If there is a blog I need to credit for inspiring me to carry on with Samhain Moon when I am losing steam, it’s this one. I loved seeing how well the clients and friends respond to his blog, and a specially how well thought out his content is.

This blog stands out with its routinely layout re-designs, personal photos and especially the quality content. Steve Bright is very transparent with his readings and in explaining the personal connection of the cards to his life. He is creative when it comes to cards and fabrics, and his life is interesting to read about. I love the introspection about how he got started reading. Pretty much all the memories he has shared have amused or inspired me. He also publishes great reviews!

As you read his blog, you feel as if you are reading someone’s personal journal. I also enjoy reading anecdotes others post in the comments section of his blog.

I reached out to Steve with some curiosities, and today we share his reflections with you.

♡ Tell me about the concept behind the Dark Beach Oracle?
The Dark Beach was born while I was working within the fashion industry. One of my jobs, as part of a design team, was to create fashion stories for the next seasons in store. We’d research the catwalk shows via trend prediction websites to see which styles and themes were coming through from the big designers. Though I worked in ladieswear at the time, my real passion was for menswear, which I’d graduated in and eventually moved into, so I would also spend my spare time looking at the new moods developing in that area. At the time, there was a beach story that didn’t seem to take off. It had a dark surf style, was grungy, and maybe a little too depressing for the high street. It really captured my imagination though.

I started finding images of people and began to manipulate and digitally collage beach scenes and elements together. I intensified and altered the hues of stormy skies and attached them to out-of-control seascapes. I found viscous and hungry seagulls [that wouldn’t have looked out of place in Hitchcock’s The Birds] and spliced bohemian looking women with dark trails in the sand; innocent children were sent crawling into the danger of the seascape. I wanted a deck of images that could describe how this environment could both comfort and kill.

Would you compliment self-made decks you have already started on or finished with an oracle deck?
I have certainly thought about this, more so with my silhouette tarot, The Spirit Within the Shadows Tarot. As I have been working with Lenormand’s of late, I thought I might create a sister deck but I noticed that there are already a substantial amount of Lenormands being created – some of which are based around silhouettes. If I did go down that route, I would create my own system, with my own symbols.

Fragments of an Illusion Tarot is difficult to sell because I use images from a variety of sources and they could infringe copyright. Even though the idea has been on the backburner for a long time, I have often thought about recreating it with my own models. This is something I began to do, using some popular faces from the online tarot community, but up until now, finding time to work on this has been the problem.

♡ Out of all the decks you have made, which one do you resonate with the most?
I have used The Dark Beach Oracle a lot. It speaks to me more than most other card decks, possibly because I created it myself. I can hear the birds, the sea and the calls from its characters when I use it. That deck gets very much under my skin.

The deck has become very fluid, since I have added to it on and off. I brought new cards to it this year, incorporating people I have photographed over the years.

♡ Which card(s) do you associate with now?
Over the years, I have built up a relationship with a handful of cards. Some have fallen away and are less important, but others have remained. The Hermit always remains significant and has become more so as I have grown older. I do enjoy my own company and do not have a great need for lots of company. It is kind of funny really, because while my social media profile has become greater, what I share about myself personally has become greatly reduced. With time, I have become a private person.

♡ Which card(s) are you striving to become or embody?
When I began using the tarot, around eighteen years ago, I was in my twenties, enjoyed going out partying and socializing. I was very much a knight and readily identified with the dreamy Cups suit. At the time, I couldn’t relate to the stuffy Pentacles courts and I have never been materialistic. As I have grown and expanded my horizons, I appreciate the earthy realm much more. I am now a self-employed tarot reader and tutor, so responsibility has become something I have had to take on. I remember doing an exercise of Mary Greer’s once, deducing that the King of Pentacles and I were on opposite ends of the scale. Now, he is someone I relate to and enjoy seeing in my readings.

♡ Which card(s) are you leaving behind?
With maturity, I have become a king in many areas of my life. I have grown up over the last four years and my priorities are different. I always walked hand in hand with The Fool, but these days, I understanding cause and effect much more. I don’t take silly risks so often and consider how my words and actions will manifest when unleashed on the world.

♡ What are some of the projects that you are currently working on for the future?
Over the last year I have taught small beginners classes in tarot. This is something I have enjoyed a lot but it doesn’t always enable me to touch everyone who’d like to learn. I have been slowly working on an online beginners course and have been working with students on an individual basis, both in person and through Skype. Mentoring is enjoyable. While I can teach tarot to a student from the beginning at their own pace, it is also great to respond to specific enquiries. Recently, I helped one person develop custom Angel Card readings for a public event in the U.S. It was a great session, enjoyed by the both of us.

My work with Angel Cards and energies is expanding too. I have started to offer this service on my site. My email readings have been temporarily unavailable for a while but I have started offering them up again, beginning with Angelic Messages – a three card reading, which has been created to comfort and inspire. In many ways, it is different to my tarot readings. It still has practical advice within it but it also links my client to an angelic energy and passes on a relevant and inspiring message. I have had good responses to the reading and I am excited about performing more.

♡ Is there a card archetype you channel through your writing?
I am definitely channeling something when I write but I am not sure that it is a tarot archetype. As a writer, I identify with The Magician. When I write, the words fly through me (sometimes to my surprise) and I feel as though I have touched something out of our physical world. The Magician grounds this energy, which I try to do in my work.

♡ How do you find your daily draws manifest throughout your day?
These days, my daily draws are less for me and more for others. Because of being busy, I will often create the videos the night before so when I publish them in the morning, I sometimes forget what they were about. When this happens, it can be advice for me too, which can sometimes be surprisingly relevant. A lot of people comment on how my Tarot Thoughts videos have meaning for them within their day, which is great to hear. I love to get good feedback.

♡ Do you practice other forms of divination?
I don’t really. I have mediumship experiences, but aside from that, it is just card reading.

Thank you, Steven!

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  1. I really, really wanted a copy of the Spirit Within the Shadows Tarot because the silhouettes were great for bringing things out, for creating the space to read in your mind. Odd that, but it has depth. Still hoping!

    I also wanted to say that I met Steve almost 14 years ago on a forum. In study groups we shared he put the effort in, as did I. Most people simply reiterate what's in the LWB, but we used to devote some energy to study and fresh ideas, often stories. Even with difficult or obscure decks he would spend hours studying and commenting, writing notes and journalling to get a true understanding of the system of each deck.

    Steve continues to do that in both digital and paper study. I don't think I have ever met someone who is so passionate about study with tarot. His personable approach is underpinned by years of work and study, and he plunges onward, continually learning and putting much effort in.