Hello Magicians, its been a while since I have had the luxury to sit down and breathe. I suppose that it didn't last very long, but here I am regardless! Today I want to share with you what I have been up to lately. These are just some of my highlights from the past few weeks, but there have been many details and gestures also worth noting. I am starting the post off with a drawing that was made back in February by J. It is very accurate in portraying how we have both felt as we ride through long, winding obstacles and surprises together. I distinctly enjoy the subtle Alice in Wonderland mixed with Beetlejuice undertones to it. The smirk on his face keeps me reassured that he knows where he's going at least!


These beauties were a gift from my boyfriend. He got one for me(Libra), Mom(Capricorn), his Mom(Aries), and also one for himself(Aries). These have been fun to get acquainted with, particularly when I make my first cup of tea of the day. I distinctly love when gifts have been carefully and affectionately packaged! (Which reminds me I need to post some of the beauties that have come my way from the wonderful Vanille! They are reminiscent of my ventures in Japan.)


I was very surprised when my day planner got so much positive press at the Livejournal community I post it in, so I wanted to share it. Here is a recent look into my life as an attempt to record my social activity. The point of the planner is to balance out the work and the fun without losing perspective of my goals. It is a very different approach, but until now it is working. I have a tendency of keeping most of my design affairs separate unless I absolutely need to remind myself about them. This isn't always the case, but it happens. All of the design thoughts and deadlines go on my sketchbooks or in a separate brainstorming notebook. It's funny how me compartmentalize things to keep them in order!

The community Organizers is really great for meeting other people that love to share their strategies for getting their life, well… organized!

I have a really exciting interview with Marcella Kroll coming up! Stay tuned!


  1. I'm really glad you liked the cups!
    I didn't notice, but the drawing does really portray how we go on through out adventures together.

    We've been having great times!

    Your day planner is looking sharp and friendly by the way. I hope you can have enough room for all the crazy mishaps we're going to have this year.

    Great post love, keep it going <3

  2. Liked the cups!? That's my main tea cup now... All my other glasses and cups are pissed! Even the colorful ones that look like cake. I lovez it!

    We have been, thanks for ushering me through the curves and loops!

    The planner is ready, it just needs ink. I love you.

  3. Your planner is wonderful! What a cute way to stay organised. :D I'm never motivated by my planner, I always forget and scrawl in it in a rush. But yours is quite lovely. :)

    The Alice drawing is lovely, too!

  4. Thanks so much, Sinead!

    I hope to have more sketches published in the near future : )

  5. please make a tutorial of your planner :)

  6. So I'm not sure I'm getting this right.. Have you made this planner yourself? Can you post a PDF of the monthly/weekly layout?

  7. Replies
    1. Pilot Premium Gel Rollers in .05 or under. The color ones as well.

      Now I switched to Muji pens in .05 and they are WONDERFUL!

  8. Can I just tell you, your handwriting is so pretty and your planner and your style. TFS!

  9. Hello again :P
    The drawing is amazing! I love the manga/anime style it has ♥. And your planner is super cute and the decoration is simple and beautiful my friend ^^ I've always thought those Korean stickers are lovely :)
    I'm so happy I can get to know more amazing people thanks to the internet! I hope we can keep in touch from now on ^^ Greetings and hugs ♥!