Its been a couple of weeks now since the intimate dinner party at Danny Lohner's beautiful castle house. All of those present that have kept in touch have turned into a little IAMX family of fans that shared a very special moment in time. We've all felt the same way about the event: a private party with our music idols in a beautifully decorated castle house. It was magic! I'm so happy I got to make it to the party.

Now, let's talk about the new album. I've been following its progress closely through Pledgemusic for the last ten months. Every little snippet they shared fed the curiosity. It was like following a trail of clues to a super secret treasure, and now the final product is here. Rejoice!

From the start, the intro sets the mood and the mind set for a transcendental sound experience. I love all the dance elements and the vocals. This is an album best enjoyed in low lights with candles, chocolate and wine. It will take you somewhere. Of course, nothing wrong with listening to it in the car on your drive to and from work, or while you are in the actual process of working. I've given it a test drive at work, and love it!

Metanoia offers some of IAMX’s most personal and expressive music to date. The first new IAMX release in two and a half years, it’s largely the product of a challenging, often harrowing period during which Corner battled, and ultimately prevailed over, a variety of personal demons that caused him to reexamine his personal and artistic priorities—and to briefly consider abandoning music altogether.

“It was a combination of despair and depression and insomnia, and it was very difficult,” Corner explains, “It took me a long time to get through it, but I learned a lot about myself, and I developed a new set of mental tools that allowed me to survive.”

“For about a year, I really thought that music was one of the things that was hurting me psychologically,” he continues. “I went through a lot of therapy, and eventually I realized that it’s all down to my own choices. And I realized that it wasn’t the music that was hurting me, it was just that I had to reprogram myself to approach things in a different way, and it became very clear to me that I still wanted to make music more than ever.”

Corner emerged from this period of intense self-examination with a new attitude towards his role as a musician and artist. He also relocated from Berlin, which had served as the London native’s base since 2008, to the sunnier environs of Los Angeles. The change of scene, and the artist’s renewed enthusiasm, are reflected throughout Metanoia.
As Metanoia demonstrates, Chris Corner has emerged from his personal travails with a renewed sense of musical purpose.

“Making this record has given me a lot of confidence and strength,” he says, adding, “I’m seeing things really clearly now. I see how music nourishes me, and I’ll never let myself forget that. You make your own happiness, and you have to work every day to stay focused on the things that matter.”

—From the IAMX web site

The general consensus of us at the party was that the album was indeed dark, intense and dancey. It's a great 6th piece in the IAMX body of work, and has some elements that I enjoy from Chris Corner's earlier work. This is a beautiful album, a worthwhile listen and an intense personal experience. Metanoia did not disappoint!

The tour is just about to start, and sadly I won't be in town by the time he plays. I'm sure that it will be a lovely experience, and hopefully I can catch videos of his new performances online. For all those that are attending, a treat of an experience awaits! Bring glitter.

I can't encourage you enough to buy a copy and support an artist you'll love. Metanoia has been on repeat ever since I downloaded it this morning. Treasure boxes soon to follow!

Thank you, Chris Corner and all of IAMX!

Photos compliments of the official IAMX social networks and the Pledgemusic site.

Get your own copy for an experience immersed in a lustful dystopian man versus the machine.


  1. I currently have "North Star" stuck on repeat!
    Which one's your favorite so far?!

    I did notice this album is a lot 'smoother' but I'm happy the lyrics are still as strong as ever.

    1. The intro, No Maker Made Me.

      Honestly my favorite song is the Happiness Remix by Gary Numan. He kiiiilled it. Super killed it. Listening to his body of work again makes me appreciate it more and fall in love with it again. I have a playlist right now mashing all of IAMX and the Hybrid album by Gary Numan.

      Honestly, I liked the hard and the soft with the lyrics. He did amazing work and he is very humble about it too.