Ever since I was very little, I felt a compulsion to fill white spaces with color and feeling. My Granmother got me my first coloring book and encouraged me to practice tracing as well as use of color. I went to college for Graphic + Interactive Communication, but took courses in Illustration. It was very hard for me to choose my major, because I wanted to work on the computer, but I also had a very strong passion for a hands-on approach to sketchbooks and color pencils, or acrylics.

Being approached by Susan of Everyday Icons was a treat! It had been years since I designed candles. I found her concept endearing and very relevant, because intention is what fuels candles best. Her candles are powerful, but they’re also jolly. I resonated with that. Even though I wasn't hired to do a total rebrand, I was hired to illustrate the candle. I did add some personal touches also to her already established visual system.

Strangely enough, a bout a week or so before Susan wrote to me, I had started gravitating towards religious iconography and illustrations. There was an “Icons” label in my “Inspiration” folder that had over 20 illustrations saved. I was delighted to hear from her, collaborations are always a treat. I love working with people!

Whenever I approach a project now, I give myself time to research the subject and make lists after the first client meeting. I follow up with making collage mood boards on the computer of the style and color values that are likely to be worked with. When inspiration hits, I play ambient music and allow myself to become an open channel of creativity. After 3-5 sketches have been completed, I take a break and come back to it the next day. When those are done, they are sent out. At times they are re-worked until they fit the client’s needs. Most of the time, when I work for myself, I have a very good idea of where the project will go. Sometimes, projects end up evolving as they are being worked on, and the end result is a surprise. The creative process is very organic, and merits patience in order to reach desired outcomes.

The way I approach all my projects is by reminding myself I want to breathe life into an idea. I like my work to be whimsical but still serious, and I believe the most important part of it is to make people smile. After that, the work takes a life of its own.

Working on the candle was a very meditative process for me. I envisioned the personification of a digital dynamic as a holy entity and set out to draw portraits that were evocative of the feeling I channeled. I was happy with all three concepts I presented the client, and would have been equally happy had any of the other concepts been chosen instead.

Getting back into vectoring illustrations was very therapeutic for me. The candle didn’t take very long to illustrate. The whole process was finished in under a month. Magic!

I absolutely loved working with Susan, who is every bit as lovely and lighthearted as the products in her company. I strongly recommend you check out Everyday Icons! They make wonderful gifts indeed!

I have to be honest with you, I absolutely love the design of this candle. It is simple, but it gets the message across and it is definitely a good example of my work as an Illustrator. Every time I catch glimpses of my candle in my bedroom and in my living room, it makes me smile. I gave the third of the candles away to my Mom. she loves it.

Should you be interested in a price check or an exchange of ideas, please contact me. I am open to creative projects in design branding, logo work and illustration. And I love working with clients to bring their ideas into manifestation!!!

Stop by the Everyday Icons shop for holiday gifts and personal treats. There is great variety there and I endorse their products! You can buy the candle I designed here.