Last week was really lovely, the weekend especially. The birthday celebrations have commenced for J, so everything seems to be centered around him at the end of April. I am finding springtime to be delightful, every day I wake up to is absolutely radiant. I've seen more birds doing mating dances than before, but that's likely because I have particularly taken to birds in the past few years. They're so very free and brave, but also quite delicate.

This deck is new, but it reads really well. It's the Halloween Tarot by Kipling West and it reads wonderfully, but it isn't fully traditional RWS. There are some very interesting nuances in the cards that deviate from RWS and offer a fresh intake on your already established system. I like it, it's more than just a novelty deck and it sings to me. I ordered the standard, but for some reason received the mini in a tin. Right…

Three Major Arcana cards are present this week. Not much can be turned around, but if we look more closely, this spread is about leaving a comfort zone and having high hopes for new beginnings. If you read each major card by card, that's the general message of this reading. Quite powerful, and also quite straightforward. I like that a lot in a reading.

There is such a dilemma. Do I tell you or not? Maybe not for now. Stay tuned until next week, then it will definitely be more apparent.


♡ Monday. Nine of Swords. Worries, anxiety and a busy mind… or rather, busy noises around our otherwise sentient selves as we try to sleep. The moon peers through the window, accompanied by twinkling stars, but the woman is preoccupied with all the bats in her room. This isn't the most hospitable scenario. Notice the sun under the bed, it feels like a protective amulet. It'll all be better in the morning, so the best thing to do is suck it up and take it. The next day may have answers.

♡ Tuesday. The Empress. Check out that funky hair! That's precisely what happens when you go out without protection around your head. Be wary of that, hair is the ego. Hers is majorly fluffed up like she doesn't care. It's probably worth keeping like that. Her trusty cat at her side, she has everything she needs. She's comfortable, but she would be happy to compromise her comfort if her cat were to need it. With so much wealth in abundance, what else could they ask for?

♡ Wednesday. Ace of Wands. A spark, an invitation and a tricky appearance in our way. The element of fire makes this card all about taking action, acting for passion and relying on impulse to be what we need to get us through. Impulse can make us clumsy if we don't watch it. Something we could be gathering just for us could instead be scattered everywhere. What good is it to us then, and what use?

♡ Thursday. The Star. The night is ripe, and that's when things start to happen. Out of the network of stars overhead, one outshines the rest. It will be your point of reference, your usher out of the darkness and the reassurance that there will be light come the next day. Don't leave for tomorrow what you can do today, and don't count on others to do what you can do. If necessary, seek some quiet time but return in time to do things on time. There are new tasks on the horizon.

♡ Friday. Queen of Cups. See, she stares into nothingness. Where people see nothing, she is entertained by a guest of good humor. An informant as well, but that's a confidential manner. Somebody would tip to hear her secrets, sending others to spy on her just to hear her inner musings. she is unabashed about her true nature, and she will share her secret when the time is right. The Queen of Cups is traditionally a woman of strong intuition, but even stronger dreams. Being able to tell the difference between dreams and reality could be challenging. She doesn't care, though. She's too immersed in her world.

♡ Saturday. Ace of Swords. A release of a thought that plagues the mind could rid you of a burden. Which one will be the right one to release? The hand has a ring on one finger, which is a binding contract as well as a responsibility. Surely you're giving up the scapegoat and not your duty? Thoughts that plague your mind can eat away at your peace, they can distract you from what you need to do. Have a clear mind and be ready to face the distractions instead. Chances are you will find your answer has been hidden under the shadow of the distraction. Therein lies your key to whatever you need to say or think about next.

♡ Sunday. Six of Swords. Release from your bonds, liberation from doubt and trouble… or so you hope. Here we see a cloaked figure and her friend leaving on a boat. The bothersome bats are left behind, screeching and causing trouble amongst themselves. This is an attempt to find new beginnings in distant places. Have caution, don't look back behind you. It may be painful to leave what you know behind, but when it causes you pain, why would you prolong the pain? It's time to go. Leave, find solace in a new place. Be calm, you will be safe.

♡ What to avoid. Death. How can you avoid change when you are propelled into new places? You're not the one in charge, you don't control things even if you would like to. When a chapter dies, the seeds are planted for a new one. The end is painful for some, but will bring with it new beginnings for others. It isn't easy to let go, and you shouldn't. Not yet, not until you absolutely have to. You know it will be more difficult then, but then… what choice do you have?

♡ What to strive for. Five of Swords. Trouble? Not getting your way? That happens all the time. I guess this is saying that there is always a loser when there is a winner. That cat in the background is crying his eyes out, he just lost everything he had to a masked stranger. The moon peers down at them through disapproving eyes. I can read, "why can't you just share?" on the moon's expression. The truth of the matter is that a loser has to face the consequences, and the winner will enjoy the product without caring for the one who lost. That's a universal truth, and one we need to get comfortable with because we're a part of this too.

Today's choices for what to avoid and what to strive for are confusing. They seem opposite to me. Extreme in a way, they challenge safety and security. It's worth watching out for this once the signs are out.

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