This project excites me. So much in fact that I needed to write about it. Ryan Edward of Inset Cards and Curiosities is bringing something major to the table of cartomancy: a fusion of playing cards and the Marseilles Tarot. The two are often read much the same way you'd read tarot, but there is a whole other school of learning that treats these pip cards as a system. The Hedgewytch Method, or cunning folk system is the one I practice... I practice the the Playing Card Oracles system by Ana Cortez, but that's a story for another day.

It is said that this deck will be published in a limited, hand-painted edition this coming May. The mass market edition is said to come in 2018. That's quite a wait! But for now, these beautiful photos can hold us over. I found out about this deck through Camelia Elias' blog Taroflexions. She teaches us how to read tarot like the devil, and I love her books and blog.

Do you love cards as well? The slight bend of the paper and how crunchy it feels when you shuffle the cards. The sound of the paper as you riffle shuffle. The familiar faces looking back out at you, or conversing among themselves. The play of light and shadow caused by the environment and by the reflection of other objects placed on the table. The reflections of light on the table.

The mirror that reflects your insides as well as what happens outside of you.

I love cards. I love them madly. Interacting with them and offering my services sprinkles purpose into my life.

I appreciate the process work as it is depicted in the photo. There is great care put into the little details, and that's something that I'm very passionate about in my interactions with cards. It is precisely those little details that end up suggesting nuances in readings. It's the most rewarding thing!

Even though the launch date is still a while away, I am really looking forward for this deck to come out. Sometimes it's the little details that grasp us.

I appreciate that these cards seem to be hand painted and hand lettered. Analog illustrations retain nuances in strokes that I haven't been able to replicate with digital tools. The color washes are very appealing. I can't wait until this deck is published! The modernized woodblock style is one that appeals directly to my interests. I always prefer the vintage to the current. The nostalgia of those times that have passed graces me with a profound appreciation for these aged trinkets. And then there is the notion of aging it all on your own, through use and mutual experiences.

Preorders are scheduled to start next week at some point, fingers crossed. Until then, I am dreaming of this deck. This hybrid was a necessary missing link, and now that there is this variety accessible, we can do anything.

Perhaps I will even be motivated to pick up a drafting pencil and work on my own deck. Its been on and off for years, and despite my best effort I can't seem to get it to work. But for now, there are ther cards to read. More embodiment to concepts sparked by the love of cartomancy and tarot.

These photos are compliments of Ryan Edward's social media pages. View his Instagram, Inset shop and Twitter. I hope that you have enjoyed being introduced to these cards as much as I did. They're beautiful cards!

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