I want to share with you a rare treat that recently made its way into my life. It is not an ordinary tarot deck and it certainly doesn't work like an oracle; rather, it taps into the layers of the banks of memory to extract information and messages that could help us better understand ourselves. It is known as the Symbolon Deck, and is often referred to as the Symbolon Tarot. It was first published in 1993 by A.G. Müller, and although it is out of print, it is still accessible through the internet. If you're lucky, you might even find a pristine box waiting for you at a New Age store.

The little white booklet defines it as the following:
"Symbolon is a game of remembrance. It allows us to remember things hidden deep inside which have been prevented from surfacing over years and decades. For those who prefer a psychological approach, you might say the power inherent in the images helps raise the unconscious into the higher levels of consciousness."
The illustrations of the Symbolon Deck are quite beautiful. I find myself admiring them for a longer span of time than it takes to shuffle them, lay them out, and gather my messages. I really like the fact that every time I look into a card, I focus on a different aspect or element. Since the deck is still very new to me, I still spot cards that I hadn't noticed before, and I still see elements in each card that had previously gone unnoticed. The illustrations open portal to different time periods, portrating worlds immersed in magic and metaphysics. The real-life aspects are also blending harmoniously with the fictional. If you were to eliminate the fictional characters from the cards, you would be left with a credible portrait or scenic still life.

To read the Symbolon Deck, you don't need to invest extra time studying the symbols or the dialogue. The illustrations are depicted in such a way that they are narrative and easy to understand for people with all levels of expertise. Unlike other oracle decks, you can begin reading with the Symbolon Deck straight out of the box. The most experience required to read with it is to understand how to string cards together into dialogue or stories. Knowledge in tarot is very helpful because many of its archetypes are present in this deck. If you already know something about them, it will help you pull more information from each card. Even if you don't know how to get the conversation going, the little white booklet is written in such a way that will tell you what each card means if it is at the beginning (or alone), if it is in the sequence of the spread, or if it is the outcome. I was impressed at how much the intended meaning means for each card depending on where it is placed, but stand by the opinion that anyone can read with them without the little white booklet. It is worth noting that the cards don't have names to identify them and that the booklet does not show the illustrations at the same place as the card meanings. Rather, the cards are illustrated in the back pages with the corresponding page number underneath. This might make it a little time-consuming to gather the intended meanings, but can also be seen as an incentive for you to read intuitively.


Tell me about yourself. What is your most important characteristic?
The Mediator – The mediator personifies Hermes, the messenger of the gods. He brings with himself a message, but this time it is for me. The message is that he will be working with me, helping me unite the conscious with the unconscious. In this card, he indicates that I will be able to observe from a neutral position. When related to the tarot, this card is telling me that it will help me develop my clairvoyance further, since the archetype this card describes is the High Priestess. The High Priestess is the card of secrets and intuition, and portrays a woman that has lots of secrets that she will only share when the time calls for it. She is enigmatic as well, and if you're not really looking for her, you're not likely to find her.

What are your strengths as a deck?
Separation – With the stork in flight, the woman lifts her arms to the air and takes in the sweet gift of being free. She doesn't care about what is going on in the world below her because she has ascended to new heights. Down below, somebody calls for her to come down before she gets hurt, but she is so elevated that she probably doesn't even hear him. The sun is setting and the moon rises to the sky, as a shift from mundane consciousness to a higher level of understanding. The Symbolon states that it will help me disperse the gloomy thoughts and find that peace that I seek. It will also teach me to let go of those terrestrial vices and problems that often lead to feeling stuck. Lastly, I feel it is a deck that will warn against falling into old patterns of behavior.

What are your limits as a deck?
The Ailing King – Using it too much, too often can get wearisome. The window to the outside world is small, so it states that going outside will be necessary too. There is only so much that readings can do for someone who is often isolated, but since it is raining outside anyway, it is best to stay in for now. The card itself means that it is exhausting to ask the same questions over and over. The deck itself could get tired of telling me the uncomfortable truths if I choose not to listen to it. It is best to be patient and endure what is asked to do.

What are you here to teach me?
The Ice Queen – The Ice Queen looks like she's got a sea of turbulent emotions under that rough exterior. She is probably tired of living in her beautiful castle, so far away from the rest of humanity. She is disconnected and outcast, and by the looks of it, she hasn't talked to anybody else in a long time. She is probably asking herself what good it is to live in such a beautiful place and have so much, since no one will ever even notice. It’s okay not to be content with everything. It’s okay to feel frustrated and vent it out as long as you get those things out. It can get lonely feeling like a shut in in such a beautiful place, but that’s where you belong at the moment. Even if it hardens you up, it will be good for you when you go to face the outside world again. Stop blaming your surroundings and start dealing with your emotions, the inner part of you is what matters most.

How can I best learn and collaborate with you?
Articulation – Discussing feelings, psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, making contact with feelings. Stop avoiding your feelings, deal with them. Stop trying to avoid perceiving or manifesting them. This card says that the deck will be helping me work with not being afraid of my own feelings or needs. It will provide guidance when sought and even comfort me if I need it. The eclipse in the back feels like a block of emotions that will come to pass, as the cycles of the moon. It relates to the cycles that we experience in our lives.

What is the potential outcome of our working relationship?
Garden of Spirits – This card states that I will find the magic in the day-to-day tasks that I take. Something simple can actually be very meaningful, even if it is plain to my eyes. Once stripped of negativity, we are brought back to a basic sense of being, a much more simple sense of living out lives. It is a disregard for the material world. The ouctome of this relationship between the Symbolon and I will be a journey that takes me further into the life that I seek. In the end, the pictures will be metaphors through which I understand my life. It brings clarity and most importantly, understanding.

I am very satisfied with the answers that I received from the Symbolon Deck. It feels like a self-help book that I didn't know that I need, but now that I have it, I don't know what I would do without it. To me, the dialogue of the cards is impressively clear and informative. I could read with them for emergencies, fun, boredom, curiosity, need, and still get some very interesting answers. I love it when a set of cards sends me into a state of introspection, because that is a difficult thing to achieve with so many distractions. I really do recommend this deck for anyone that needs to gain clarity on murky areas of their own lives. I wouldn't use it for tarot readings or divination, but I will be using it for introspection and putting together the meaning of my existence.


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