surface to set up an altar on. I want the room I spend my time in to be conductive to concentration: silence and cards. An occasional cup of tea as well.

I get my keys in a few days. Cheers to silence, and cards.

If you want to share photos of your tarot reading work spaces, I’d love to see! We all live in such different places, that seeing where the magic happens is truly pretty inspiring.

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