I had the most wonderful book come into my collection this week and I am living for it! It is the Book of Tarot Spreads by Rose of The Cackling Moon and it is the best! Part of what makes working with it so enjoyable is knowing how much of a personal journey it took to create these spreads.

Rose has a lot of talent as an intuitive reader and she has been developing her skills to offer more than just tarot readings. When I first found out about her, I was impressed with her abilities because they were natural. They aren’t at all standard readings because she is tuned into her higher power and into the spirit world, which makes her work transcend into a deeper level of understanding clients and their life cycles. I identify and resonate with the steps in her journey, because all of the synchronicity in her life is purposeful. She educates people starting on their own journey in her Tumblr blog, and makes herself very accessible to her fans.

Rose’s readings are very motivational as well, she leaves you with journal prompts to think about as well as with some suggestions of what you can do to work with your choices. All of this is delivered in a thoughtfully designed PDF or in an exciting video reading. You can find her Youtube channel here.

The design of this book makes me very happy. The colors are delightful to look at overall and the card templates are genius. The textures give it a metaphysical / inner mind / inner world feel that delights, and the format of the book reads well. You won’t have trouble reading anything; it’s all perfectly legible even with the use of a display type face. And it looks gorgeous! Printing these pages out to put in a tarot binder will delight you throughout the day and likely call the attention of your curious friends.

It seems to me that the book gains momentum. It starts you off with a series of 3 card spreads, and then it builds up to spreads of 7 cards. I tend to see 3 card spreads as quick go-to spreads, and larger spreads as the ones to spend time with and look over carefully. The positions though make the answer more clear. You can likely piece together coherent answers without taking too much time to figure out why a card landed in that part of the spread. There is plenty of variety depending on your state of mind and your need for a reading, so play around with what you have to work with. And most importantly, have fun with it!

This book also has the power to inspire you to make your own spreads after spending time with Rose’s thoughtful creations. If you take the time to try them one by one, you will have gained new experience working with spreads. By the end of your progress through the book, you should be comfortable enough working with new spreads that you can even get started with making your own spreads journal.

You can also start seeing new ways in which the cards interact with one another. Whether being placed in a different shape on the table helps you notice new patterns or repetition of an element, you can start seeing the way in which you approach readings in a whole new way. That makes this book a very valuable resource to get you started or more comfortable with the world of card reading.
So what do you think? This is such a helpful book!

If you wish to purchase a copy, Rose has put it up in her shop for an introductory price. You can check it out here. Best $8 you can spend on your tarot journey! I thoroughly recommend it.

Photos compliments of The Cackling Moon.

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