My friend Tina Constantine aka Lady Nocturne is a Graphic Designer living in Puerto Rico. On her spare time she dreamed up a Zodiac editorial series which I want to share with you. I love how sexy some of these can be while still being classy. Great work! I have some amazingly talented friends!

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I have decided to complete one year of horoscopes devoted to each zodiac sign. I offer personalized Annual Review readings at my Samhain Moon Etsy shop. It is a very popular reading on this blog and in my work life, and now I am offering all 12 signs of the zodiac their own loose horoscope calendar to refer to.

January. Queen of Coins. From what I gather, the projection gets kicked off with abundance and self-assurance. Being your birthday month, it seems you will lack for nothing in his this time. Quite the contrary, you will feel in control of things and ready for whatever life has to offer.

This card seems to be chasing me around lately.

February. Ten of Swords.
Ouch! What happened to your sense of stability?

February poses to be a challenge. In this month you are likely to face bad news. Try not to allow yourself to be dragged into something that is going to slow you down. This is not the month to make big decisions. Rather, it is the month to take it easy and to allow life to sort things out for you. NOT a time to test fate!

March. Five of Cups.
I feel like this month is building upon the previous one. There may still be some leftover feelings of disappointment going on, and that’s natural. When something like this happens, the best thing to do is to acknowledge that the loss hurt before proceeding with your life.

April. Judgment.
This is a rough shake up, the kind of impulse that hits everything in sight and knocks anything in its way, out. The vibe this month gives is that it completely rearranges your life according to what you may have missed out before.

May. Knight of Coins.
Everything is reestablished and set now. You don’t need to worry about things going out of whack, or having to deal with last-minute problems. Take it easy and reorganize yourself.

June. Nine of Swords.
Try not to listen to what other people are saying this month, as it could be a major cause for concern. Try instead to allow anything that may be worrying you to exit your life. If you pay attention, you will only come to regret that you did. Be smart about it!

July. Ten of Cups.
You made it through! This month is a month of acceptance and receiving. Accept love, and give it back as well. I find that some of the bed things in life are those that are given with love and understanding. Above you lie all of the possibilities of where your life can go. Whether or not you are shaping yourself according to the past or building your own future, it is a good one.

August. Ace of Swords.
Cut away from doubt and seek only clarity. Stand firm. Be ready to defend your ideas or self should somebody else disagree. Nobody has the right to tell you what to do, and you will be reminding them of that. Clear communication without any rodeos.

September. King of Swords.
This month is echoing the one prior. We see here that if important decisions need to be made, you will have to be focused and you can’t allow yourself to be intimidated by anyone. Make sure you are expressing yourself exactly as you mean to, because others could misread you.

October. The Chariot.
Often times when we are town between two alternatives, we forget that we also have other options. If you are keeping this dynamic going, it may be a sign that you need a break from the automated routine. If you can’t keep your affairs in synchronized order, you may need to try a new approach.

November. Ace of Wands.
A hint! Or perhaps a refreshing burst of energy makes itself present to motivate you. Inspire yourself an gather your energies to go in pursuit of a new venture. When the creativity strikes, you have a newfound sense of purpose to keep on with.

December. Page of Wands.

Follow the light that your inspiration points out for you, seek an improvement and a sense of purpose for yourself. Once you know which direction you want to go in, you just need to dive in.

Clarifier. Strength.
A lot of what you seem to struggle with this year seems self discipline. Know when you need to buckle down and hold back from following impulses. They won’t do you any good.

This reading winds down with a punch of electricity and energy to motivate you to push to new lengths. Break all the boundaries and push for the next level. You’ll get there!
I hope you will enjoy!

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