My tarot purchases have considerably slowed down as of last year. It seems I have all I want in the tarot world. There are almost 300 decks in my collection now. I saw this deck on Tumblr when it was a work in progress still, and Tarot-Dreams and I were highly anticipating its release. It is made by Jonasa Jaus is an Illustrator that is interested in the dark arts, and based in Sabadell. Her tarot deck was printed in Spain!

There seem to be pagan undertones in the deck, which I am into. I love the full spectrum of emotions and states of mind present in this deck. The fact it was achieved with a limited color palette is very impressive to me. I love how the colors alternate. The line quality is organic and definitely adds to the beauty of the deck. These illustrations come alive for me and really denote emotion. I’m sold!

The theme of the cards seems to be a cross for me between nature and cycles of life. The concepts of birth, death and the afterlife are definitely complete in these cards, which will make for immersive and thoughtful readings. Guaranteed. I like that the cards do their own thing and while loosely pointing back towards a traditional meaning, the artist has given the cards her own spin. These cards aren’t bound by the confines of tradition, and play well outside of that with their illustrations and format. They work really well in combos of 2 and 3 cards, but it would be just as amazing to watch them interact and tell stories in a larger spread.

These cards are HUGE. Taller than the Thoth Tarot. About a little wider than Baba Studio decks. They flop and there is a bend to them. The format is very different than usual decks, some people will love them and some people will be unable to handle them. I have small hands, and I am considering whether or not to trim the white excess. Once I trim it, I won’t have card titles to guide me, so it seems like I am going to have to work with the cards to memorize what is what before putting them to the task of work. I know there will be many people who love the cards because they are so big.

The best way to use this deck has been to fan the cards out and pick at random. Instead of picking off the top, I find that I like a more organic process in working with the cards. That’s just how they speak to me, but you can do what works for you.

I wanted to note that the language the cards seem to be in is Portuguese. I strongly suggest that you translate the titles and keep them written down in a list beside the readings. I am fluent Spanish, so I was more or less able to put two and two together.

The Jonasa Jaus Tarot is definitely growing on me. It’s really stunning work! Let's see what the cards have to say about themselves.

What is your most important characteristic?
Nine of Coins. This decks has an organic illustration style. It is meant to grow on you. There is an abundance of information encoded in the language of the cards, but you need to learn the way in which the cards talk to one another to reap the benefits of working with this deck. Take your time to grow with it, study it. Use it only for yourself until you have the confidence that what you are receiving from it is what it is trying to say.

What are your strengths as a tarot deck?
The Hierophant. The wisdom in this deck is derived from another point of view. This tradition is not the mainstream tradition, and to get along with it you need to understand where it is coming from. At first it may seem like a mystery to crack, however once you are acquainted with it properly, you will find the messages have deep meaning pertaining to your spiritual development. And yes, your desires and concerns as well.

What are your limits?
The World. The choices we make affect us directly. The choices that those dear to us make are not directly up to us or influenced by us. We need to understand that we are just a speck in the scope of it all, and we need to come outside of ourselves and outside of our ego to understand the bigger picture. It all flows in organic cycles, and if we wish to come along for the ride we need to also give up that control and assimilate the rules laid out for us by natural order.

What are you here to teach me?
The Magician. The lesson hidden in this deck is how to work together to make relationships and life experiences bloom. IT isn’t only up to us, but to the collaborative effort. Those successful will experience growth. Those not yet getting the point will just find things to be the way they have always been. Therefore, no change or progress.

How can I best learn to collaborate with you?
Nine of Cups. Have a nice space set up, a sacred space in which to receive messages of a divine nature. Not your usual work space, but rather a special place regularly cleaned. Bring flowers. Set your intention every time you start a reading. Make a wish.

What is the potential outcome of our working relationship?
The Moon. There is a divine aura around us all that makes us stand out for who we are in our most essential state. It denotes our spiritual compatibility to one another, as well as those we may clash with. This aura protects us from a slew of electronic contamination and negativity in the environment. Because of that, we have a filter that we can use to keep out the influences that we don’t want in our lives. This deck can help you filter out what you don’t want while you keep relevant what is meant to be there.

Which card do you want to show off?
Wheel of Fortune. What an intense card! This one stands for the circle of life and for what comes after a big change. Sometimes we get pulled along with the current and end up in an unforeseen circumstance. What seems like a disadvantageous situation could actually end up being a blessing in disguise. Give yourself some time to sort through what is different before you go making new definitive decisions.

How do you see me?
Empress. A strong, independent woman that has seen her share of battles, and still managed to come out on top loving herself first and foremost. This takes courage to do when you have to defend yourself and your honor against any circumstance trying to bring you down. Always wear your invisible crown if you don’t have one materialized already. Nurture yourself before you can nurture others, and always look to find strength in ways that will surprise you.

How do you see yourself?
Page of Wands. I am a pretty but still loud enough deck to want to be heard. I want to make a difference because there are no other tarot decks like me out there yet. I am unique and I harness that to bring you new, different solutions to take as you shape your own path. If you wish to listen, that’s in your choices.

This deck does have a vibrant young — but wise — tone in the readings. There is language of flowers present, so it is good to brush up on that if you wish to use these cards to their full potential. Give these cards a try! They are still available.  Purchase your own deck!

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