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On October 13th, I rolled up to The Regent Theater to see IAMX perform live. I have been to a VIP dinner party to meet them before, as well to a previous concert at Complex. But I wouldn't have missed the opportunity to see them live again if I could help it. During their Metanoia tour, I happened to be back home so I had missed the show.

I was so excited when they came out. They had some sound problems, but the energy was so great throughout the entire show. Chris, Janine and Sammi really rocked it. They really left their souls on the stage, and the crowd loved them for it. Towards the end of the concert, all these people climbed up on stage and group hugged the band. It was a very nice moment, full of love. Very different from the crowd, though. People got territorial towards each other and had no problem pushing or shoving.

I wish I had my friends around to enjoy the experience with. I went on my own, but I still had the experience I came for: an experience with my favorite musicians, feeling the songs that have play listed my life played one after the other. I feel so grateful to live here, with the opportunities to see my favorite artists perform live. I've even had the chance to meet some of my idols, with clumsy conversations and at times with tears in my eyes.

Being moved by music turns into a spiritual experience. Any time I hear these songs that I am so in love with, I feel like they become a part of me. Or rather, I am woven into the life the song breathes, just as all the other fans of the band are. In being able to see past all the hype you can find a close community of souls touched by beautiful music.

At some point during the last five songs, Chris Corner took a dive for the crowd and landed on me. I was so stunned that I didn't know what to do for the first few seconds, so I helped him stay up and eventually pushed him on into the crowd. Later that night, I noticed some dark stains on my hands and arms. When I looked in the mirror, I realized that I had his body paint and glitter all over my face. I blushed so hard out of shock. All the people that I ran into after the show neglected to mention it.

Please enjoy my blurry cell phone photos. I really only put them up to commemorate the event. I was so close to the band, but more focused on having fun than on taking photos for memory keeping. Usually when I see live music, I stand still. This night I was jumping and dancing, and getting mystery make up on my face. My head was spinning from all the sensory overload and from the shock of seeing Chris incoming during his crowd surf. It stunned me. I walked out of the venue happy, took some time to talk to other friends that were there and went home to cold sheets and restful sleep. That night I felt so much gratitude for living a life of magic and advnture in Los Angeles.

I saw Opeth live last night and I am still absorbing how amazing that show was. Mikael and company really blew us all away.

Tomorrow is my birthday, and I'm too excited catching up on my responsibilities to think about celebrating. Next week I am bound for Paris, France!!

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