This night was a very big treat. I got to go into a really beautiful and intimate historic venue to witness a very special concert. I almost didn’t get to go because the tickets were sold out within three minutes of going on sale. I had let go some better seats on accident, but admit that the seats I had were very much to my liking. I had a great view of the stage and I felt close. It was honestly not easy to have a bad view unless you were in the very last row, in which case you could jump ship and stand at the very front to enjoy the show.

As soon as he came on, a smile was on my face. I love any incarnation of the band: Depeche Mode, Dave Gahan’s solo music, Martin L Gore’s solo music. They are all three different entities, but I love all of them also. They are all wonderful music projects offering quality music. I can appreciate that they mix genres and that it’s not just Synthpop. We need the variety.

The sound was great, the performance was also very powerful. I could appreciate the theme to the concert being about faith and finding light in dark times. It really spoke to me personally and I am so thankful that I could make it. It was so beautiful! Moved to tears!

The music was deep. I didn’t feel it was ultimately meant to be a religious experience because of all the metaphors and of course all the feelings being poured out. INCREDIBLE live show!!

As the concert progressed, the music got faster. I started to scream when he played Kingdom, which is one of my favorite songs off his solo music project. He played two of his own songs before he busted out two Depeche Mode songs. I felt like that place was going to cave in from the excitement that the crowd surged. They crowned the night off with Walking In My Shoes. I heard Martin L Gore was in the crowd, as we had imagined he would be there to support Dave Gahan. I wonder what it was like for him to hear those songs live.

They as a band support one another and I love that. I especially love that even though it was not a Depeche Mode concert, they treated the Depeche Mode fans with something. As a big Depeche Mode fan myself, I have to say it definitely made me happy. But I want to clarify that to me, it wasn’t a night about Depeche Mode. I respect Martin L Gore and Dave Gahan as artists and enjoy their music, whether they perform together or on their own. They are amazing and I resonate with their music.

Something that I noticed and loved is how they reworked some of the songs to fit the Soulsavers vibe and the theme of the night. He re-worked some of his songs to include the choir, and even Walking In My Shoes had some added elements to it. I think about the work that must have been put into it, and it made me enjoy the songs more because of it. It was modified, tailored to the experience of that night… and that made it personal.

♡ In the Morning
♡ Shine
♡ You Owe Me
♡ Tempted
♡ Tonight
♡ All of This and Nothing
♡ Presence of God
♡ Just Try
♡ Don't Cry
♡ The Last Time
♡ Take Me Back Home
♡ My Sun

♡ Kingdom
♡ Dirty Sticky Floors
♡ Condemnation
♡ Walking In My Shoes

They had some mean choristers in the back and the guitarist was excellent. Seeing this quality music performance in such a beautiful venue was such a treat.

Some people were being overly enthusiastic during the performance, screaming louder than anybody else, especially when Dave chose to shake his hips during guitar solos. The lady next to us kept repeating “Yeah baby shake that ass, I love you!” After the show, I heard her commenting “I didn’t know any of the songs but I liked the Depeche Mode ones.”


It wasn’t a Depeche Mode show, but rather a special event by another band. They put out a song video and interviews before the show to have people understand it is a different venture altogether. I feel like people were expecting to see more Depeche Mode songs being performed. I felt like this show was much more Dave Gahan than anything. He looked so excited when he was performing HIS songs live. The energy in him was so different, even though he is an excellent showman and had energy all throughout the night. I could appreciate him as an artist and respect him for having the courage to pursue his love for music on his own, because what he is doing is authentic to him and it is an opportunity to get people to warm up to other genres. The music is the same high quality, so it’s definitely something we need more of to embrace variety.

If you purchase a ticket to see Dave Gahan and Soulsavers, you are purchasing a ticket to see a quality band. The name on the ticket was not Depeche Mode, and if you go to a show like that, you should be open to a different experience. I was, and I walked out of there smiling so wide I felt my lips would pop.

Please endorse side projects of artists you admire, it helps support them in their creative ventures.

Photos compliments of Yahoo Live Music.

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