This entry could hardly be more appropriate to write, since I am doing so at 5 A.M. under candlelight in sheer darkness. The night was stormy, and it looks as if the grey tones of melancholy will stretch on during the day.

The life of a hermit isn’t the same compared to the life of a villain. It is, however, similar to the life of a “lone wolf” of sorts. I’ve noticed that in general, people like to travel/live their lives in groups. These units may exchange members regularly, but the common rule is that two is better than one. Sometimes it is unacceptable or even frowned upon in some groups if one person decides to move on through his or her own. Socially speaking, doing things by yourself is sometimes unacceptable. People shy away from the notion of being seen eating by themselves or running into acquaintances at the mall while being unattended. The state of being lonely is undesirable because of what others could think: You have no friends, or you’re a hard ass that no one can stand to be around.

And yet, there are a few that don’t mind going alone to have a beer; to breakfast, lunch or dinner; to run errands; and to watch a movie. These can be known as hermits.

The aspects of hermits that I am looking to focus on are: their comfort in solitude, their intellect and the secrets they have to show us. The lifestyle they lead. A hermit doesn't need a posse to back up his or her notions, and actions by extension. They don't allow themselves to be influenced too easily by others. In fact, the definition of hermit I'm trying to clarify generally describes a person that will listen to opinions and advice intently, and then will take it as simply an influence. They won't necessarily adopt it, but they may very well consider it. They stand against indoctrination in general. Joining the masses is not necessarily desired or frowned upon. In many aspects they remain impartial to those groups as long as they are not affiliated and directly associated.

[ While I agree with the notion of keeping a ‘social balance’, I can also admit that I am most comfortable when in solitude. As I have mentioned here and here, I can think more clearly when no one else is around. Outward influences in my life are important, “sticking to myself generates authenticity.” ]

In terms of tarot, the Hermit turns away from society to seek the enlightenment within. He cares little of what others think because he knows that he holds the truth, and that his secrets are meaningful to the world.

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