I first met Marcella Kroll a year ago in February. I was exploring Venice, California and happened upon the Mystic Journey book store. It felt serendipitous!

Many would call this a chance meeting because of all the days of my two weeks in California, I could have met with any of the other intuitives that Mystic Journey offers guidance from. To me it was more of a gift than a coincidence, and definitely meant to happen. I found a gifted reader — and friend — that has helped me many times in finding my path or unloading the weight that others put on me. Her quality insight has dispersed many clouds of doubt from my mind.

is a fine artist and empathic medium who divides her time between Los Angeles and San Francisco. She has been professionally practicing her gifts as an intuitive medium and Tarot specialist for more than fifteen years. While able to answer your questions regarding Love, Money, and Career, It is her special ability to identify current & past life patterns you are working with. By connecting to your Guides, Angels, and Animal Helpers, Marcella will get to the heart of your concerns, and help move you forward on your most rewarding path. As a champion of self-empowerment, she believes that everyone has a gift to share with the world, and the ability to manifest it.

In addition to her work with Tarot, Marcella has trained in Shamanic Studies in the Lakota Medicine Tradition with renowned Medicine Woman Irene Skau. This work has involved connecting with guides and Animal Helpers, who help to give Marcella vision and direction. She is also certified as a Consulting Hypnotist & Member of the NGH (National Guild of Hypnotists).

Marcella has appeared in print and media, both for her intuitive as well as her artistic achievements. The most recent of which can be seen here. She is also an Adept Initiate in the Universal Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light.

How did you find your way into the secret world of the tarot?
At a young age I remember being exposed to Tarot, by my Mother’s friend. She would do readings constantly at our house. Then around 16 a relative gave me a deck of Egyptian Tarot as a Christmas gift. I never really used them. A couple of years later I was gifted a Thoth deck and that was it, I could barely put them down, I was hooked.

Can you narrate one of your moments of breakthrough in your own journey with the tarot?
I had a light bulb moment when I decided to stop being afraid of saying the wrong thing, and decided to stop relying on a book to give me the answers. I was able to let my intuition guide me, allowing trust to take over I could reach out further in my psyche. It was a huge breakthrough for me in finding my rhythm and own special way of connecting to the cards, and how I read for others today.

Do you ever read tarot for yourself?
Yes.. but I try not to. I’m not very biased with myself, so I would prefer to have a reading from someone I trust.

Do you read your tarot using the ill-dignified or reverse?
I never personally use the reverse, but I feel that is an individual preference that one should decide before starting a reading, not during or after.

What made you choose your main tarot deck, the Golden Tarot? How long have you used it?
I have used many decks over the years and gone through them as I have grown & changed as a person. I am an artist, and have a strong attraction to paintings from Medieval to Religious to Surrealism. The imagery in the Golden Tarot immediately captivated my attention, and I felt strongly drawn to the energy of the time period a lot of the original images were created in.

What is the overall tone of the Golden Tarot for you?
The Golden Tarot appeals to many facets of my nature, my artistic side, romantic side, and darker side. Its very diverse in mood, which I like.

How do the symbols and animals interact with one another, and with you?

The symbols and animals always provide a theme, an undercurrent to the whole mood of the reading, and the direction it may be going in. I’m very drawn to symbols, patterns, animals, color, and numbers; especially when giving a reading. A lot of times I read those images first before actually looking at the cards. This allows me to gather the tone of the message for my client.

(1) Pull 1 card for how your tarot deck see you?
10 of Wands. My deck sees me as taking on too much and carrying a lot of burden. Which I think is very accurate. So I find myself needing to ask, How do I lift that? And I pulled 9 of Wands which tells me that I need to do some reflection, and see how far I have come on my journey, when I acknowledge that, this burden will lift. Funny..

(2) Pull 1 card what your tarot feels about itself.
Page of Wands. My deck sees itself as a messenger, an energetic & hardworking one at that. It’s true, it is. Also Funny…

And finally, please share a few tips for those who are also in the world of tarot:
Have fun, be kind to your cards (they are a tool), keep them sacred and they will love you back.

Also try to leave your clients feeling better not worse when they see you. While the news may not always be bright, remember to look for the lesson in what you are experiencing, and utilize the tarot by asking it how to move forward. This can be very rewarding, and a beautiful connection to have with your cards.

If you would like to schedule a reading with Marcella Kroll, you can visit her web site or like her Facebook page. As stated above, she moves to and from San Francisco — and sometimes makes it all the way to Providence, Rhode Island — to Los Angeles, California. If you are in the area, you should definitely have your fortune read over a cup of coffee. You could even schedule a tarot party for you and your friends!

Wild Heathen photoshoot compliments of Geenie Sanchez.

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