Where did the weekend go? I thought it had only just begun! Truthfully last week's spread was a little ambiguous. It went wonderfully, but in reality it merited a bit more action. The Hanged Man was certainly the primary driving force all week; you could feel it.

I look at this spread and my face blanks. I know exactly what it's about but I don't know how to put it in words. This is a spread that is best left to the feelings. Sometimes quiet understanding fills in the blanks.

The blue hues are quite beautiful. I think those are the bluest cards in the Daniloff Tarot by Alexander Daniloff. It was worth taking for a spin, figuring this spread out reminded me of what I love about this deck in the first place. The slowest part of the progress is in shuffling, one slip and you could tear or crease one of these cards. It is so beautiful to look at, though, that I can't resist. This is easily one of my top favorites, if not tied in first place with the Vertigo Tarot by Dave McKean.


Monday. The Lovers. I love this card. These two are immersed in one another, they really understand each other. Who doesn't want that? They are entwined in their garden of delights as the all-knowing eye watches over them. It sends its divine blessing. Cupid hides between the trees, now you see him, now you don't. You think he's somewhere to your left, but if you take time to really get a good look, it seems he is neither here nor there. The snake ties them together, to their garden and to divine knowledge. It all comes together in a strange mix, but everything makes sense and everything is meant to be. Enjoy it.

Tuesday. King of Swords. After such a people oriented card, this one is actually pretty cold and solitary. This court card shows a man of much experience. He peers at you through a steely gaze, one you get out of disapproval. No matter how much you try, you can't open him up or get a good look inside his mind. He has plans but he won't share them with you because he doesn't want you to spoil them. In fact, don't even try. Just change the subject to something else. This card is a great example of us being owners of what we do not say and slaves to what we confess. With the principles of ethics and mental clarity, this makes for an interesting signifier or behavioral suggestion.

Wednesday. Three of Cups. These three women look at you as if they know your secret or as if they suspect you will try to steal theirs. In them, I see celebration, abundance and joy. There is much drink, merriment and happiness around to last for everybody. They offer emotional gifts aplenty, it's up to us to accept the gift from them. Each gift is different and comes with its own feeling. Celebration is bountiful, abundance is modest and joy is radiant. Eat, drink or be merry. Make your choice.

Thursday. Eight of Wands. Fast communication. Messages being exchanged back and forth. These are the kind that are not thought about too clearly. They just come out with their own will, you don't quite have a say when they come out. I see a person blurting out their feelings without even thinking about it. It's automatic, it's something you can't quite avoid.Just avoid saying the wrong thing, at least pause to think about what it is you're writing. This is a powerful exchange.

Friday. Justice. Be fair. Things are being balanced out, but which side to the scales tip in? Im not quite sure. There is no leniency as far as the scales are concerned. No plea will sway the final decision. There are many things being balanced out right now. Keep things in balance so that they don't fall out of order. How, though? When you have a little monkey on either side, each professing their truth, which one do you listen to? The one enticing you or the one that is trying to remind you of the things you should be doing? Which side will the scales favor this time around? We are never forced to do something when it is our own choice that counts, but we should at least pause to consider if the choice we are making is the right one.

Saturday. The Chariot. Its been a while since I have seen this card on a Saturday. It's fast action, a race to the finish. When you are fighting opposing thoughts, you can't really concentrate on what you're doing. It's important to have your eyes on the road to avoid any accidents. It's a rough world out there, the streets are pretty rough. Keep thoughts and actions in sync so that you are able to see your way to the end. This guy can't see at all, he allows these two forces to lead him. You can't even see the actual chariot, just the force that drives it.

Sunday. Nine of Wands. This poor soldier looks tiresome an worn out. There is still work to be done, but considering the scars from the battle, what this soldier needs is to find his way back home. He needs rest and he needs a break. That's funny, this is exactly what Sunday is supposed to be for, anyway. I feel the battle he has been through is long and hard, and he questions whether or not it is worth to get back up and keep fighting. You can see it in his face that he would rather be anywhere else but here. Some battles are not worth fighting when you are exhausted, but sometimes you need to find it in yourself to keep going because you're almost there.

What to avoid. The Moon. Don't get lost in a world of illusion, don't float away when you need to keep your feet still on the ground. As the crayfish emerges from the waters of the subconscious, it is met with a strange scene. There are mirrors reflecting the glow of the moon onto the crab. Inspiration beams at us from a divine source, but all around there are questionable things happening. With the opposing polarities at war, it's hard to see clearly through the stream. It's time to follow the stream. Follow the flow of consciousness and seek out the way into that world. It's not just an illusion if you find the way to make your dreams manifest.

Finding my signifier to be the point of what to avoid is a little tough. How do you strive to stay away from the principle you enjoy the most in the Major Arcana? I guess just avoid the madness, whatever that means.

What to strive for. The Magician. The man with a mask, the man of two faces. On one side he is incredibly crafty. He operates on a table, but you can't see what is going on beneath the table. You just know there is a reason for the way that this all works. On the other side, he is the dazzler. Allow yourself to be captivated by tricks and the lights, after all, it's refreshing to see something new. For someone who dreams something and brings it down to manifestation in our world, it's nice to enjoy. He seems so serious, but with those two faces, you don't quite know.

What a loaded week, I wish you all a beautiful one.

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