Forgive me, I seem to have misplaced the order of the cards in the photo.  I try to keep these mistakes from happening, but there are still straggling moments in which I seem to slip. Later during the week I am likely to seek better photos of this spread. With that said, isn't it beautiful? I find it hauntingly beautiful and accurate. A real plus in my collection!

Here we can see mood swinging back and forth as a pendulum would when it's giving you an answer. The movement seems erratic but it is rather organic, as are our lives during the process of our growth. For a spread so heavily detached from our reality, I feel that I know exactly what these cards are talking about this week. We will see, of course.

Notice only one Major Arcana is being flanked by numerous court cards. The presence of certain people may be key this week, with a few familiar signifiers present. They are the key components of the week to keep an eye on. Without further ado, the cards.

Monday. Six of Swords. The balance breaks and webfind ourselves under the pressure. Will the pain be prolonged once the blade starts to go in? Who is the one that wields the sword and who is the one about to face the cold cut? How do we come out of this situation unscathed? Do we?

See, in this instance things get tough. We kay start to consider a possible necessary change to our lives fueled by the realization that we are in danger. Once the danger is gone, will we go back to previous patterns of behavior or will we learn our lesson and move on to a new attitude once the danger is past? Do we learn our lesson at all?

Tuesday. Nine of Cups. The danger is past. In this card we see relief; she is mesmerized by all the beauty around her and thankful for it. I recognize this as that humbled feeling of being appreciated by others, surrounded by good company and immersed in a world of comfort. She accepts these blessings with gratitude and looks forward to enjoy them with all the people that she cares for. I see moral support.

Wednesday. Knight of Swords. Again there are lessons learned. Trial by fire and obstacles in our way. There is fast aggression at bay; the danger returns when you least need it to. Know when to protect yourself from problematic people and aggressive words.

Thursday. The Devil. Bondage. You want to scream but you can't. Maybe you do, but it's not heard. Then what? You're captive. Enslaved. Things look rough again and we're tired of being dragged and pushed through this emotional roller coaster. We need a break! I need a break.

She claws at her captor to be set free. What she doesn't see that we do is that her captor is herself. We are slaves to what we say, and owners of that which we do not.

Friday. King of Wands. And so we dance. Watch him, he's alluring and full of fire. He knows the true joy of living and brings out the passion in us. How could you resist his allure? How could you not want to spend your days with someone who wants to make you laugh? Who makes you smile? Who is momentarily as crazy about you as you are about him?

Saturday. Two of Swords. Time slows down again. Here we face a slowing down of time in which we can look at our problem in the eyes. It's right there; there is nowhere we can run to. For a moment we can gaze at it in the eyes and see clearly, only to be brought back to the moment in which we have to make a decision and don't know which step to take next. The next step could be the last if we aren't careful.

Sunday. Page of Cups. Young emotions make us vulnerable. They make us weak in the eyed of others, sometimes even immature. What is at fault? Can we really choose who we are attached to, or why? This is a gentile offer of love, a token of friendship and a reminder that somewhere out there, someone is thinking about us as we are thinking about them. It's nice to find people you connect with, people in which you find solace. Life isn't easy, but it's bearable when you have someone to share it with.

What to avoid. Queen of Swords. See, my court signifier. What does she encompass in the reverse? Is she too hard on people? Possibly. She's analytical. She can spot situations from the start and is sure to put an end to it. I often see her as the lady in XI Justice, the weighs the scales and decides whether to bear sword or compassion on the person she is against.

I see it as trying to remain peaceful, there is no need to brandish a sword every time something difficult happens. Why do you think that should be necessary in the first place? For defense. She will keep people at bay and she will hide from those whose intentions she's not sure about. It's not personal, it's just how she is. In times of stress, toxic and parasitic people are the first that get cut off. There is no more need for unnecessary stress.

What to strive for. Ace of Wands. This sweet girl offers us a gift, something we all should love. Something delicate and cheery to raise our moods. There is something similar in my daily environment lately; it is a flower plushie with "get well" embroidered on two petals. It is meant to be wrapped around the rails of the bed and set in such a way that it is smiling at you all day. With a smiling flower peering down at you, how could you not get better? That is guaranteed to bring your spirits up every time you see it.


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