Our lives are so busy that it becomes increasingly common for us to lose track. With our goals and our social responsibilities,our own personal nurturing becomes the least of our priorities. Sometimes the week is concluding and we find ourselves asking, "where have my days gone?" Then this becomes a repetitive complaint, it will indicate a time for some relaxation and stress release. I don't imply a trip to the spa or a lavish stay at a pricey hotel; I mean for personal retreats and recreation. These do not include technology or alcohol, rather the lack thereof. We have become trapped in the world of glowing screens and substances that alter our reality because of the society that we live in now, but it doesn't mean that we should assimilate everything that it offers. While those things are recreational in terms of entertainment, making it an everyday occurrence will become pretty draining. As much as we need the time to socialize and network, it is also necessary to rest and nurture our minds.

I tend to ask myself why I feel so anxious whenever my weeks are so busy that I find myself constantly slipping in and out of crowds. I dislike to wate time, but I also dislike feeling saturated when I find that I have multiple engagements in a day. When I spend most of my day stressing, I drive more aggressively, worry about time (and feverishly check on my clock,) and my plans are postponed or fall out of order. Most importantly, I have a tendency of going very quiet while my mind rallies to rearrange the plan.

On a day with no previous plans, I find time to do all the things that I want, and I find it okay to add. If I have surprise visits or invitations, I am much more open to receive them. My attitude is very different as well —  people can tell. On days like these, I am excited to answer the phone or receive e-mails and text messages. Often when I am in a rush, I forge to respond to any of those messages. In fact, I tend to overlook voicemail as if it didn't exist! In my mind, I am simply unavailable to the world on days like these.

So what do you get out of reading this? — And by the way, I'm so thankful that you do! — I'm going to list several signs of being worn out and how to deal with it. You don't need a luxury vacation to Japan or Hawaii to feel better!


☆ Prolonged insomnia
☆ Trouble waking up
☆ Aggressive/fast driving
☆ Constant complaints on social media
☆ Skipping means at a routinely basis
☆ Ignoring phone calls and voicemail
☆ Waiting to get out of work to party
☆ Crying for no reason
☆ Feeling blue when unaccompanied
☆ Tendency to sleep past 12 A.M.
☆ Refusal to go out to social events
☆ Disregarding hobbies and set goals

Let's turn to the tarot to figure out some alternatives to dealing with the common issue. I closed my eyes while I shuffled my deck and concentrated on the question. "What are three possible ways to deal with that mental/physical exhaustion?"

The High Priestess. Be still. Sometimes it's okay to just be present and watch. You don't need to voice all of your opinions and you don't need to always make a point as long as you are present. This holds to be true for those people that are constantly on the go, hustling their everyday lives and keeping busy. It's okay to chill out sometimes!

King of Cups. This king is a dreamer, someone with a deep inner life. Can be calm on the outside even if he or she is concealing difficult emotions. This card stands for being in control of your emotions even if you have a lake of sorrow welling on the inside. Sometimes our dreams conflict with the pressures and responsibilities of real life, but it's up to us to make peace with those conflicts. Take it easy!

Seven of Swords. Making an effort to see things clearly in your mind, even when you're not sure how things are going to go. It presents a need to define yourself and your position. This card manifests the importance of having a clear mind with your day-to-day routine. Lack of sleep will cut back on productivity, which in term cuts back on your income. Staying clear of gossip and social networking junk will help you stay more focused on the things you have to do.

To watch out for: Eight of Pentacles. There's no need to constantly remain occupied. It is a clear indication that the body and the mind need time to rest.

Since the problem is staying away from the issue, I've included some of my own remedies for situations like these. Sometimes, you just need to breathe!
♡ Turn off your phone for one hour once a week. Build it up to 2-3 hours, and then possibly to 5. It'll feel good!
♡ Eat healthy. Meals that you take a little extra time to prepare will definitely reward you with better health!
♡ Sleep. Go to bed at 10P.M. for 5 times a month. It'll help you be more alert in the mornings.
♡ Go for a walk a few times a week. Even if it isn't your routine.
♡ Think of ways to simplify your life and actually stick to the plan.
♡ Dress up every day, so that when you step out of the house, you feel like a million bucks!
♡ Don't settle for mediocre things — do something about it and walk away from toxic situations and people.
♡ Clean out your closet. Rearrange your space. It'll do wonders!
♡ Make playlists for different occasions and activities.
♡ As Moleska says, love the body that you're in!

Pictures compliments of Anna Rusakova.