We made it out the other side even though thousands have vouched for our lights extinguishing. What have you got to say for yourselves, nay sayers?? I hope you're turning on a new leaf, because for many this day is inspirational! Last December was full of grief and endings, while this one radiates a silver lining of hope yet to be discovered. While I hold those natural endings close to my heart, — Grandma I miss you! — I have been building up a shiny new layer of hope and positive energy that is necessary in my personal development. I have shed that skin of disillusion and of personal distaste for my surroundings and the people in them. In this radical turnaround, I have been feeling more compassionate for those around me and I have also started giving myself the princess treatment. It feels great!

I may have a relapse now and then, but I want to get rid of that distaste for people. It has plagued my heart and my spirit with murky feelings and bitter thoughts. I have not been shiny or optimistic in a long time, and it is going to take a real big push to leave those barren lands. I have decided that an old lesson from 2011 should be brought back in color and full life. I want to focus on manifesting myself as a love letter to the universe and to those around me. The year has concluded and I hold in my hands a brand new day planner to fill with inspiring quotes, card of the day, dreams, goals, and information about how plans are turning out.

The road to self-empowerment can be really tough. On the daily I have encountered people doubting my skills or my capability to help them because of a young face. My face, despite appearances, continues to age naturally. Don't worry, I'm not tricking you with any illusions... just a lot of personal care and painstaking attention to looking decent for you.

It's not all pink flowers and purple butterflies. I know that there are a lot of people out there that prove a trial to my patience and my peace of mind. I've decided to throw those negative cards to the wind and focus instead on the goals that I want to achieve. Let's face it, those negative vibes aren't going to bring us any closer to our goals.

So for now I bid adieu to the stress, to the anxiety and to an unhealthy body — and mind. 2013 is all about improving those bits and things that have always been just barely there. I want to make my dreams a reality already, and I'm off to a great start.

Monday. Eight of Swords. Not a good way to start the week with pressure or limitations. The dome is glowing, there is a woman tied up amongst a cage of swords and a creature in chains nearby. It is the feeling of not being able to move, not being ready to face the obstacles that keep us in our little cage. It shows that if we limit ourselves or is we don't see a way forward, we could get stuck in a timid state of mind. We need to be able to see around us to understand the cycles commencing and progressing around us.

 Tuesday. Ace of Wands. An energizing start! That rod looks burning hot but the hand has no problem in brandishing it. It's full of hot energy, radiance, passion and new beginnings in that field. It's always a positive beginning when you're finding a new spark of passion or a new idea to brandish. Let's welcome some new energy into our lives and a promise of possibilities for the future. This is a fast start and a happy one, so let's keep that flame burning in our hearts and welcome a new adventure.

 Wednesday. The Sun. Oh, hello sunshine! Watch this statuesque boy as he stands on the back of a pony and looks towards the heavens. He is dressed his best and he is surrounded by optimal circumstances. He's content, happy, in the place he needs to be. That looks like a warm day in the sun and a great omen for the week. Much like the Moon can influence the cards around it, the Sun will actually brighten up the cards around it. It's lovely!

 Thursday. Queen of Coins. Hello Capricorn, we meet again! This card gives me such a safe and cozy feel. It tells me, "you have been working so hard lately! Take some time off to enjoy yourself and really look for the things that make you feel as if it's all worth it." Since this card falls under the zodiac house of Capricorn, it's a great signifier for a workaholic. Somebody whose life revolves around responsibility and making things comfortable at home. When you think of it that way, that's what we all strive to do.

 Friday. Page of Coins. The child looks at his maquette with care, he's jealous of anybody touching it and dreaming about how wonderful it will be when his idea comes to life. This is that quiet lull after a hard night of work, right before something is due. We dream of improvement, of growing and turning into mature people. However, we don't always see the work that it takes to get where we want to go. The obstacles we have to face now will shape us up for the things we face in the future.

 Saturday. Temperance. Slow down, Sparky! Take it easy! Watch, this is a lovely scene. The yellow wall contrasts beautifully against the patterns of vines and the fish. This is meaningful! This statuesque woman embodies divine elements blending into our natural life to bring us some peace of mind and tranquility. We need to find a slow way to work out the noise in our heads into the melody of this divine being.

 Sunday. The Emperor. This wonderful man shows up again with his cold stare and his rigid principles. No leeway, no smiles and no mercy when it comes to justice. He is life path number 4, making him a visionary for keeping things in order and according to how he thinks they should be done. This can be an order that we can't quite escape or the responsibilities tying us down into patterns of lifestyle, but I think that once we have a system that works, we need only honor it.

 What to avoid. Four of Wands. Don't get caught up in comfort zones and in what you know you can do without fail. Instead, play to your strength and look for what you most want. You've got what it takes to make it happen for you. Just trust in yourself and what you want to make happen, chances are that taking the risk is all you need to set those plans in motion.

 What to strive for. Page of Cups. "Seek the things that make you happy." Look for the emotional freedom and the promises for the future that inspire you to go on without really worrying about what you are leaving behind. You have so many opportunities that pave the way to new possibilities for you, don't turn those away with a frown. Instead, you should look forward the blessings coming up and how much you're going to enjoy them. Find new love in the things you do.

Bouquet. Bouquets can smell so good! They are prim and pressed gifts that carry a message and an intention. They make people feel lovely.
Key. Keys open doors, they open up opportunities to go to new places.

Bouquet + Key. A beautiful gift, a key to open a new door... It looks like old sadness is locked up, and now we focus on positive gifts life has in store instead. This has been a prevalent theme throughout the last couple of weeks!

Edit: I just realized it meant New Year! Hur hurr!

Good-bye, grey dreams and broken illusions. Fare well, jealous copy-cats and spiteful remarks from jaded people. So long, nasty co-workers and happy high slayers bringing us down. Today I am sipping on some Möet and welcoming some sparkle back into my bubble. You're invited to join me if you want a contagious sense of joy and of frilly love, because that's all I've currently got to offer.

Cheers to a new year. Cheers to you, me and the devil makes three!

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