Imagine life after falling down the rabbit hole: You can’t really tell if what you see is truly there, but in spirit of the mindset you are in, you have to just go with it. It feels like you are losing time, going outside of time and into space. This is where you come when you meditate to find answers. The deck I am reviewing today is the Oliver Hibert Tarot that is being published by Von Zos.

I have never owned a deck like this before.

Laying out a spread is an experience full of energy. There is lots of implied motion in this deck, and as such it is a wonderful tool for meditation. Do a lengthy breathing exercise and envision the borders of the card disappearing, then immerse yourself into it. Interact with the characters therein, experience your own story and have an adventure. I think you will really like getting lost in the cosmic depths of this tarot deck.

The illustration quality of this deck feels nostalgic in style and in psychedelic nature. Whatever your background, you can find a way to connect to this deck. The colors come alive for you, perhaps more than you'd expect, and the surreal figures will delight you… or startle an unsuspecting client. No reading will go without commentary and impression. That’s for sure!

The vibe of this deck is fun but it is also very adult. As somebody who is comfortable using the tarot as a tool, I find that it will bring new things to the table. It clearly follows the Rider-Waite Smith tradition, but it has added elements that give it a total makeover. Oliver Hibert has breathed psychedelic life into this deck of cards. This is what I imagine life looks like after you ingest sarpa salpa fish. While I personally won’t be boxing this deck into acid trip status, no doubt that will appeal to users in the psychedelic community. I would actually think this could be a worthwhile tool to meditate into during an ayahuasca trance, though. All circumstances permitting…

The deck comes with a book and a custom tuck box. The cards are standard size and much thinner than I expected them to be. They are the perfect width! Stacked up they seem to be no more than an inch. There is a faint linen texture on the card stock and they shuffle and fan out perfectly. I love the weight of the card stock, the brightness of the colors and the quality of the illustrations. This is honestly a perfect tarot set.

Picking out my favorites from the deck was really difficult for me because they are all really very incredible works. There are no cards I disagree with in execution. These would look amazing as large framed posters in my living room!

When I read with these cards, I find that the colors actually point out symbols for my intuition to focus on. Depending on the question you are tending to, you will find that color theory applies to the reading and further strengthens the message about real items you use in your life or feelings towards habits. For example, I had a reading in which the Ace of Cups meant alcoholic drinks. As in, when you drink it makes you feel loose. I saw it in the colors, and it made me smile.

Now that I’ve spent more time with them, I have noticed that the repetition of elements (eyeballs, stars, skulls, mushrooms…) and the limited color palette makes it really easy to pull patterns and weave narratives from these cards. They come alive visually when laid out next to one another. I’m impressed at the achievements this tarot deck has made with only a few days of working use. Reading with them is a delight!

These cards are made to leave lasting impressions. I can’t wait to take them to events! My querents are no doubt going to be in for a surprise. Without further ado, let's ask the cards what they think.

What is your most important characteristic?
Justice. I see and know everything, but I am fair. Sometimes I will act with aggression, and yet sometimes I will show mercy. It is not at all personal, but the facts are the facts and we lay them down as they are. You see pretty colors, but this is a serious tarot deck and you should of course take it as one.

What are your strengths as a tarot deck?
King of Wands. I like to inspire as well. The task of fortune telling embodies many personalities, and traits of those personalities have traits that either clash or harmonize. I sport my colors with pride, a nod towards tradition but also the sign that I can take what already existed before and make it my own. You can see the same old system in a fresh, new way.

What are your limits?
Page of Wands. I am new, and in many ways still getting to know myself. This journey is one of passion, and at least that I do not go without. I am a tool for sight and a tool for inspiring creativity, but the source of creativity is actually in the reader. They will have to learn to read the colors and the magic based off how far they can stretch their own limits.

What are you here to teach me?
Queen of Wands. I am here to teach you how to harness your creativity and listen to your intuition. Feel the way the colors and the energy radiate through you, simultaneously resonating with life and forming a very organic web that is you. In time you come to recognize the energies as feelings and divine sense of knowing, from experience and from intuition.

How can I best learn to collaborate with you?
Temperance. When you work with these cards, mix them all together in the layout. Draw associations form color, direction and from elements present throughout various cards. Look for patterns or movement from one card to another to draw your conclusions. Keep a steady eye as you imagine the borders disappear and these cosmic terrains coming together. Keep it all in one place and you'll notice there is a message in the madness, conjured only for you.

What is the potential outcome of our working relationship?
Six of Cups. The relationship with the cards will feel familiar. It will be like seeing an old friend after many years, and finding out they got a makeover. A really, really wild makeover. In essence, all that you love about your friend is there... but now there are fun added elements that make the experience more current and the relationship one of rediscovery. Be open to new experiences with this deck.

Which card do you want to show off?
Ace of Swords. A symbol of strength and of self assurance. This card comes out as pride, or being proud of a most tedious achievement in breathing life into a new project. The sweat drops on the hand make me smile because it shows hard labor put into the project, as well as a sense of: Here I am. These cards were conceptualized to perfection, and now they have a life of their own.

How do you see me?
Judgement. The one who calls others to action. The one that points out what needs to change, what is working in any given situation and what will remain.

When I saw that giant mouth with teeth in the cosmos, I laughed. That's pretty intense and it says a lot...

How do you see yourself?
Nine of Cups. I feel good. I have a lot to offer to those who will listen; stories will be woven coming from the past and soon to influence the future. I come with beauty, surrealism and shock value to offer some of the most insightful days you will have to date with your cards. I am a wish come true for all those of you who had the need to be met. Now you can count on me to fill your life with color and magic.

Pre-orders are now open at Von Zos. They will be shipping out by February 2016, though, so please keep that in mind when ordering. A worthwhile investment for the serious collector of tarot cards. This deck will make a wonderful gift for a tarot enthusiast or art lover. The illustrations would look wonderful in all kinds of merchandise, but I want to thank Oliver Hibert for the wonderful and necessary contribution to the tarot community.

We needed this deck! Thank you so much!! And thank you Von Zos for making this deck available.

Edit: My deck is not up for sale.

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