Today marks one full year since my first trip to Tokyo, Japan. I didn't get the chance to blog about that trip on Samhain Moon because it hadn't launched yet, but I've been anticipating this post because I meant for it to evaluate the influence that this trip had in my life. In other words, I will look into how a journey to Tokyo changed my life.

A LOOK INTO MY MINDSET BEFORE:The trip to Tokyo came at a turning point in my life in which I was still reeling from a break-up that happened in August. Desperately trying to forget about it, but couldn't. Additionally, I was nervous about my career because Puerto Rico could not provide me with the same employment opportunities that I knew I could gain in the U.S.A. Having just graduated college, I was terrified of the thought that after 4 years of sacrifice, I wouldn't find a job to help me pay back my debts. One week before the trip, I landed a job as a graphic designer for Encuentros Mágicos. This job has kept me sane through the remainder of the year. Needless to say, I was a bit of an emotional wreck at the time! Usually,  an emotional crisis is a sheer indicative of the need for a change of scenery or a change in personality.

Getting to Japan was a journey in itself. An unusual number of mishaps happened. I remember crying at least half of the plane ride to Tokyo Narita from LAX, Los Angeles. I was going to a foreign country by myself and I had no clue what to expect. I was so rattled by the fact that I knew there was a higher purpose to this trip, and calmed down when the excitement of this new adventure presented itself.


That first day in Japan went by impossibly fast. I felt so small and so lost in a world that seem to operate by itself. When I got to my room, I was so tired that I didn't bother eating. Instead, I took a long bath and then wrote a massive diary entry before I went to sleep. The next day I woke up at 5 A.M. Tokyo time, did some research, and headed out to explore the streets at 9 A.M. Everything seemed to come alive as if by magic. My first visit was to the Meiji Temple in Shibuya, followed by exploring the Takeshita Dori, also known as "boxed street".

I'll always remember my very first metro train ride in Tokyo. I was on the way to Shibuya using the Yamanote JR from the Shimbashi Station, and the realization that I was living one of my wildest dreams dawned on me. I was in Japan for two weeks, the opportunity of a lifetime! Fate took a turn for the ironic when I heard the speaker say, "we are now approaching... Tamachi. Tamachi." There I was, miles from home and trying to forget about my x-boyfriend Tama[Shi] aka J, and the train mockingly announced that an alternate spelling of his name was my next destination. Seconds later, I started to cry in front of everyone else in the train. Not a day passed that I didn't think of him, because I took the same train ride every day.

In my visit to the Meiji Temple, I exercised prayer for the first time in years. I asked for changes in my life, for the grace of love, and for my grandmother's health. 15 minutes of silent prayer, and the whole rest of the day in contemplation—it isn't very hard when no one speaks your language!

The time away from home allowed me to find the clarity that I needed to battle out my obstacles. I immersed myself in Japanese culture and nothing but. Everything in sight was appealing to the senses, shopping was great, and so were the sights. At the very end of my voyage I met Almond. Born in Germany, attending college in Japan. We had a lot of fun, further exploring the streets together. Thanks to him, I was able to eat something substantial and share my experience in Japan with someone else, however brief. In reality, we just spent two days together. Thanks to this trip, I had a high sense of purpose and the motivation that I had previously lacked to pick up my life and move on! On the bus back to the airport I reflected on how much two weeks could impact a person, and I made a list of immediate things I could recognize about myself that had changed. I was humbled by how much I learned, just being by myself. I healed!

To this day, I still have dreams of Japan.


  1. You are so lucky, as I already told you on your facebook, haha ♥ ~
    I guess, One of my silly dreams is to go over there, If only I knew the language. (*~*)o

    How much was your actual income to pull this off?
    You shoud mention a few tips for anyone who wants to organize and plan this trip. I know It would come oh so handy !

    Forever wishing you the best! ♥


    Antonio Flores said: The lesson here is that every now and then you need a serious "system shock" when shit hits the fan. It's impressive though that you were able to throw yourself into the unknown like that and come out better for it.

    Tsukuyi Ochida said: wow thats kina hard, breaking up before a trip and being reminded of that person. But you know sometimes i think the best way to heal up and become stronger is by the pain and suffering. I myself cant wait to visit japan someday, i always had dreams of it since a little kid wasnt till middle highschool that i started reading more of the story and later on more influenced with it. Hope to read more on your next trip and tell us how it went ^_^