I bought this deck a long time ago and haven’t been able to write about it yet. I missed the publication date and ended up going with other subjects. That’s life! This is so close to the tarot deck that I have been dreaming of making for years.

When I first received this package, I was confused. the book arrived in a plastic sleeve with a box attached to the back. The box was completely covered by the plastic on all sides, so I had to cut off the plastic sleeve to retrieve the cards, which were also sealed. At least this ensures that they arrive pristine!

As I looked through the deck for the first time, I felt excited. It was hard to tell which cards I liked better until I ran over my three signifiers of the tarot: High Priestess, The Moon and Queen of Swords. Perfect! My favorite cards of the deck are also my signifiers!

Since I can’t read Korean, I can’t tell you much about the history of this deck. Or who made it. I can tell you, though, that it is just the right size for my small hands to overhand shuffle without straining my fingers too much. The cards are glossy and slick. They fan out with ease and the stock of the paper bends ever so slightly. I don’t mind that too much because the cards will get enough use that they rectify. The sheen of the cardstock is almost semi-matte. It’s not at all like the plastic coating you would see on others. The card stock yields a bit of a bend. I find it very sturdy.

A strange I found is that instead of using a crayfish or lobster, the artist depicted a scorpion. It really threw me off at first, in my mind’s eye I try to change it into a crayfish or lobster.

The illustrations are gorgeous. They are dreamy and whimsical without being too fantastic, which I appreciate. There is a softness in the illustrations that only few can capture. It gives the deck a delicate sense of being, and reminds me of nostalgic elements in illustration that helped me bond with this deck. I find it so crazy-beautiful!

The artist uses color without fear, allowing for vibrant compositions. I enjoy the use of pattern and the employment of flowers in the deck. All of the flowers in the deck lend themselves for interpretation by type and grouping.


♡  What is your most important characteristic? The Moon.
Intuition without harness. What you get out of reading tarot is not likely through a textbook, but through practice and experience. As such, dream wildly and tread those dreams. The product is rewarding for an oneironaut.

What are your strengths as a tarot deck? Five of Swords.
Even in times of loss and struggle, there will be a lesson to be learned for the victor and the loser. No matter which side you are on, you must be open to learning the lessons that are being outlined for you. That’s life.

What are your limits as a tarot deck? Death.
There are some things you just can’t change; reading tarot won’t change your life. If you listen well enough. though, you will be able to accept the loss and learn from it. Once the mourning is done, it is time to pick up and move on with caution.

What are you here to teach me? The World.
Funny, as the end of the Major Arcana, the World is all about celebrating your accomplishments. This means to accept opportunities as they present themselves, to be positive and to surrender to the grand scale of things. There are positive forces at play everywhere, and the universe conspires in your favor. I don’t like to decorate my readings with brimming positivity all the time, but this is exactly what the card makes you feel.

How can I best learn to collaborate with you? Three of Wands.
Wait. Be patient in getting acquainted with these cards. I see a reflection of the life of flowers in this card. You have to wait for flowers to grow from the moment of germination, and I see a parallel between flower life spans and the time it takes to get to know a deck.

What is the potential outcome of our working relationship? Four of Wands.
Building something takes time. If you take your time to build something worthwhile, it will be beneficial in the end. There is potential here for more.

What is your favorite card? Page of Swords.
The young page with a sword. Speak-easy, ready to dive into a situation. The roses here match those in the Three of Swords. They are the chosen flower of the suit.

How do you see me? Six of Wands.
Young at heart, but forward-going and backed up. When you have a band of support, you can do anything.

How do you yourself? Three of Swords.
Finding beauty even in times of pain. When people are most vulnerable, a touch of beauty can ease the senses and cushion that pain. What a strong sense of mourning this card has, with the pink roses as a noticeable contrast. They offer solace.

I really enjoy this tarot deck, and have opted to try it out for personal readings only. It has since then become very hard to find, and I am secretly kicking myself for not having attained a backup copy when they were still available.


  1. This is such a pretty deck - can you remember where you bought it from? Not that it seems I have a chance of getting it... Do you know of any other decks with a similar artwork style?

    1. Hi!

      I got it on Ebay two years ago.

      Similar decks would be the Nusantara Tarot, Hanson Roberts Tarot... and that's it. There really aren't very many decks that look like this. Try baby_dream on Ebay and Hollywoodkat2004.

    2. Thank you so much for responding to me! I will look into your suggestions.

  2. Where did you buy the Floweriness Tarot? I`m crazy looking for this deck!!!

    1. Got it on Etsy a few years back. It was originally published in Korea, and comes in the back of a tarot book.